All About Argan Oil And The Top 5 Uses

Argan oil is considered a beauty staple when it comes to facial oils. It's multi-purpose use for body, hair and nails make it the one product you'd want to have if you're ever away from home! Thanks to beauty influencer, Josie Maran and her Argan Oil line, this unique oil was brought to the spotlight a little more than a decade ago. For those that shy away from oil thinking it will cause blemishes, should embrace this lightweight and non-comedogenic oil.

What Is Argan Oil?

You've probably heard this buzzword more than once; but, what exactly is is this oil and where does it come from? For starters, it is produced from the argan tree (Argania spinosa L. that is native to Morocco. It is used as a table oil for breads, pastas or as a dietary supplement. This small nut packs a punch when it comes to nutrients; it boosts Vitamins A, E, Omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid (all powerful anti aging agents). The oil derives from the fruit of this tree and is then cold-pressed for topical use. When stored in a cool, dark space, the shelf life of this product can last anywhere between 3-6 months. It is important to keep this product away from direct sunlight or warm spaces because this can cause the product to lose potency.


Top 5 Benefits of Argan Oil

Makeup Remover

As we all know, despite washing and toning, makeup can still leave behind traces of product. If you're a fan of waterproof makeup, you know how stubborn it can be to remove. Many make the mistake of trying to use a water based cleanser to remove makeup; but, this not effective. Little known to most, oil is the best product to use to remove makeup because oil attracts oil much like a magnet. Rather than scrubbing and tugging at skin, one can just use a cotton round to “lay” it on skin and letting it sit for 15-30 seconds and then gently removing it away. This is a great alternative to makeup wipes that contain harsh ingredients that can irritate skin and cause reactions for those with sensitive skin.


Argan oil is packed with plenty of Vitamin A which is known for its retinol properties which increase cell turnover to give skin a younger looking appearance. The increase in elasticity, moisturize and turnover creates a more supple like appearance. As we age, elastin, collagen is lost and dry skin can become a chronic condition. The increase of the UV protection it provides can act as barrier from harmful UVA/UVB rays that can cause premature aging. Argan oil can cause fine lines and age spots to nearly vanish with regular use.

Acne Spot Treatment

The cause of acne stems from clogged hair follicles that trap oil and bacteria. While traditional treatments dry out and unclog pores, they can also be extremely harsh to skin. Argan oil also regulates the production of sebum (aka oil) with this regulation, acne breakouts are reduced. The Vitamin E in this product also contains anti-oxidants that help repair skin and increase skin turnover to combat acne. It is best used in conjunction with a regular acne treatment; as it works to keep skin from drying out. The great thing about this oil is that it is non-comedogenic so it won't clog pores at all. Unlike other oils like shea or coconut which rank high on the comedogenic scale.


Stretch Marks

There are many causes to stretch marks and can range in color. Some stretch marks can have a purple like tint or white. Either way, argan oil can be used to help fade these marks. The high Vitamin E content is known as known for its healing properties that help generate cell regeneration to replace damaged skin. The oil can help return the elastin to skin that has been stretched to the max. The rich fatty acids even work to remove older stretch marks over time.

Razor Burn And Bumps

No matter how much you prep your skin with pre-treatment oils or creams, razor burns and ingrown hairs are a given. Unlike other hair removal treatments that remove hair at the root, thus leaving no open follicles; shaving only removes hair at the surface. This leaves an opportunity for bacteria to create painful ingrowns as the hair cyle begins again. Argan oil works to deeply penetrate and provide plenty of moisture to help seal off any dry patches and heals burns.

Argan oil also contains powerful polyphenols that help skin repair from irration as they work to cleanse and flush out toxins. Due to the Vitamin E content within the oil, this oil also works to reduce the appearance of redness on skin.



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