All You Need to Know About Under-Eye Fillers

All You Need to Know About Under-Eye Fillers

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Under-eye fillers are a kind of facial rejuvenation treatment to restore youthfulness to aging skin. While there are multiple anti-aging products available on the market, they seldom give the desired result. With under-eye fillers, you can be sure that dark circles are not going to be a problem, but before you run and make your first appointment, here are some things you should be mindful of:


You may think that all you need is a couple of injections and you’ll be 17 again, but do you actually require fillers? A consultation with a reputable dermatologist will make you understand all the possible side effects and risks associated with getting under-eye fillers.

The consultation will also determine your need.

Some people think they need eye fillers, but in reality, they don’t. Dark circles can be formed due to hyperpigmentation, which can’t be fixed by under-eye fillers. All you may really need is a tear trough filler, and you’ll be good to go.

The dermatologist will also tell you the total cost of the treatment, which is approximately $750-$900. While this may shock you at first, some people only require one injection, so you may not need to break the bank for it.

The Right Person

As if you haven’t been discouraged enough from the above point, there’s more.

Choosing the right doctor who understands not only the procedure but also its complexity is crucial.

This is a sensitive area, and the slightest mistake could damage a nerve, which can result in permanent damage to the eye. Choosing the right person will determine whether you would look like a 5-year-old after this procedure or a hottie in their early 20s.

Under-Eye Fillers Procedure

The Procedure

While it is a simple procedure, there’s still a lot of care involved. Firstly, the doctor will remove any and all makeup and dirt in 2 steps – with a medical-grade cleanser called Hibiclens and with rubbing alcohol.

Here’s where it differs from doctor to doctor.

Some use syringes to deliver the filler, while others rely on a small cannula.

Syringes are the preferred choice for many because of their pinpoint accuracy, but the cannula decreases the risk of bruising.

The product will be administered in small increments, while some doctors will use their fingers to give shape to the inserted product. The reason for using small quantities and multiple entry points is to avoid bruising and traumatizing the skin.

Irritation in the area of insertion is expected, but it is extremely important that you don’t scratch or even touch the area for at least a day. It goes without saying makeup is not an option!


Yes, there will be pain.

After all, the procedure is not like you’re just swallowing a tablet. This is an injection-based treatment, and needles hurt. However, like the saying goes,

“No pain, no gain.”

An experienced practitioner will, however, give you a local numbing agent so that it is not a scene from Final Destination when the procedure starts.

Post-Procedure Care

You will need to avoid any kind of aspirin or prescription blood thinners 2 weeks before and after the procedure because it can increase the risk of bruising. A few other products on the list to avoid are any kind of fish oil supplements and alcohol. It’s a 2-week bargain for a youthful you for many years to come. Not a hard trade-off at all!

Under-Eye Fillers - What to Expect After the Procedure

What to Expect After the Procedure

Swelling is to be expected, so don’t be alarmed if people think you’ve been crying all day; this is normal. It also gives you an excuse to release some of that sadness you might have been holding onto. It is, however, important to keep a check on the number of days the swelling lasts. This is because if it lasts more than a few days, you should immediately see your doctor.


If reading all of the above doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you and you still long for that perfect early-20s eyes, then in the words of Mary Jane from Spiderman,

“Go get ‘em, Tiger (or Tigress)!”

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