Castor Oil Beauty Tips

Castor Oil Beauty Tips

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Castor oil is a great thing for your skin and hair. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties, vitamin E, minerals and other beneficial compounds which can help your skin and hair feel nourished and beautiful. It can help reduce acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It can help your skin feel hydrated and it can even reduce wrinkles.


It can help with several skin issues as well as wounds.


This is a vegetable oil produced by crushing the castor plant seeds. The oil is yellow in color and very thick. Nearly ninety percent of this oil are omega-9 fatty acids.


Read on to find out more about this amazing oil and all of its beauty tips.


What is castor oil used for?


Castor oil has been used for centuries by folk healers, ever since ancient Egyptian discovered it. It has been used as a remedy for skin issues, hair issues, constipation, and many other issues. Recent studies have shown that castor oil can also be used to support your immune system. Castor oil can be used directly on the skin, mixed with other oils, orally and in the form of a supplement.


Topically, you can use it for:


  • Arthritis treatment
  • Hair growth
  • Acne
  • As a moisturizer
  • To improve immunity
  • As a deep cleanser
  • To eliminate wrinkles
  • To reduce swelling
  • To increase circulation
  • To heal wounds
  • Help menstrual pain


Orally, you can use it for:


  • To relieve constipation
  • To clean intestines
  • To induce labor


What are the benefits of castor oil?

Castor Oil Beauty Tips

Castor oil is a great natural oil that can promote good skin health as well as hair growth and health. Here are some of the castor oil benefits:


It’s a powerful laxative


Castor oil has been used for centuries in natural medicine as a laxative. While it is very good at what it does, you should keep in mind that it can cause diarrhea and thus, dehydration. If you do opt to take castor oil, you should take it no longer than once a day for seven days. Anything more than that could be dangerous.


It has moisturizing properties


Because of the fatty acids in Castor oil, you can use it as a moisturizer. However, make sure that you don’t use too much of it because you will cause the opposite effect and your skin will look super oily.


It can help wounds heal faster


Castor oil can stimulate tissue growth and removes dryness as well as dead skin cells which can often cause your wounds to heal much slower. This is scientifically approved and many ointments and creams for wound healing contain castor oil.


It has anti-inflammatory properties


If you have irritated skin or even a sunburn, you should apply castor oil. Ricinoleic acid in castor oil has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and when it was tested topically, it showed quick reaction to pain and irritation. It can also reduce any swelling and helps with menstrual pain. If you have dry skin, you can use it to keep it moisturized and hydrated.


It has antibacterial properties


Castor oil is one of the best natural remedies against acne because it has antibacterial properties and stops bacteria that causes acne from growing. You can also use it against bacteria and fungus on your scalp, if you have these issues.


What does castor oil do for your hair?

Castor Oil Beauty Tips

You can use castor oil on the scalp as a way to prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth. Since it has great antibacterial and antifungal properties, castor oil can help you with dandruff, scalp infections and many other hair diseases.


The ricinoleic acid also helps with hair growth, balance the pH levels and undo the damage done by the chemicals or no-shampoo regimens. It makes the hair strong, thick and shiny while reducing the frizziness.


There are also testimonials – hundreds of them – saying that castor oil actually improved their hair growth by 3 to 5 times the normal rate. While nothing has been scientifically approved, people who have used castor oil have managed to grow hair much faster than previously. It even helped people who have went through hair loss.


When considering using castor oil for hair, you should look at all of your options. To make your own treatment at home, you should use castor oil and mix it with another oil that has confirmed benefits for the hair. Castor oil is really thick and you can’t really spread it nicely over your scalp like you could with warm coconut oil or olive oil. Warming up does help a little but not completely.


Another option is to use Jamaican black castor oil which has great reviews online. Some say it works the same way and provides the same results but some say it works better. It’s up to you to test it and see what works best for you.

Castor Oil Beauty Tips

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Use a small amount of castor oil and apply it to your hair. Castor oil works well because the ricinoleic acid in combination with the massage it will take to rub it in promotes blood flow to the scalp. This can also help your hair receive all of the nutrients and beneficial compounds from the castor oil.


You can use castor oil on your hair once or twice a week but you could also use it more – it all depends on your amount of time and personal preferences. It has no negative effect on the hair.


After the first treatment you’ll notice that your hair looks better, feels smoother and stronger. If you measure your hair growth, you might notice that your hair did grow more in a month, but you’ll likely have to wait to see the growth results.


It works better on damp hair because it’s easier to put on the hair.


By spreading it to your ends, you can coat them and protect them from any damage caused by products, chemicals and so on. Keep in mind that castor oil can only prevent damage on hair ends, it cannot repair them – but no product or remedy can’t do that, no matter what the ad says. You need to trim the split ends often.


For maximum benefits, you should leave the castor oil in overnight and wash it off in the morning. At the very least, try keeping it in for a couple of hours.


Removing the oil might prove a bit difficult since it’s very thick and oily, especially so if you tend to use natural shampoos. That’s why using a small amount and leaving it in overnight works – the hair and scalp will absorb most of it. Use your regular shampoo to wash it off and if necessary, repeat the wash several times.


Another way to do remove castor oil is to whisk an egg and massage it into the scalp. It’s nutritious and it helps break down the oils.


Is castor oil good for your skin?

Castor Oil Beauty Tips

Castor oil can have many benefits for your skin. Here are just some of them:


It can heal acne – Castor oil has an anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effect which is useful in removing or reducing acne. The ricinoleic acid can stop the growth of bacteria on your skin and this bacteria is the main reason acne appear.


It can improve skin texture – Castor oil is full of fatty acids (90%, as mentioned), so it can improve skin smoothness and make it softer when it’s applied.


It can improve your complexion – Castor oil can also promote growth of skin tissue which can help you restore a great skin tone.


For sensitive skin – Castor oil is unlikely to clog your pores which is why you can use it even if you have sensitive skin.


It’s cheap – Skincare products are often very expensive but castor oil is cheap and you can get it in any store. It shares many of the beneficial effects with some of the most expensive products.


It has anti-inflammatory properties – If you have irritated skin, you can use castor oil to reduce inflammation. This also works great on your scalp.


It has antimicrobial properties – It can protect your skin against infections.


It can moisturize – Since it contains triglycerides, it can help your skin retain moisture, which is why castor oil is useful for dry skin.


It hydrates your skin – It has humectant properties which can draw moisture in your skin and keep the skin hydrated.


It can cleanse your skin – Triglycerides which are great for moisturization are also fabulous for removing dirt.


Keep in mind that castor oil tends to be a bit thick so the skin might have some trouble absorbing it but if you dilute it with another oil like coconut, peanut or olive oil in equal parts, it should work the same and the absorption will be better.


Castor oil is liquid gold when it comes to hair and skin health. It can make your hair grow faster and look and feel healthier, your skin to shine with a bright new glow and improve various health issues. Use it for beauty frequently, but keep in mind that you should consult your doctor when you want to take it orally either as a laxative or to induce labor.




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