All You Need To Know About Apple Cider Vinegar

All You Need To Know About Apple Cider Vinegar

Everyone knows about Apple cider vinegar. It’s one of the most important kitchen staples and it also comes with many health and beauty benefits. Do you know all the ways you can use this great ingredient? Are you aware of all the benefits it brings?


Read on to find out more about Apple cider vinegar .


Apple Cider Vinegar Uses


Apple cider vinegar has a ton of benefits for beauty, health and household. There are many things that you can do with it. Here are all of the amazing Apple cider vinegar uses:


All You Need To Know About Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Natural deodorant – Diluted with water, eliminates odors
  • Use it as a facial toner – It can help with various skin conditions and aging.
  • Cleanser – Use it in the bath to cleanse your skin
  • Hair rinse – It will help your hair look and grow better
  • Scalp care – Use it against dandruff
  • Mouth care– Use it as a mouthwash
  • Warts – Helps get rid of warts
  • Acne – Helps treat acne
  • Teeth care – Helps brighten and whiten your teeth


  • Use it to lower blood sugar – It can help people with diabetes lower their blood sugar
  • It can help you feel full – It’s recommended as a weight loss aid because it helps you feel full faster.
  • Make a salad vinaigrette – It’s a healthy salad dressing that is much better for you than regular ones.
  • It can reduce the risk of cancer – Test tube studies have shown that it’s able to kill cancer cells
  • It can help with a sore throat – It’s an excellent home remedy for sore throats because of its antibacterial properties.
  • It can preserve food – Use it as a pickling agent and preserve your food.

Other uses

All You Need To Know About Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Make a cleaner – It’s a popular agent for cleaning when you mix it in equal parts with water.
  • You can use it to trap fruit flies – Fruit flies are super attracted to apple cider vinegar and you will get rid of them quickly
  • Boil eggs better – Add a bit to the water and make really good eggs
  • Use it as a marinade – Make a marinade for meat
  • Wash fruits and vegetables – To remove bacteria


Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits


People are using Apple cider vinegar because it can have numerous health benefits and help your skin and hair as well. Here is a list of all of those benefits:

  • Keeps a healthy pH balance in the body
  • Boosts digestion and metabolism
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Increases good cholesterol
  • Detoxifies the liver and overall system
  • Helps keep a healthy lymphatic system and nurtures good circulation
  • Reduces belly fat and overall body weight
  • Satisfies cravings and keeps appetite in check
  • Protects you from bacteria and reduces pathogens
  • Inhibits the growth of cancer cells
  • Prevents brittle bones
  • Prevents premature ageing

Apple Cider Vinegar side effects


Apple cider vinegar comes like a natural tonic. It’s benefits have been proven by dermatologists and scientists. But, there are some health concerns that come with Apple cider vinegar that confuse and scare people.


Here are some of those side effects:


Delayed emptying – it can prevent blood sugar spikes because it reduces the speed of food leaving the stomach. But this means that you can have delayed emptying and it’s not good for people with gastroparesis or type 1 diabetes.

Digestive side effects – It can cause nausea, especially when people don’t like the flavor

It can cause low potassium levels –  There was one case reported when bone loss and low potassium levels was connected to Apple cider vinegar .

It can cause erosion or tooth enamel – Acidic food is well-known for being harmful to the teeth enamel

It can burn your throat – If you have a sensitive throat or a children swallows it, throat burns might appear.

It might burn your skin – if you apply Apple cider vinegar alone to your skin, you can cause yourself burns, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Apple cider vinegar might interact with some medications and drugs like diabetes medication, digoxin, some diuretic drugs.


All of these side effects come when you take too much of Apple cider vinegar or when you take it improperly. Research first before you start using it in your daily life. Start small and build from there to help your body adjust.


Apple Cider Vinegar for Beauty

All You Need To Know About Apple Cider Vinegar

Natural remedies are gaining attention and more and more people are using them to improve their health and looks. Apple cider vinegar is one of them. Many people are now discovering that Apple cider vinegar can be an amazing helper in the beauty in cosmetics area and that it can seriously boost any regimen with natural compounds.


Here are some of the most common beauty uses for Apple cider vinegar :


  • It can be great for a foot spa because of the acid and antifungal properties in the Apple cider vinegar
  • It can help with acne by clearing the bacteria and it can also lessen scarring
  • It can make your hair shinier because it can balance your hair’s pH levels and strip off buildup and product
  • It can help with sunburn because of the components in it
  • It can make your teeth whiter and cleaner
  • It can ease your psoriasis
  • You can use it to clean your makeup tools because of all of these beneficial properties


Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss

All You Need To Know About Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar may seem too good to be true when you look at all of the benefits that it offers. There have been many studies done to prove the quality of the Apple cider vinegar in various areas but most of those studies have been focused on the weight loss and how Apple cider vinegar can help.


Now, you don’t have to take huge amounts to experience all of the benefits. A tablespoon a day may be all that you need. Apple cider vinegar is made from apples and this is why it has more vitamins than all of the other vinegars. It has all of the nutrients and antioxidants that an apple has.


The best part is that it acts on various other conditions and problems so that it can help you lose your weight. Here is how it works:


It helps you lower and control your blood sugar levels – Your blood sugar becomes regulated once you start taking Apple cider vinegar on a daily basis. When you consume large quantities of carbs or sugar, your blood sugar levels will spike but with Apple cider vinegar, your blood sugar levels will stay in check.

It affects how you digest the food – Your body can block certain enzymes because if the Apple cider vinegar which makes your body absorb less carbs. You will not experience blood sugar spikes or weight loss. When you can digest food in this way, you will be able to regulate your normal functions. You will also eat at a more regular eating patterns because the food will be better processed in general.

It will give you a feeling that you are full – Everyone experiences problems like feeling hungry even though you ate an hour ago, or cravings for specific foods. This is probably confusing and it can contribute to your weight gain. But, Apple cider vinegar can help you stay full for longer. It will lower your appetite and help you not feel stuffed or overeat. This is what contributes to the weight loss benefit the Apple cider vinegar  brings.

It controls your appetite – The acetic acid in Apple cider vinegar is a natural appetite suppressant. When you can have this acid in your body, you will feel less hungry and won’t crave food the same way you used to. Low blood sugar levels also contribute to cravings which is what Apple cider vinegar can also help with. Not eating that extra sugar or extra snack after you have already had lunch can be a defining thing in your weight loss.

It can help you if you have diabetes – One of the main ways to help you reduce the symptoms of type 2 diabetes is by lowering your weight. Apple cider vinegar can help here because it can reduce your blood sugar levels and reduce your weight. So, you’ll feel better in two ways – your blood sugar levels won’t be as high and your weight loss will be improved so your complete symptoms will end up reduced.

It regulates your insulin – Taking Apple cider vinegar helps you improve your insulin sensitivity. Your body will be able to function much better than before and you’ll be able to lose weight much faster as well. Inflammation will also be reduced.

It can boost your metabolism – Apple cider vinegar helps your metabolism speed up which helps your weight loss as well. This helps you lose fat and calories more easily and quickly.


Apple cider vinegar is a great ingredient for many health issues and beauty uses. Make sure that you are using it properly to get the most benefits from this great ingredient.



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