How To: Post NYE Skin Care Recovery

Let's face it, in the midst of counting down to the new year, you probably skimped on your typical skin care regime.  Whether you've had far too much bubbly or you slept in your make up, we've got the inside tips to rehab your skin back to pristine condition. Unfortunately, we can't help much with those lingering hangover symptoms.

Read on to learn to start off your 2018 skin care regime the right way!


It's no secret that water is the ultimate detoxifying powerhouse when it comes to cleansing from the inside out. Consider this, alcohol is a known diuretic (this prompts more trips to the restroom!) that extracts water from kidneys with each trip. As water from your body exits via urine, skin takes on a dry, cracked and tight appearance.

Without water to lubricate skin cells, skin takes on a dry, sallow and lifeless looking texture. Take for example, hyaluronic acid is known to hold “1000 its weight” in moisture. The usage of this serum leads to supple, youthful and plump looking skin that radiates health. This serum used via a sheet mask is perfect to use because the molecules will draw moisture back to skin.

For the morning after, aside from drinking glass after glass of water to hydrate from within, your skin needs rich creamy moisturizers to quench skin cells. After cleansing off makeup and toning, reach for a rich creamy consistency moisturizer that is rich in antioxidants to nourish skin. These antioxidants are largely found in berries like blueberry and acai that also double as anti-aging agents.

Cleansing Balms

Cleansing balms are a novelty in the skincare world that is quickly catching on. Women are ditching their harsh facial wipes for a balms that remove makeup while replenishing skin. Sure you can have a pick of scrubs, suds or cleansing oils; but, cleansing balms “melt away” makeup upon contact. The best part is that you can use these products on dry skin!

Balms are typically geared to those with dry skin; but, when dealing with a hangover, everyone takes on dry skin. This rich creamy product is designed to work with the warmth of your fingertips as it removes impurities. Reach for products with soothing ingredients like: chamomile, green tea or rose hip oil.


There's no doubt that your skin is in pure detox mode as it works to re-balance ph levels from the influx of alcohol. This should be one of the first steps taken when trying to rehab skin. By the time you've woken up, damaging synthetic ingredients found in makeup have clogged pores and created an acne cocktail with bacteria. The sooner you removed the makeup, the better you stand to avoid a major breakout.

If possible, start with an oil based cleanser to breakdown the heavy oils found in makeup. After using an oil based cleanser or gel based cleanser, follow up with a water based cleanser to remove the loosened makeup oils, dirt and bacteria.

One key tip to avoid sulfates at all costs! Sulfates strip skin of essentials oils and lead to dryness. Given that skin is already dehydrated from the alcohol consumption, further dehydration can lead to itching, irritation and cracking of skin.

Mask On

Given the options of masks offered for every skin type, in this situation you'll want to reach for a hydrating sheet mask drenched in serums. After cleansing via a balm or a water based cleanser, follow up with a sheet mask to pamper skin. Sheet masks work to add moisture to skin while creating a protective barrier to prevent moisture from escaping.

These are a great option because the ingredient list often contains simple ingredients that cause little to no irritation. Masks are usually composed of woven fabric like cotton and then drenched in serums that are also non-comedogenic.

For optimum benefits, use mask as a final step to seal in ingredients and leave on 15-20 minutes. Remove mask and skip a rinse!


Put some life back into your skin with a little help from caffeine! Nothing screams a rough late night like puffy swollen eyes. Couple little sleep with shots and you've got dilated blood vessels. Caffeine works to constrict blood vessels that can lead to a brightened and more lively appearance. Reach for a caffeine based roller ball gel (works even better if its chilled) or a caffeine based eye cream.

Use this combination of tips to get your skin back to a happier, healthier state to help your post NYE recovery go by a little more smoothly! Cheers 🙂


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