Introducing Smartly: The Affordable Skincare Line From Target

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Target has rolled out a new collection of seventy items clubbed into a discount brand called Smartly. The affordable skincare and household products are obviously an answer to similar discount brands of its competitors. Target has been vocal about its objective of wooing the millennial generation

However, the price range and the diversity of products may also impress people from all generations and perhaps regardless of personal preferences and monthly shopping budgets. Target is offering bulk rates but it has also pledged that the products are not of an ordinary quality. It promises to uphold the quality while ensuring markdowns that are hitherto scarcely available.

What Products Does Smartly Offer?

The Smartly brand of Target was launched on October 14. Over seventy items are right now available at the stores and online. There are hand soaps, lotions, paper plates, deodorants and perfumes, razors, sunscreens and detergents among others. The initial rollout of products has been limited to basic or essential items.

It is expected of Target to expand this line and perhaps we will see over a hundred new products being launched in the next few months. It is also expected of Target to venture beyond skincare and household products.

Prices For Every Budget

The products branded as Smartly by Target are in the price range of $0.59 to $11.99. A majority of the items available now cost around $2. There are quite a few that cost less than $2. Target is in a way redefining the budget for essentials. You cannot get a quality coffee for $2 and yet here you can shop for several essentials that are an imperative part of your cart every month, some requiring weekly replenishment or restock.

Where To Purchase Smartly Products

Shoppers can check out these products and buy some online or at any of their nearest Target. There is the option to buy online and pick up at the store. Shoppers can also have the goods shipped to their chosen address. These products are not a onetime rollout and the discount brand is not just a seasonal initiative. All the products will be available throughout the year and at the same markdowns, unless of course prices increase in due course of time as a part of expected inflation over the years.

Target has reiterated that its discount brand is by no means an inferior alternative to the pricier essentials that are available at its stores and at other big retailers. It is committed to delivering a diverse inventory and the company has rolled in master perfumers among other experts for different categories of products to uphold a certain degree of excellence. Target has already stressed on the variety of soaps, perfumes and other items. As big box retailers endeavor to fight the ecommerce onslaught and hold on to their omnipresence and omnipotence, consumers can stand to gain and not just in terms of savings but also variety and quality.



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