Benefits and uses of Essential oils

Benefits and uses of Essential oils

Essential oils are gaining popularity. In fact, many people use them in their everyday routines whether it’s about beauty, mental health or something else entirely. If you are interested to learn more on why people love essential oils so much, here are some of the most common health benefits:


  • They balance hormones out due to their healthy compounds
  • They help by boosting immunity and fighting infections because of their anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties
  • They support good digestion, especially ginger and peppermint
  • They help with boosting your energy levels with their stimulating effects
  • They can improve your brain function because they have neuroprotective properties and effects – they also work through aromatherapy


What can I use essential oils for?

Benefits and uses of Essential oils

One of the best things about essential oils is that there are many different ways to use them. All of the individual uses of each and every essential oil would span across several books. However, there are some general uses that you can see in the list below.


  • They can help your hair grow faster – rosemary oil has scientifically proven benefits for hair growth
  • Essential oils can help you make your hair brighter – lemon oil especially
  • They can form a really good anti-aging serum
  • If you have mild urinary tract infection, essential oils can help you relieve the pain
  • Yeast infections can be treated with essential oils
  • Essential oils like geranium or lemon can help you tighten your skin and make it look younger
  • If you want longer lashes, essential oils can help you with that
  • They can soothe your sore feet when you mix them with a bit of Epsom salt and water
  • Essential oils that have a warming effect can help you fight sore muscles if you use them with a carrier oil and a massage
  • Lavander, peppermint and other aromatherapy oils can help with headaches
  • You can use them to eliminate cravings – especially with cinnamon oil.
  • They can help you stay alert when sleepy – use rosemary or spearmint oil for this.
  • They can help you sleep better – try peppermint oil.
  • You can use them to improve your focus – with peppermint oil in particular.

Other uses

  • You can make affordable wax melts with essential oils
  • Essential oils can refresh various fabrics – you can use any essential oil for the smell they bring
  • You can use them to deodorize trash cans – one cotton ball of freshly smelling oil will help you deodorize your trash cans
  • Essential oils can help you clean your fruit – throw fruit and vegetables in a large bowl of water and a few drops of essential oil of your choice, preferably lemon.
  • Lemon essential oil can help you remove any kind of sticky mess or gunk
  • You can use essential oils to clean your microwave and other appliances
  • Essential oils can freshen toilets
  • You can use them to scent your letters
  • You can use them to bring some nice fragrance to your faux flowers
  • Paint odors can be a real problem for days buy you can add essential oils to paint cans and your house will smell divine
  • You can make a bathroom spray with essential oils and water

Why should I use essential oils?

Benefits and uses of Essential oils

Chemicals are everywhere in our lives and that’s cutting back on our health, immunity and energy. Everything is filled with chemicals – from drugs, cleaning products, soaps, cosmetics, food and so on.


Essential oils are like a natural solution for all of that.


A few drops of any essential oil can bring tranquility to your life, relieve the tension, reduce stress and help you focus. They can also improve our metabolism and digestion, relax our muscles and help us sleep. And all of that with no chemical impact that brings strong side effects.


Some experts say that they can even be as much as that perfect missing link to the optimal health and well-being of humans.


Pure essential oils help us reconnect with nature and wellness. There is a good reason so many people use them – they are really effective and helpful. From making our house smell better to helping us feel better, essential oils are definitely something you should use in your everyday life.

What is aromatherapy and its benefits?


Aromatherapy is the type of therapy that utilizes the essential oils and it comprises of many natural and alternative therapies that use scent as a healing component. Essential oils have been used for 6 millenia in the process of making our health and our mood better.


Different essential oils have different and varied degrees of antimicrobial activity and they all have different benefits. In aromatheraphy, essential oils are used for massages, topically and through inhallation.


However, if you want to use them and get those benefits, you have to learn to use them properly because even when it’s a good thing, too much of it can harm you. Look for a trained professional to help you with aromatherapy or learn all of the important things related to it.


Aromatherapy uses inhalation as its main tool – the essential oils evaporate into the air and you breathe them in. They provide a pleasant, therapeutic smell and support respiratory disinfection and many other elements.


Molecules of the essential oils get to the brain and affect the part of our system linked to emotions that regulate the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory and so on. So, essential oils have a mild therapeutic effect on us.


When you get an aromatherapy massage, you use the products and oils that your skin absorbs.


Essential oils are always diluted with a carrier oil like almond oil or olive oil. You should apply them to a small patch of your skin before using them to see if you have an allergic response.


Aromatherapy is a great therapy but it’s not the cure for any disease or illness. However, it does support varius treatments.


You can use oils based on your problems – for problems with teeth, use clove oil aromatherapy, for relaxation and relieving of pain, take eucalyptus oil and for headaches possibly lavander or peppermint oil.


Essential oil aromatherapy has numerous supporters online who claim amazing results but since the science can’t prove that these oils have all of those amazing effects, you shouldn’t rely on them as your sole therapy.


Here is your mini guide to which oil can help with what:


Basil – concentration and focus

Bergamot – good for urinary tract

Rosemary – benefits the nervous system

Black pepper – this is used for circulation

Chamomile – it can treat eczema

Citronella – helps with repelling insects

Clove – use as a topical analgetic


There are many more essential oils which help with different things. Ask your aromatherapist about them and get the information by researching more on high quality essential oils.


Are Essential Oils Effective?

Benefits and uses of Essential oils

Essential oils are very popular at the moment and they can treat anything from infections to hair loss and sleep problems. Test tube and other studies confirm that essential oils have antimicrobial properties as well as some properties that can affect our brain in a calming way.


However, improving brain health in a significant way – as in, preventing Alzheimer’s or similar diseases – are far-fetched according to many research studies.


Lavander oil is effective in sleep treatment and promoting better sleep – this was scientificaly proven.


Essential oils have also proven effective in treating acne, as one study concluded. Human studies have also shown that peppermint oil can be used to help headaches.


So, as is the case with many health treatments and products, essential oils have some use but not in the complete sense of what is advertised. However, they are safe to use in small dosages and cause no harm to people. Use them responsibly, as an addition to other treatments to get the most benefits.


Is it safe to use essential oils everyday?


Essential oils combined with carrier oils are most definitely safe to use on a daily basis. While you shouldn’t use just them directly on your skin, diluted in this way, they are completely safe in recommended dosages.


If you use them in cleaning products or for similar uses, essential oils can also be used as often as you want since they are completely natural and don’t harm the environment.


Just make sure that your dosages are appropriate and that you have chosen the right essential oil for your problem.


What are the best smelling essential oils?

Benefits and uses of Essential oils

There are many different essential oils on the market. However, which ones smell the best? People use them for various uses, one of the most common being their lovely smell which makes cleaning supplies, cosmetics and everything else more appealing.


So, without further ado, here are some of the best smelling essential oils:


Bergamot – sweet and clean scent

Cedarwood – for warm and woody aroma

Cinnamon – a perfect holiday smell

Clove – energetic and classic smell

Clary Sage – calming scent

Geranium – flowery, joyful and calming scent

Grapefruit – fruity aroma

Jasmine – floral scent

Lavender – relaxing scent

Lemon – energetic, citrus smell

Patchouli – musky smell from the mint family

Rosemary – spicy and energizing scent

Sandalwood – soothing woody smell




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