How to Recreate Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Look

How to Recreate Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Look

On her wedding day, Princess Eugenie looked beautiful and all natural with only the right amount of bridal makeup.

The emerald tiara complemented her green eyes with the aid of her eyeliner, and the rose blush brought attention to her radiant facial features.

The Peter Pilotto gown she wore featured an excellent fit and a full skirt. This simplistic yet elegant bridal look is not just for a wedding; it can be donned for almost any occasion with just a few tweaks.

The same look can be recreated using your everyday makeup tools.

The best part is that most of these items are easily available locally and do not require the Royal Family makeup artist's kit to recreate. Feel free to make amendments to the look as you wish since it is versatile. The items you need are an eyeliner, mascara, blush, nude lipstick and something for the brows.

These will cost as little as thirty dollars, depending on where you buy them.

Creating the Base

For the base, you need a quality concealer for the skin that makes it look natural. Make sure it sits in well and does not irritate your skin. Try not to use a concealer lighter than your skin tone. Simply apply the concealer and blend it in.

How to Recreate Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Look


For your eyes, you need a highlighter, nude shadow and an eyeshadow primer. Do not go for dark eyeshadows for this look. Apply the primer and a nude shadow if required and finally apply a highlighter between the brow and the inner corner of the eye. Be conservative with the use of your highlighter.


Apply your favorite eyeliner to both lash lines while smudging it neatly across the corner of the eye.


Choose a product for your brows that is one shade darker than your hair. This will ensure you get the right prominence. Fill your brows in and shape them.


Apply mascara to both lashes. Pick one that is good for your lash density. For sparse lashes, choose a thickening mascara, but if your lashes are full, go for a lengthening one that has a long brush for separating the lashes.

How to Recreate Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Look


Before applying a bronzer, make sure you have a smooth base. Use a bronzer that is at least one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Apply it under your cheekbones and on the perimeter of your face.


Add blush slightly and blend it nicely across your cheeks. If it is a liquid blush, dot and combine it with your finger. If you want to go rose-toned, make sure you have a medium skin tone for it or else it will not look good.


Apply a nude lipstick with a gloss that complements your skin tone to finish it off.


We all enjoyed Eugenie's look during the wedding, which can be achieved with your usual makeup items. It is a feasible, fun and gorgeous look that does not come off as even slightly unnatural.

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