How To Combat And Treat Dry Winter Skin

It's that time of year, full of cozy sweaters and cuddle weather! Despite all these comforts, there's one thing that this season brings…dry skin! The colder temperatures bring on scaly, dry and patchy skin that can lead to itching or irritation. While it may be easy to forget to moisturize due to the fact that you're bundled up, its important to lather up!  The dry environment and overall lack of moisture in the air can also lead to cracked skin, chapped skin and eczema like symptoms.

Here are some basic tips to help keep dry skin at bay and keep you feeling smooth all season long!

Essential Dry Winter Skin Tips

Turn Down The Heat

Not gonna lie, a hot steaming shower is pampering and a soothing relief from the winter cold; but, these sizzling temperatures strip skin of moisture. Essentially when hot water hits the surface of skin, the outermost layers that act as a barrier for skin are stripped and expose skin to the dry air. With this exposure, your skin has no protection from moisture being loss through pores. It is best to take lukewarm showers for a short duration to best keep skin moisturized. As far as a cleansing product is concerned, an oil based or cream based cleaner will be your best bet.


As obvious as it sounds, people often forget that they still need to lather in lotions even during winter months. When you're bundled from head to toe, its easy to forget that skin needs a little TLC. It is best to moisturize the moment you step out of the shower when skin is slightly damp. By taking the time to apply a layer of your favorite lotion, this will act as a barrier throughout the day. Seek products with rich creamy textures with ingredients such as: aloe vera, shea butter and oatmeal as a base ingredient.


This old classic is a simple go to keep skin feeling ultra smooth. One simple hack for the use of this product is to apply on cracked areas and wrap skin and allow skin to seep the product overnight. One hack I've picked up is to apply vaseline (especially around cracked heels) and wear thick cozy socks to bed overnight. The next day, removed socks and skin is left soft enough that you can gently buff away rough callus.


Get Hooked On Humidifiers

The winter season means you've got that central heat on nearly 24/7 or you've got a space heater on that blasts hot air. This constant flow of hot air is damaging to skin and stripping of natural lubricating oils. Investing in a humidifier prevents moisture loss and helps to distribute moisture without risking your chance of getting a cold.

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