Hot Nail Trend: Almond Nails

Nails are one of the biggest staples of beauty and often subject to various trends. We often fret over the color and nail design we are going to choose. So, you search your Pinterest, looking for the best look possible before you go to your manicurist. The look defines your month, essentially.


However, have you ever really considered nail shapes? Do you always go with whatever your technician gives you? They usually don’t change your nail shape unless you say so specifically, so you probably never thought to mention it.


But the nail shape plays such a huge role in the final look of your nails.


Now the trouble is in choosing the shape too. Luckily, you don’t have to think too hard. The best thing to get right now are almond nails – the biggest nail trend of the year. Everyone is getting it and showing it off on social media so you must have seen it.


The sleek and elegant shape will truly amaze you. Learn more about it.


What are almond shape nails?

Hot Nail Trend: Almond Nails

Getting your nails done – either by yourself or by a technician at the salon is a relaxing experience for most people. This is the time you dedicate to yourself and it can be quite meditative. However, the time before getting your nails done is not so relaxing.


Whether you do it yourself or not, it takes days to find the perfect design and color scheme that will match your wishes.


But there’s one thing you don’t have to fret about – your nail shape. Almond shape is the best thing to get right now and for a good reason.


But before we dive deeper into the why, let’s see a rundown of your available nail shapes:


Square shape is, well, a perfect square with no soft edges. It’s quite popular because it’s very simple to make on your own.


Squoval may be a weird word but the shape it represents looks great. The edges are soft, yet the shape resembles a square. It’s easy to maintain and create on your own.


Round nails are round and they help elongate the hand significantly.


Oval is a shape that resembles an almond but with a softer tip.


Stiletto nails resemble a weapon with their pointy finish. However, natural nails can’t hold the shape so you have to get acrylic to get this shape.


Coffin, or otherwise known as ballerina is a dramatic shape that starts as stiletto but doesn’t have the pointy tip. This is another look that will be a lot better with fake nails.


And finally, the star of the party – almond nails.


This shape is very similar to the oval shape but the sides are more slender with a wider base. There is a slight peak, but not as dramatic as with stiletto nails. It actually looks like a, well – almond.


However, the look varies. You can get the actual almost-pointy look of a real almond or ask for a bit less slender sides to get a more subtle look.


This shape is very elegant and gentle – this is probably why all of the stars are getting it right now.


Trending Almond shape nail designs

Hot Nail Trend: Almond Nails

The sophisticated, stylish nail shape that is almond is trending on all social media – and it’s easy to see why. Whether you want your nails to be short or long, this look is possible. It’s also possible both with your natural nails and with fake nails.


But above all, it looks stunning with some great nail designs. Want to know which?


Short, natural nails – If you are a type of girl who really doesn’t want to be bothered with different colors and designs, but still wants to look stylish, this is the best shape for you. Keep your nails short, almond-shaped and just add some sheer nail polish to finish the look off.


White polish almond nails – This color perfectly highlights the shape and it adds to the elegant look. A matte finish on the nails might be even better to seal the deal on this amazing, timeless look.


Black polish almond nails – Another timeless and simple choice, this one works perfectly when glossy and styled with a few embellishments. In addition to being elegant, this look can also be very fierce.


Cute decorations and almond nails – This shape also gives you an amazing base for various designs. You can go for a Minnie or Mickey mouse designs or any other cartoon or animal character you like.


Nude polish almond nails – To achieve a perfect minimalist look, a nude polish works perfectly. You can take it to work or to a party.


Long almond shaped nails – If you want a stylish option for your long nails, you can use almond shape. It looks great and it’s really ladylike.


3D almond nails – Add some studs, pearls or rhinestones to get the perfect almond 3D look.


Add some accent nails – If you want to stick to a particular hue but would also like something impressive, add an accent nail or two to your almond shaped nails and turn them into something really fashionable.


Essentially, they look great with any design – just look at nail design Pinterest boards and apply any design you like. They will look stunning, elegant and sophisticated.


DIY Almond shape nails

Hot Nail Trend: Almond Nails

Almond shape is such a great trend. But if going to the salon to get them is not your thing, you can make them at home. No worries, it’s a simple shape to create and natural nails in this shape will hold up very well.


So, here’s how to make them on your own:


Hold your file at an angle and file the right part of your nail. One direction only, though, in order to avoid splits.


Do the same thing for the left side of your nail. The angle should be at about 50 degrees but you can choose to make your sides slant more or less.


Use the U shape movement to file the tip of your nails and the sides. Almond shape is essentially the U shape upside down, so you get why. Take your time since you want to create an almond shape, not a stiletto or coffin shape.


If you are making your nails into an almond shape, you should be aware of some things that come with that:


Grow your nails for a bit before going for the shape. The thing is that in the square shape, the nails can look really long but once you almond them, they look shorter than you intended.


You might get more splits and breaks. If you want to avoid this, you should get a gallic support or get artificial nails


If your nails naturally grow in a square shape and not oval or round, you are going to have to file them every now and then because they grow out. Some even say you have to do it once a week.


If you end up disliking them, you can just file the tip off and go back to a more conventional squoval or oval


Are almond shape nails for me? The best nail shape for your hands

Hot Nail Trend: Almond Nails

Nail shape is important for the look of your hands. However, which shape will suit you is a difficult question.


So, here is a simple guide that will help you decide which nail shape will suit you best.


If you have short and slim fingers with narrow nail beds you should try the elongating nail shapes. Almond and oval are your best friends, especially if you want long nails. Round shape can have that elongating effect in case you don’t want the length. Squoval might also work, but stay away from square shapes in general.


If your fingers are short and wide, you should avoid blunt shapes. Go for almond or oval which will elongate your fingers, round nails and more unique shapes like coffin, ballerina or stiletto.


If you have long fingers and slim fingers, any shape is great but you should go for square shapes or squoval shapes for an extra edge.


If your fingers are long and wide, you should go for almond or oval and longer nails.



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