Dos and Don’ts of Daily Hair Care

Dos and Don’ts of Daily Hair Care

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Beautiful hair is on everyone's wish list. Some people want to grow it, some people want to keep it healthy and strong. Some people want to make it more manageable. If you have one of these wishes, it’s a good idea to read some of the do’s and don’ts of having and caring for a beautiful hair.


Do invest in a good haircut because managing your hair is much easier with a good haircut

Do wash it with good products – good hair requires good care

Do invest in a great shampoo for your hair type

Do brush your hair every morning, if possible with a boar bristle brush which will distribute the oils and clear the dust and dandruff

Do brush hair every night before bed as well, especially when it’s long

Do air dry your hair whenever possible

Do wash your hair after being in chlorinated water

Do massage your scalp regularly because this stimulates blood flow to the hair follicle

Do put nourishing masks twice a week to help your hair get stronger and shinier

Do eat food rich in fatty acids and vitamins


Don’t overstyle with blow dryers, hair straighteners and other tools

Don’t forget to trim your hair every 4 to 6 weeks to make sure that your hair is healthy and good-looking

Don’t forget to wet your hair with regular water before swimming in a chlorinated water because it can protect you from chlorine damage

Don’t forget to wash your combs and brushes when you wash your hair

Don’t expose your hair to sun too much

Don’t brush wet hair, comb it with a wide-toothed comb

Don’t tie your hair too tightly and never tie it when it’s wet


What is a good hair care routine?


Modern women have so many distractions and jobs to do during the day. After a long day like that, we usually don’t have the time to take proper care of ourselves. We just wash our hair with a regular shampoo and move on. We either tie it or style it in a simple and quick way and that’s it.


But for beautiful hair, you will need proper hair care that stays consistent.


Here are some of the tips


Straight hair

Dos and Don’ts of Daily Hair Care

Surprisingly, straight hair requires just as much care as other hair types. It might be easier to manage but it can be difficult without proper care. You need to prevent it from falling flat and being oily. So, you should wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and wash it once every three days instead of every day. You need to condition it as well to make it shiny and healthy. Don’t apply conditioner to the scalp and roots to keep it from being oily.


Style it with volumizing mousse applied to damp hair. Spritz some texturizing spray if you want to make your braids and ponytails work.


Wavy hair

Dos and Don’ts of Daily Hair Care

Wavy hair is either easy to deal with or extremely hard to deal with but it mostly depends on how you style it and care for it. Wash your wavy hair every 3 or 4 days to keep it clean and prevent it from drying out. Dry with a microfiber cloth to prevent frizz. Condition the ends every time you wash it and massage it with coconut and olive oil before you wash to feed it with good nutrients. Protect it from the sun as well.


You should tie your hair up in braids before sleep to help you define your waves. You should also define your waves by scrunching.


Curly hair

Dos and Don’ts of Daily Hair Care

Curly hair can be fun and full of personality. But anyone with curly hair will tell you that curly hair is a lot harder to manage and maintain. Harsh shampoos are not good for your hair. You should use natural shampoo. Wash curly hair twice a week because you can prevent dryness that way. You can also wash your hair with just plain water and then condition. Deep condition your hair as well. Comb while wet with a wide-toothed comb.


Here are some more tips on hair care routine:


  • Trim your split ends every 4 to 6 week
  • Don’t wash your hair every day
  • Don’t tie tight ponytails, braids or buns
  • Wear a hat or a scarf when it’s sunny outside to protect your hair
  • Wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water to prevent breakage and damage


How can I take care of my hair naturally?

Dos and Don’ts of Daily Hair Care

Do you spend too much money on expensive shampoos and hair products but never get the results you want? If yes, you are not alone – millions of people across the globe do to.


While these products look attractive and make big promises, they are not really that great. But, on the other hand, homemade product like the following are amazing for your hair and your budget:


  • Egg mask – Eggs are great for both our health and our hair. They contain a lot of healthy elements which feed our hair. Apply a mixed egg to dry hair and leave it in for 20 minutes before rinsing off. Rinse with cool water.
  • Keep your hair clean of dandruff and itchiness by using apple cider vinegar mixed with water as a rinse.
  • Don’t use hot water when washing because this will dry your hair out
  • Extract bottle gourd juice and use it on your hair. Leave it in for half an hour and then wash it off.
  • Use honey with your conditioner and leave this in for half an hour
  • Wash your hair with baking soda instead of shampoo at least once a week and then rinse with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar
  • To make your hair full of volume, you should mix apple cider vinegar and warm water and apply it to your hair. Leave it in then rinse off
  • Wash your hair only two to three times a week
  • Make a conditioner with eggs and yogurt to help your hair look and feel healthier
  • To make your hair stronger, use almond oil
  • Use lemon juice as a final leave in before you dry your hair if you want more life in your hair
  • Help sun damaged hair with honey, olive oil and egg yolk
  • Don’t tie your hair too tightly
  • Use a boar bristle hair brush


What can I apply to my hair everyday?

Dos and Don’ts of Daily Hair Care

There are many nice products out there which promise great hair. However, there are many more great natural products that you can use on your hair every day.


Here are some of those natural remedies:


Coconut oil – You can use coconut oil every day on your hair because it can help your hair look better and healthier. Before washing, massage your hair with some coconut oil – small amount – and then rinse it off with baking soda or another mild shampoo.

Rosemary Essential Oil – This is a great essential oil with proven effects on hair growth. You can apply it every day with coconut oil or apply it separately. It’s healthy and great for your hair.

Honey – This is probably one of the best things for your hair. Dilute it in warm water and then put it on your scalp to feed it. It also removes dandruff and itchiness.

Olive oil – This oil is healthy both for the kitchen and the hair and beauty. Similar to the natural oils on your scalp, olive oil will fit in perfectly with your daily routine.


Best foods for Hair

Dos and Don’ts of Daily Hair Care

Many people want strong and healthy hair. And while products will take you to the certain point, you need more than that. Hair health comes from the inside just as much as it comes from the outside. In order to have healthy hair, you need to eat properly. There are certain foods that stand out in this matter.


Here are some of them:


Eggs – Full of protein and biotin as well as protein, selenium and zinc

Berries – Contain vitamins, antioxidants and similar hair-healthy nutrients

Spinach -It has folate, iron and vitamins which promote hair growth

Fatty fish – Full of omega-3’s fatty acids, vitamins, protein, and selenium

Sweet potatoes – Full of beta-carotene and vitamins

Avocado – They have vitamin C, E, healthy fats etc.

Nuts and seeds – These are literally a power food that will feed your hair with vitamins, protein and minerals

Sweet peppers – They have vitamin C and vitamin A

Oysters – They have zinc which is great for the hair

Bananas – A great source of vitamins B


Hair care is an important part of any beauty routine. You need to maintain your hair health and make sure that you are using the right products and management if you want to help it look good and grow long. These have been some of the best tips on hair care, so try them out on your hair.




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