Cute Summer Nail Art On Toes

Cute Summer Nail Art On Toes

Summer is getting closer and what this means is getting ready for a lot more of your body to be exposed. Some people workout a lot in order to get their body into shape, some are shopping for best swimming suits and summer clothes while some are preparing their skin for more sun.


However, there’s another small detail of your summer self that needs to be taken care of – your toenails.


Feet are a major player in your summer days. For one, your feet will be out and about for entire days and great shoes look even more fabulous when you have beautiful feet. Toenails are a part of that.


So, once you do a proper pedicure, it’s time for a great nail design.


Here are some of the best options for the summer:



What is more perfect in the summer than flowery, colorful nails that can shine together with your favorite summer dress. Pick your favorite flowery designs and then choose the best color schemes that can enhance your flowers and you’ll have the best nails. There are so many choices here that you could literally paint different flowers on every time and still have a wide range of variety with your nails.



Cute Summer Nail Art On Toes

One of the staple looks of any season is glitter. In the winter and during holidays, glitter brings some necessary light to our lives and it looks great in celebrations. Springtime is perfect for glittery nails since it’s the time of the nature waking up in all of its glory. But no other season is so great for glitter like the summer. Prepare for your toenails to take the attention with all kinds of glitter in different colors and styles.


Polka dots


Polka dots lost on popularity for a while but then they came back with a bang in all of their glory so that you can enjoy them. They translate well from your nails to your dresses and this is definitely a style you can carry anywhere. From sandy beaches to fancy parties, polka dots may be a favorite summer look.


Fruity colors

Cute Summer Nail Art On Toes

Of course summer is perfect for fruity colors! They look great on our clothes, in our makeup kits and on our nails, of course. There are numerous colors to choose from or you can mix and match. If there is any time that’s great for that, it’s summer. So, enjoy your amazing colors and have fun in your summer days. Add a fun drawing here and there and there you have it – your perfect summery look!

Pink and blue


Does this sound like bubblegum? Rightfully so, because painting pastel bubblegum colors on your nails will look just amazing. You can add some glitter, some flowers or embellishments that will make it even more fabulous.

Turquoise color

Cute Summer Nail Art On Toes

Anything that reminds us of the seaside and vacation fits right in on our nails. Try out just turquoise or mix it with some glitter for a great effect. You can also mix it and match it with other colors like bright pink or yellow. There are many shades of this color and you can go for a shiny top coat or a matte top coat. In any case, turquoise looks great.




Ombre is one of the best things you can do for your nails as it can make them look amazing. Just like with any other design on this list, ombre nails are versatile. You can get the classic sheer and white or go for more bold colors and transitions, transitions that match or glittery ombres. All of this looks great and you should give it a try!


You can try many different nail designs – these have been just some of the examples of what you can do. Gold is very popular this year and you can combine it with Chevron stripes to get that boho chic look. Bright colors are definitely an option and so are sheer, iridescent nail designs. You can go for black as well as it looks amazing on tan skin.


Of course, summer is the perfect time for experimenting with your style – from clothes to hairstyles to toenails, enjoy your summer and try designs out.


Foot care

Cute Summer Nail Art On Toes

So, now that we have covered some of the most popular nail designs – more to come below – we have to say that your feet need to look good and be healthy if you want any of these designs to work. In that spirit, here are some of the designs that you can try out:


Check your feet daily – Take the time every day to look at your bare feet and check for any cuts, blisters, swelling and other issues. This is what makes a huge difference in your overall feet health.

Wash your feet every day – Use warm water every day to wash your feet. Make sure that you wash them well and that you dry them after as well. You can add some essential oils to the water if you are soaking or a soap that you like.

Moisturize – One of the most important things for healthy feet is to apply moisturizer on your skin. Put a thin coat on the bottoms and tops of your feet and make sure that you put on some socks after so that it can all soak in and you don’t slip somewhere.

Smooth the corns and calluses – You can do this by using a pumice stone.

Trim nails – No one really needs long toenails. That just looks bad. So, trim them often, whenever you see it’s necessary and make sure that they look good.

Wear comfortable shoes and soft socks – Make sure that you shoes are comfortable and that there are no strange object in them that could cause your feet harm.

Protect your feet – You should always wear shoes at the beach or on hot pavement so that you don’t get burned. You should also wear socks when you feel that you are cold.

Put your feet up when sitting – This helps the blood flow to your feet and you should also wiggle your toes and move your ankles once in a while.

Don’t cross your legs for a long time

Don’t smoke

Be active, this can help your feet stay healthy


DIY pedicure

Cute Summer Nail Art On Toes

Having a pedicure once in a while can be another factor in feet health. However, pedicures get expensive. And why would you waste money on that when you can have an at-home pedicure any time you want.


Here’s how to do that:


Remove all nail polish – In case you have any nail polish from your previous pedi left, you should remove it with a cotton ball and acetone. Even if you don’t, this is a good idea since it can remove oils blocking your nails as well as some dirt that you can’t see.

Soak your feet – Want a spa-like experience? Soak your feet in water and soap for 15 minutes or more. You can use this time to try out a face mask or something else that you like. You can even have a mani at the same time.

Remove dead skin – Dry your feet off and use a foot file to remove any dead skin from your feet. It usually gathers on your heels so this is probably the area you want to focus on. The sides of your feet can get a lot of dead skin buildup so this is another area to check. Scrape a bit but don’t overdo it.

Trim, file and shape your toenails – Use your nail trimmer to cut your nails to a desired length and then file them until they are smooth. You can also shape them and make sure that they are perfectly prepped for the nail polish later.

Put on some cuticle oils – This will help your cuticles stay soft and it will stop your polish from chipping.

Put a lotion on your feet – Make sure it’s an unscented lotion because scented lotions have alcohol and it can damage the polish later.

Prepare for polish – Use toe separators because it can be really hard to paint nails without it.

Apply a sheer base coat to your nails – Make sure it’s dry before you apply another layer.

Apply nail polish – Pick a color that you like and apply two coats of it before applying a quick-drying top coat that will seal the deal.


Nail Art Tools


Any nail art lover needs their tools, right? Well, here are some that you’ll need for your perfect mani-pedis.


  • Matte Topcoat and Sheer Topcoat
  • Nail polish correcting pen
  • Glitter nail polish remover pads
  • Nail repair polish
  • Various decorations like stripes, crystals, glitter, transfer foils and so on
  • Tool for dots
  • Small brush for details
  • LED nail lamps
  • Great shades of nail polish


Best Toe Nail Art Designs

Cute Summer Nail Art On Toes

Photo Credit: Stay Glam

As promised, we offer several more nail design options that you can try out. Enjoy your summer days with some of these designs:


Mermaid nails – Pick colors that remind you of seaside and include some pearls and shimmer for the perfect mermaid look.

Rainbow dots – A fun take on the polka dots, rainbow dots make it even more appealing with a black base and colorful dots.

Golden stripes – As we said, gold and summer make a perfect pair so this is the perfect design to try out.



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