DIY Body Scrub

DIY Body Scrub

Body scrubs exfoliate dead skin cells and body impurities. But since they are on your body for just a few moments before you rinse it off, it’s good to know that you don’t have to spend tons of money on them at all – you can make them at home.

These scrub recipes are all-natural, healthy and good for your skin. They are also made from ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen.


Here are some of the best recipes:


Sugar or Salt Scrub – The most basic scrub made with either one of these ingredients and some body or essential oil. For a bit of extra exfoliation, coffee works and for skin brightening you should use lemon. You can add many different elements to give this scrub for even more benefits.

Honey Sugar Scrub – Just mix some honey and sugar, add some oil of your choice and mix it in well. You can use it right away. Just massage in a circular motion and then rinse off with warm water.

Sweet Almond Oil Scrub – This is another body scrub with sugar. You combine it with almond oil until it’s in a form of a paste. If you don’t have any almond oil, you can mix it with some coconut oil too. You can also add some essential oils and vitamin E.

 DIY Body Scrub

Almond Milk Scrub – This is a scrub that you can use on your body and face as well. This recipe uses only dry ingredients – use whole milk powder, almond meal and bentonite clay.

Sea Salt Mint Scrub – This scrub is otherwise called Cate Blanchett’s scrub – it contains sea salt, mint, coconut oil and lemon. It’s a refreshing scrub that can be stored in the fridge and it works like a charm. If you want to, you can replace sea salt with regular salt, especially if your skin is sensitive.

Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub – This scrub is not just exfoliating but also provides a sort of aromatherapy because of the great smells. Use equal parts of sugar and coconut oil with vitamin E, add a teaspoon of vanilla and a few drops of lavender.

DIY Body Scrub

Sea Salt Brown Sugar – Many scrubs use either salt or sugar, but this one uses both. You can also add other great ingredients like essential oils and coconut oil to bind this scrub.

Oats Honey Scrub – This is another scrub you can use on your face as well. It contains honey, ground oatmeal, epsom salt and apple cider vinegar.

DIY Body Scrub

Baking Soda Scrub – Baking soda is well known for its power to exfoliate. Many people use it just by mixing it with a bit of water, lemon juice or their favorite oil.

Green Tea Ginger Coffee Scrub – Mix melted coconut oil with green tea, add fresh coffee grounds and ground ginger root. You should freeze this mask in cubes and then use them as needed.


How do body scrubs work?

DIY Body Scrub

Body scrubs are essential for maintaining a good skin health. The combination of actions that is scrubbing – massage, exfoliation and cleansing – are by far more beneficial than any shower gel or soap.


Here are some benefits of body scrubs:


  • Since the turnover of our skin gets slower as we age, a body scrub can help you get rid of dead skin cells sooner.
  • It removes dead skin and boosts circulation, making your skin better looking and softer
  • It allows moisturizer to get deeper into your pores
  • Scents, massage and feeling the texture on your skin is therapeutic and relaxing
  • The skin on your body is less delicate than the skin on your face so the body scrubs are usually more aggressive in that they have larger exfoliation particles than facial scrubs. You can buy scrubs at the store or make them at home – they basically have similar ingredients like salt, sugar, nut shells. Bought body scrubs usually have more chemicals though, like alpha hydroxy and other acids.
  • At home scrubs rely on kitchen ingredients like honey, sugar, olive oil, coconut oil, oatmeal or coffee. They are just as good as those bought at the store and you can use them in a similar way.
  • Oftentimes, they can be even healthier for your skin, because they contain no harmful chemicals. You just have to keep in mind that they are not meant to have a long shelf life so you should always make just enough for one use or for few uses.
  • To scrub your body, you could even use a shower gel and a loofah or a cloth – the point is in the massage and scrubbing that relieves your skin of impurities, clogged pores and dead skin cells.

How many times a week should you use a body scrub?

DIY Body Scrub

Everyone needs exfoliation regularly to maintain healthy and young skin. This beneficial process removes dead skin cells and impurities, leaving your skin with a glow everyone is looking for.


Proper exfoliation allows your skin to breathe and prevents acne as well as ingrown hairs.


To know when to exfoliate, you have to understand your skin type first. If your skin is oily, you should exfoliate more. If your skin is sensitive or dry, you should exfoliate less often.


In fact, your skin should tell you how often you need exfoliation – it will differ between different parts of your body as well.


If your skin is oily, you should exfoliate two to three times a week – if your skin is really oily, you can exfoliate every day.


If your skin is more on the dry side, you can go for chemical exfoliants which can break down bonds between skin cells and allow your dead skin cells to shed.


In case your skin is sensitive, you should exfoliate with natural scrubs with a moisturizer like honey.


Exfoliation is just one part of your skin care regimen. After scrubbing, you should make sure that you moisturize it and that you drink plenty of water to improve your skin glow after exfoliation.


How do you make a natural scrub?

DIY Body Scrub

Body scrubs are surprisingly simple to make. You can use kitchen ingredients you have on a regular basis like sugar, salt, coconut oil and so on. For a nice addition, get some essential oils and spices to help you.


Every DIY scrub has some basic ingredients like the exfoliant (something like sugar or salt that will rub against your skin and remove dead skin cells), something that will bind it (like essential oils or coconut oil or even plain water) and additional ingredients which you can use but don’t have to.


Here are some of the best DIY body scrub recipes:


  1. ½ Cup Oatmeal + ½ Cup Brown Sugar + ¼ Cup Olive Oil


You can use oatmeal if you have sensitive skin or coffee for a more invigorating effect. Combine these ingredients and then store this mixture. You can keep it for 4 weeks. Rub it on wet skin.


  1. 1 Banana + 1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar + ¼ Teaspoon Vanilla


Banana helps moisturize your skin and it’s great for oily skin. If you have sensitive skin, use oatmeal instead of sugar – oatmeal is one of the  best ingredients for sensitive skin.


Mix these ingredients together – not too much so it doesn’t become too watery. Apply on wet skin and massage it in.


  1. ¾ Cup Olive Oil + 3 Cups Sugar + One Lemon Juice


If your skin is oily, this is the mask for you. Your skin will end up clean and moisturized because the ingredients balance themselves out. You can add some essential oils as well.


Mix olive oil and sugar and then add lemon juice. Apply by massaging.


  1. 3 Teaspoons Epsom Salt + 3 Teaspoons Baking Soda + 1 Bag of Green Tea + 4 Tablespoons Moisturizing Oil


Combine the dry ingredients and then add oil. Apply by massaging.


  1. ½ Cup Shea or Cocoa Butter + 3 Tablespoons Olive Oil + 3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil + ½ Sugar


Melt the butter and then whip with a mixer. Add olive and coconut oil and then mix the sugar. Apply by massaging. Leave it on the skin for a bit so you get the full benefits of all of these moisturizing ingredients.


Korean body scrubs

DIY Body Scrub

Korean body scrubs are a tradition in the Korean culture. In other countries, Korean body scrubs are performed in spas.


You prepare by soaking in warm or hot water for ten to fifteen minutes minimum. This serves to make your skin softer. After that, you go into a steam room with mugwort which is a herbal medicine for detoxification.


Then you get rubbed with a Korean Towel – it’s usually colored brightly and has a texture that resembles a sandpaper. This removes dead skin cells, dirt and so on. They only use water, milk and the scrub towel for this scrub.


You will be able to see your dead skin cells as ropes coming off of your skin. They exfoliate your entire body – even your armpits and inner thighs.


After the scrub is done, they will pour you with warm water until all of the dead skin is washed away. Then they will rinse you with milk and place cucumbers on your face.


Body scrubs, an essential in your beauty routine, are refreshing and allow you to look better and younger. You can make them at home for best results and repeat several times a week for glowing skin.



DIY Body Scrub Recipes for Smooth and Radiant Skin

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