Top Toners for Dry Skin

Best Toners For Dry Skin

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Many women across the globe believe that toners are something that’s only good for those with oily skin. But it’s high time to stop thinking that and start using this beneficial product.


A toner restores moisture and pH balance, it controls redness and flaking and much more.


However, the only way to actually see some results from using a skin toner is to pick the right one for your skin type.


Here are some of the best skin toners for dry skin:


  1. Pixi Glow Tonic
Best Toners For Dry Skin

Photo Credit: Pixi


This is a toner and an exfoliator rolled into one – it makes the pores tighter and slows ageing. Its oxygenating properties help remove dead skin cells which leaves your skin looking fresh and vibrant.


It’s perfect for dry skin because it has aloe vera and ginseng which are known to be soothing.


  1. Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner 


Best Toners for Dry Skin

Photo Credit: Mario-Badescu


This is a mild toner made for red and flaky skin. It soothes the irritations and unclogs pores.


This toner will also help you retain moisture, meaning that your skin will stay soft all day long.


  1. LUSH Eau Roma Water
Best Toners for Dry Skin

Photo Credit: LUSH


Formulated for dry skin, this toner is also excellent at handling ageing and sensitive parts of your skin. It’s mild and soothing as well as effective at restoring your skin’s texture.


  1. Origins Balancing Tonic


Best Toners for Dry Skin

Photo Credit: Origins


Origins toner is a refreshing option that helps skin dryness and redness as well as skin texture. It also leaves a cooling effect.


The toner removes dead skin cells, clogs and makes those rough patches smooth.


  1. Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener


Best Toners for Dry Skin

Photo Credit: Shiseido


This toner is hydrating and moisturizing. It locks in on the effect your moisturizer achieves and enhances it. It’s formulated specifically for people with dry skin.


As a bonus, it tackles the issue of dark spots and gives you a beautiful, soft complexion.


How to use Face Toner

The Best Skin Care Routine

A toner is an essential skin-care step which you have to perform after washing your face. After washing with soap or a cleanser – which could have some harsh and damaging chemicals – this is used to restore the skin’s natural pH levels.


A toner should be water-based although there are some versions that have serum in them or a lotion-like texture.


The toner is also supposed to prepare the skin for moisturizing by getting rid of oil that’s left from makeup removers or cleansers. You still have to wash your face beforehand.


Toners nowadays are specifically designed to tackle some of the most common skin issues. They can help with anything from aging to acne and dryness. Which is precisely why a dry skin would benefit from them.


However, it’s really important to pick a toner that has the right ingredients for your skin type and issue.


For example, you can use rosewater toner if you have dry skin and want to hydrate it, or you can use chamomile toner if you want to soothe redness or irritated areas. Tea tree oil is best for acne-prone skin and Aloe vera can deal with inflammation perfectly. Vitamin E is also amazing for hydration and plant stem cells toners are great for anti-aging properties.


Using toner is simple, in essence. Pick one that you like and that has properties that you need. Wet a cotton pad with the toner and wipe it over your face or any other areas where you want it. Before that you need to wash your face and cleanse it of any excess oils or makeup.


Wetting a cloth or your hand with toner and patting your face like that is also beneficial.


You should use this method twice a day – once in the mornings and once in the evenings. However, if you notice any dryness or irritation, you should switch to a different toner or use it less often.


Skin Toner Benefits


If you want healthy and glowing skin, you need proper skin care routine. Cleansing and moisturizing are an essential part in this process but a toner is also extremely beneficial. It feeds the skin and gives it proper care.


You can use a homemade toner or a purchased one – whichever solution you prefer. Some of the most popular homemade options are rose water or lavender toners.


But why precisely are toners so popular? What are the benefits of using a toner?


  1. It balances the pH values of your skin


pH levels are a clue as to what the acidity levels of your skin are. They are measured on a scale from 0 to 14 and 7 is the most neutral level. Your skin needs proper pH balance because this will mean that it’s less prone to infections, acne, inflammation and other skin issues.


A balanced pH level can make your skin glow and have a smooth look.


Skin toners are an effective tool in restoring the skin’s natural pH level after cleansing or washing.


  1. It gives your skin a pleasant detox


Every product you put on your face – especially makeup – can have certain toxins that affect the face in a negative way. There’s also the environment which puts smog, smoke and chemical particles on your face – all of which are damaging.


The purpose of a toner is to clean all of that off and give your skin a brighter look as well as some of the long-lasting benefits like less breakouts, slower aging and moist skin.


  1. It shrinks pores and tightens the face


If you have large pores on your face, these are open to dirt, oil and toxins we have already mentioned. When harmful particles get into your pores, they cause irritation, acne or any other skin issues.


A toner is there to close the pores and tighten the face so that the particles and bacteria can’t get into your pores. You get to look fresher and cleaner as well as less shiny and more vibrant.


  1. It prevents and reduces acne


Acne are definitely not the prettiest sight, especially when you see them on your own face. Your skin can appear dull, red and oily – which is not a look anyone wants.


Facial toners are there to help with acne and prevent future breakouts. They remove oily buildup and dead skin cells. Thus, they reduce the amount of acne that you have and with their various beneficial ingredients, prevent more acne from appearing.


  1. They provide hydration and feed the skin


Toners are amazing at hydrating the skin and providing all of the necessary nutrients that the skin needs to look good and be healthy.


By using a toner, you are allowing your skin to maintain elasticity and smoothness as well as develop wrinkles much slower. There are many toners which provide vitamins and other nutrients to the skin.


  1. Toners are versatile


Toners are well-known for being great for the face, but using them on other places is also a great idea. You can use them to clean in and around your ears, on your back and shoulders where skin is also prone to breaking out as well as chest and arms.


As a bonus, toners often smell amazing.


Witch Hazel Toner


Best Toners For Dry Skin

Photo Credit: Dickinson's


Witch Hazel is a plant extract which has numerous health benefits and especially skin benefits. It’s soothing and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant elements. Because of these properties, it’s excellent at treating acne.


However, Witch Hazel can be a little drying so it’s not good to overuse it – especially if you have dry skin.


But it can be great at reducing redness and irritation if used properly.


There are many toners which include wiItch hazel as a core ingredient because it’s so good for oily skin. It’s a natural toner that can do wonders for your complexion.


However, only use it as a short-term solution to a problem (e.g. acne) rather than a long-term product in your everyday regimen.


How to use Toner for Oily Face


A toner is a recommended skincare step for people with oily skin. There are various reasons for this – for one, a toner scoops up excess oil, buildup and makeup residue off the skin.


It prevents pores from getting clogged up and it refreshes the face.


However, you should still be careful when using a toner.


The procedure is pretty much the same. You start by washing your face or removing makeup if you have any. After you cleanse your face, you should put some toner of your choice on a cotton pad and start swiping. Handle your T-zone first, since that one is the oiliest and then move on to the rest of your face and neck.


Once you start to feel a tingle, it’s a good sign that your face is clean and that you should stop. There are also mist toners which are refreshing but only dilute impurities.


You should apply a toner twice a day. However, it’s best to start with once a day or every other day until you determine how sensitive your skin is to the toner.


Try to avoid using an alcohol-based toner because it can be very harsh and worsen acne. Pick a water-based one.


Some of the ingredients that you should look for are:


Tea tree oil

Citrus juice

Orange essential oil

Witch hazel


Having dry skin can be really hard, especially during winter months. However, having a good regimen that involves a toner is a good way to prevent flakiness and irritation. Pick a toner that works best for your skin type and skin issues and watch it give you a fresh and vibrant look.






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