How To Manage And Care For Sensitive Skin

Finding the right product for sensitive skin is not a hit or miss situation. Choosing the wrong product can result in a flare up that can wreck havoc on your complexion. Sensitive skin is a multi-tiered problem when it comes to trying new products. It can be difficult to pinpoint which ingredients irritate skin; given that products carry long ingredient lists. When it comes down to it…simplicity is your best bet.

How Do You Know If You Have Sensitive Skin?

Put simply sensitive skin is not a stand alone skin type. You can have oily, dry or combination skin in addition to sensitive skin. It may be obvious if you have sensitive skin due to the flare ups that can result from products. Sensitivity occurs when the upper most layer is altered.  Factors such as stress, hormonal levels and genetics can accelerate or increase the frequency of breakouts.  Not all reactions are alike, one can vary from another. Here are the major signs to look out for

  • 3 + reactions to a specific product
  • Itching or flaking of skin
  • Burning/inflamed sensation
  • Acne breakout


Step By Step Skin Care Regime

Someone with sensitive skin may be wary of putting any kind of cleanser on skin because sulfates are common culprits. Those with this skin type should avoid all sulfates and any foaming cleaners that can dry out skin. Reach for products formulated for sensitive skin and implement the rule of 5. This means selecting a cleanser that has 5 or less ingredients, especially harsh chemicals. In this case, a DIY type cleanser can become your best friend because naturally derived ingredients have soothing agents that calm skin.  In addition, seeking fragrance free products or unscented is the most effective to keeping skin reaction free.


Alcohol based toners and astringents should be avoided at all costs to prevent a reaction and drying of skin. The most irritating alcohols are isopropyl (this in high volumes will burn the surface of skin) and SD Alcohol 40 will cause flaking of skin. Instead soothing and hydrating toners such as witch hazel or toning lotions that quench skin. These lotions have a watery consistency that won't clog pores and will not dry out skin. Toning should be done 2 times per week to give skin the opportunity to recover from the prodding of products.

Nature's toner, Witch Hazel


This step can be difficult because hydrating products are often filled with heavy dyes and perfumes that can irritate skin.  This step should not be avoided by any means because of the soothing properties that can be taken in. Sensitive skin occurs because the protective barrier goes into overdrive in trying to keep any foreign substances away. By supplementing with a naturally based moisturizer, the ingredients can be more easily absorbed into the inner deepest layers.

Just like with other products used in a sensitive skin regime, heavy perfume and dyes should be avoided. Lightweight creams are the most effective and gentle skin that won't clog pore. Ingredients such as aloe vera and jojoba should rank at the top of the ingredient list due to their repairing qualities.

Product Recommendations

Here a number of cleansers, toners and moisturizers to keep your skin in pristine condition.

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