All About Baby Bangs

All About Baby Bangs

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Short bangs have always been a major part of the hair fashion. Not exactly a trend but rather always in the back of everyone’s minds as a cool hairstyle to try on. And many have over the years, some more or less successfully.


Baby bangs have been the same. They look awesome on Audrey Hepburn in The Roman Holiday but no one is sure how they would look on them. It’s a controversial hair decision.

All about Baby Bangs

Photo Credit: The Blonde at the Film

When they turn out well, they look like the ultimate point of chic and vintage.


Many celebrities have even dared to try it on for a size – some of them are Bella Thorne, Emma Watson or Emma Roberts. Even Bella Hadid tried it. The bangs looked cute on them and they sparked a trend.


Even Beyonce gave it a try for a while and it looked good, but it was not one of her best haircuts.


So, should you do it?


No one can know for sure. Although hair stylists say that baby bangs fit people with heart-shaped faces and great cheekbones, and less so for people with square faces, you might want to give it a try. They do recommend that you try a softer bang look when you have a stronger jaw.


Some say that you can find a baby bang style no matter what your face shape is.


With a different texture and features, it can suit your face just as well as any hairstyle. In essence, this is a personal choice and you should make that decision for yourself.


The New Hair Trend for 2019

We have seen many trends go in and out of style in years gone by. For instance, 2018 was a year of experimental shades and buzz cuts. So, what’s next?


Here are some trends we’ll see in 2019.

Blunt bobs

All about Baby Bangs

Photo Credit: The Right Hairstyles

A revival from ‘70s and a favorite cut of many celebrities like Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner, this hairstyle is the perfect one to try out for that cool girl look.


Layered hair will step back again to let more sharp styles take its place. Longer bobs will be replaced by this shorter, above the shoulder version. It suits all face shapes because it can be styled in different ways and at different lengths. It can make thin hair have more volume and it’s often a gateway to an even shorter cut so your bone structure will shine.

A lot of volume

All about Baby Bangs

Volume is another trend that’s always important but even more so now. There are many products on the market that will allow you to achieve this effect and you can also use a lot of hairspray.

Grey hair

All about Baby Bangs

Photo Credit: Turn It Insideout

People are embracing their natural greys and even coloring their hair grey. Many are excited for this new transition and this trend will only continue to grow. If you have natural greys, work with your hairstylist to get them to shine. Ultimately, cut your hair to get as much coloring out as you possibly can.


Really straight

All about Baby Bangs

Photo Credit: Health Line

Straight hair is back and curls and waves are out. More and more people will reach for their straightener and we will see this trend all over red carpets and social media.


Hair accessories

All about Baby Bangs

Photo Credit: Who What Wear

Adult hair accessories will be in trend this year – anything from hair clips to bows and ribbons. This will only grow in popularity in the upcoming years as well. Accessories are great because they can be a great way to look classy or make a statement – you can wear any size and shape of accessories you want.


All about Baby Bangs

Photo Credit: Love Taza

This is a hairstyle choice that used to be reserved for lazy days at home, but now it’s one of the top choices for all sorts of events. The trick is to tie your hair into a ponytail and then twist it into a bun so that you have plenty of those messy ends.

Home coloring kits

All about Baby Bangs

Photo Credit: Todays Show

For a while, dyeing your hair at home was a big no-no but now it’s coming back due to the fact that women have less and less time to visit the salon to touch up their roots. They still want all of the amazing new color styles, so brands are making better, more high-quality at-home dyeing kits.


Glossy hair

All about Baby Bangs

Glossy hair was always an in trend because that type of hair looks strong and healthy. Care for your hair and get some hair products that can reduce frizz and make your hair look glossier.


Lilac hair

All about Baby Bangs

Photo Credit: Style Easily

Purple hues are now replacing the millennial pink. If you want to test it out before committing, you can use temporary hair colors.


Celebrities with Baby Bangs

This look is usually reserved for people who can really pull off the vintage style but the fact is that anyone could pull it off with the right hair stylist and the right idea.


To get inspired, check out some of the best celebrity baby bang looks.


Beyonce – She can make almost any style look great, and baby bangs don’t steer far from that. Her baby bangs always looked like she just got up and her style was perfectly effortless.

Lizzie Caplan – She lost the blunt bang cut for a wispy fringe style and it looks amazing on her. It channeled the best of the most famous ‘90s looks without looking bad. Her shape was easy-going and it matched her asymmetrical bob perfectly.

Rihanna – For a while, Rihanna had a short look overall and she wore it extremely well. She sometimes wore her bangs swept to look straight but she could also wear them differently and get a more casual look.

Kelly Osbourne – Her baby bangs looked great with her shaved sides and she wore it like that for such a long time.

Krysten Ritter – The famous actress did a great job with her bangs because they matched her glam goth look perfectly. She also wore them for quite a long time.

Emma Watson – Her pixie cut and baby bangs looked more than stylish and chic. She wore them wispy and casual with her pixie, paying close attention to her eyebrows to enhance the look.

Marion Cotillard – With her choppy bob and baby bangs, Marion is an epitome of style.


Should you get Baby Bangs?

All about Baby Bangs

Photo Credit: The Fashion Spot

Baby bangs look very cute and they are a major hair trend at the moment. However, you should be careful when choosing this style because not everyone can rock it. It’s very difficult to pull off and even Beyonce got some bad comments on her baby bang look.


But, famous movie stars have teams of people who can fix their bad hair looks, and we, as the normal people, would have to wait for months to see these bangs grow out.


So, don’t make this decision lightly. If you have your heart set on it, you can have a conversation with your hairstylist and see what they think.


Otherwise, here are some things you should know:


  • When you opt for baby bangs, go for a more simple hairstyle for the rest of your hair – no bold colors or two tones.
  • Be mindful of your hair texture, cut and shape – don’t ask for a style that your hair just can’t do
  • Your face shape plays a major role in making baby bangs look good – work with it
  • Don’t do it on your own but rather go to a hairstylist you trust
  • Understand that hair grows back and that even if they are a mess, you will probably have regular bangs in a few weeks.


Bangs for your Face Shape


When you want to get bangs, you have to be mindful of your face shape. Here is a general guide on which bangs suit which face shape.


People with round faces should have thick, side-swept bangs with a strong angle – something like Emma Stone.

People with oval faces can pull off any bangs and experiment with various styles.

People with square faces should wear long, heavy bangs just below the eyebrow as a straight fringe, side-swept or middle parted.



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