Does a Vegan Diet Prevent Acne

Vegan diets are gaining a lot of popularity these days. You see a lot of internet celebrities adopting the vegan lifestyle. You might read articles claiming how the vegan diet is the healthiest solution to all your problems. One thing that some people claim is that a vegan diet also helps prevent breakouts and acne.

After all, if you don’t eat meat at all, which is often linked to being the cause of acne. Surely, then, a vegan diet is bound to clear up your skin, right?

The Truth Behind The Association Between Acne And Meat

There are a few studies that have been conducted that claim that meat causes acne. This is because meat contains protein, which causes a chain reaction in the body that results in acne. The proteins are often blamed for triggering mTORC1. This protein complex is essential for ensuring the healthy growth of cells in your body.

When mTORC1 is triggered due to amino acids, it causes a chain reaction in the body that leads to acne. The amino acid that causes this activation is leucine in most cases. Leucine is heavily found in beef and chicken. However, items like eggs and soy also contain the element.

When mTORC1 gets activated, it causes an enhancement in sebum production. It also causes the development of the sebaceous gland. All this contributes to acne development.

However, just because there is more protein in your body doesn’t mean this chain reaction will occur. The mTORC1 pathway may or may not get triggered since it is quite a complex process. There is still a need for thorough and conclusive research to be conducted on the matter. For now, we can’t truly be sure of the link.

A Vegan Diet’s Effect On Acne

Since there is some evidence that meat and dairy products may enhance the process of acne development, it is believed that vegan diets can help clear out acne. After all, vegans stay away from everything that comes from animals, whether it be meat, honey, egg or other dairy products.

It has been observed that dairy products tend to be the major culprit for acne breakouts for those with sensitive skin. Such products have a lot of IGF-1 and leucine, both of which lead to the overstimulation of mTORC1. At the same time, those who typically have clear skin don’t have breakouts because of dairy products.

Hence, while cutting down on dairy products and meat has worked for some people, there is no definite association between acne prevention and vegan diets. A complete vegan diet does not cause prevention.

What If You Are Vegan And Still Have Acne?

Let’s say you adopt the vegan lifestyle and cut down on dairy products and meat alike. Still, your skin is plagued with acne. Yes, this is a real possibility that a lot of people experience. In such cases, the best way to go about it is opting for acne treatment in the form of topical products.

Here are some of the product that might satisfy you:

You might have noticed that all these three items are natural solutions. Hence, if you are a vegan, you will have no problem in using these products. Also, the natural formulation is devoid of any ingredient that can cause harm to your skin, thereby making it safe to use.


Even if there isn’t definitive evidence linking vegan diets to acne prevention, adopting the diet can allow you to get better skin. This is because you end up avoiding a lot of harmful food items.

Use the topical products mentioned and change your diet to reduce your dependence on dairy products and protein. Hopefully, your acne problem will resolve itself.




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