5 Skincare Products You’re Using That Actually Don’t Work

Everyone cares about the health of their skin. After all, in the society we live in, looking presentable is important. As a result, some of us find ourselves adopting a time-consuming skincare routine, full of different products, just to ensure that our skin looks healthy and radiant.

While you might think that each skincare product you apply to your skin plays a role in keeping your skin healthy, this is not true. Some products don’t work at all and are not worth the investment. Here are five skincare products that have no effect whatsoever on the health of your skin. You are better off without them.

1. Pore Refiners

You might have heard from a lot of people that open pores tend to cause blackheads, pimples and an overall oily skin. This is true. However, pore refiners that market themselves as being able to reduce the size of your pores are not effective at all. While some refiners may work for a day or two, none of them have a lasting effect. They might work as a temporary solution, but in the long run, pore refiners do you no good.

One example of an ineffective pore refiner is Sebium Pore Refiner. According to dermatologists, this product, like many others, does not minimize pores in the long run. Even in the short run, the effect is so minimal that it is barely there at all.

Does this mean you are stuck with open pores forever? No, there are some products that do tighten your pores. Pore refiners are just not one of them. One product that does succeed in delivering the benefit you seek is a primer. On top of closing your pores, it also moisturizes your skin. A worthy option to consider is the Premium Foundation Makeup Primer by Bellezza Secreto.

2. Charcoal Masks

Charcoal Masks are all the rage these days. You can see different charcoal-based products flood the market, from tooth whiteners to deodorants. While such items are still being tested by the market, charcoal masks have already garnered the acceptance of many. The very fact that it hurts a lot when you are peeling it off has created a general perception that the masks are effective. However, this is not the case.

As per many dermatologists, charcoal doesn’t play any role in cleansing your skin. What it does do is treat your skin against specific poisonings and toxins. There is no evidence that suggests the mask has been successful in exfoliating the skin. Instead, you should use Microdermabrasion Face Scrub & Facial Mask by Era Organics for this purpose.

3. Eye Creams

Now, you have different creams on the market for different parts of your body. The question arises, will these only increase your skincare routine bill or do they actually work? Well, we hate to break it to you, but it is usually the former.

One cream that doesn’t deliver the effects it promises is eye creams. While they do reduce puffiness, there is no other effect. They don’t offer you anything a generic moisturizer won’t. As per dermatologists, eye creams are devoid of any specific ingredients that benefit the area under your eyes.

In reality, the composition of an eye cream is the same as a moisturizer. These items don’t even have SPF included. This is a major flaw in eye creams because the area under the eye is quite thin and can be easily affected by direct sun. Eye creams do not cater to this problem at all and, hence, don’t deliver any value.

Therefore, this is one product you don’t need in your skincare regime. You might want to use a sunscreen or SPF-containing moisturizer instead. One option is Andalou Naturals Ultra Sheer Daily Defense Facial Lotion.

4. Specific Body Part Creams

Let’s now look at products that market themselves as being specific to a given body part. For instance, if you go to the skincare product aisle in a store, you will find an abundance of moisturizers that are dubbed as “hand moisturizers” or “face moisturizers.”

You might think that these deliver better value than body moisturizers. After all, they are bound to cater to the needs of the specific body part, right? Wrong! This is all a marketing ploy to increase the number of products you consume.

In reality, specific body part creams are similar to body moisturizers. They feature the same ingredients and yield the same effect. If you think they are more likely to lead to a glowing and radiant skin, you are mistaken. These creams don’t actually work.

5. Jade Rollers

Jade rollers, also known as facial rollers, are quite popular. You see their use in spas and beauty salons. Not to mention how great they are for photos. There is something luxurious about the idea of using jade rollers.

However, while these rollers may be great for capturing aesthetically pleasing photos, the same cannot be said about their effectiveness. At the end of the day, a jade roller is merely a tool that you roll on your face. It doesn’t have anything that can help your skin. It is true that the act is quite soothing and relaxing, but the benefits of jade rollers end there.

Don’t expect your skin to end up being healthier or smoother after you have used a jade roller on it. It can be seen as more of a relaxing tool than a skincare product.


If you have any of these five skincare products in your skincare cabinet, it is time to declutter. Rather than investing your money in a wide variety of products that don’t even work, be smart about which skincare items you add to your routine.

Having less yet effective items is much better than applying a plethora of products. Do your research and find out whether a given skincare product yields results. If it doesn’t live up to the hype, skip it.

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