How to Recreate a French-Inspired Skincare Routine

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The French are known for their minimal approach to beauty and remarkable skin. In fact, having good skin is part of the French culture and they take it very seriously. It's not only women who are concerned about their beauty but also men. There is so much that you can learn by adopting a French skincare routine.

The French and Skincare

As stated earlier, the French culture encourages skin care. If you have ever visited France, you will notice that the country has salons everywhere. In fact, the French invented some popular skincare methods such as facials.

The secret behind the French always looking très chic is obviously a good skincare routine. Most French people follow a routine and are aware of the skincare methods that encourage it to look fresh and healthy.

From a young age, French boys and girls are told to adopt skincare habits. Wisdom is passed from parent to child, and the grooming begins at a young age. They are told about the French skincare routine and how they should follow it.

How Can You Create a French-Inspired Skincare Routine?


Cleansing is crucial for the French. They use different clinically approved products to do this. The water in France isn't safe for the skin, which is why the French are dependent on skincare products. They use cleaning products that lead to a fresher and younger-looking skin.

Instead of soaps, French use lotions and gel foams to wash their face. They love using gel foam washes that goes easy on the skin and leaves a radiant glow.


French use toners as well in their skincare routine. They give preference to the ones that are free from alcohol. Toners are used to get rid of impurities and refresh the skin. The toners available in France come with amazing scents. They are moisturizing for the skin and can erase any impurities, leaving the skin hydrated and fresh.


Serum usage has been part of the French culture for quite some time. They know about the massive benefits that a serum holds and use it as part of their routine. Serums mostly contains vitamins essential for the skin and provides a soothing impact. It not only hydrates the skin but also removes blemishes. It can smooth out wrinkles and reduce redness. A serum is a must-have for a good skincare routine.


The French are fond of using oils and are keen on moisturizing. French moisturizers are not only scented but also useful. Moisturizing helps provide the skin the required nourishment and removes dryness. Just like we require water to remain hydrated, the skin needs moisturizing.


A skincare routine is incomplete without protection. You need to keep your skin protected from the harmful UV rays and chemicals that can prove to be disastrous. Especially during summers, it is recommended that you use sunscreen for protection against the sunlight.

Skincare Tips from the French


The French are the masterminds behind facials and recommend them to keep your skin fresh. They believe that regular facials will improve the condition of the skin. Facial massage is also a must for the French, and they like exfoliation as well. They believe that a good skin treatment can help get rid of the dry skin cells.

Eat Healthy

Other than practicing skincare techniques, the French also insist on eating healthy. They encourage people to eat fresh produce and say no to oily and unprocessed food. A diet that contains fruits and vegetables is perfect for a healthy-looking skin.

How Do the French Take Care of Their Skin?

The French are keen on adopting a skincare routine and follow it religiously. Here are some things you should know about a French skincare routine:

The French Skincare Routine Isn't Complicated

The French are wise when it comes to skincare products. They avoid trying new products or opting for those which are only hyped but produce no result. They only stick to the products that fulfill their requirement and aren’t very complicated. You won't find a French cabinet full of new skincare products as they avoid trying new things.

Quality Over Quantity

The French are fond of luxury and invest in quality products only. They might follow a simple routine, but when it comes to product selection, they choose only the best.


The French are consistent when it comes to their skincare routine. The French don’t get lazy about it and keep working on their skin. off. They are very particular about looking good and pay attention to their skincare products as well.

Don't Have Aging Obsession

The French don't care about aging. In fact, they like to age gracefully. They don't take extreme measures to make themselves look younger. They believe in accepting who they are and don't indulge in fake procedures.


When it comes to self-acceptance, the French are quite relaxed. They feel confident in accepting who they are and are okay with showing their true side. They express themselves with confidence and don't hesitate or feel reluctant in showing who they are.

Do the French Have Any Bad Skincare Habits?

Although the French are very particular about skincare habits and stress on healthy eating, they have some bad habits as well. They are fond of smoking and enjoy it a lot. Smoking is generally bad for the health and should be discouraged. It makes your skin look dull and pale and should be abstained from.


A French skincare routine can be beneficial for those who are fond of their skin. Adopting a French skincare routine can bring massive benefits to your skin, but this needs to be supported by healthy eating habits.

Taking care of the skin can protect it from damage. The skin requires proper maintenance because the world we operate in today is full of pollution. Skincare methods and techniques along with proper care can improve the skin health.

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