Knotless Box Braids – What This Trend Is All About

Knotless Box Braids – What This Trend Is All About

Every few months, a new hair trend appears and everyone goes crazy over it. Instagram is usually the place where it goes viral. So, we’ve seen many amazing hair trends over the years. There were faux dreadlocks, ombre hair, crochet braids and many others. However, the newest trend on the block are knotless box braids.


Knotless box braids are a variation of box braids. However, there are many reasons to love this style is even more.


For one, there are no small knots at the root of your scalp that is usually there because of the synthetic hair that’s used for the braiding. This is created with the feed in technique which you have probably seen in french braids – this is quite similar to that, in a way.


Synthetic hair is added in small chunks which creates a braid that looks more natural and that in result, falls flat. It’s also not that heavy on the scalp, there’s no tension and you can do a full head of it without feeling any of the discomfort.


This is one of many protective hairstyles that can actually help your hair grow faster because it’s safely tucked into the braids. As a bonus, you get to have long and beautiful braids while your hair grows and you won’t even feel all of that boredom and frustration of waiting.


So, let’s learn more about knotless box braids:


What are knotless Box Braids?

Knotless Box Braids – What This Trend Is All About

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People all around the world keep looking for best ways to do their hair in protective hairstyles that will allow their hair to grow and still look amazing while it does. Everyday maintenance needs to be easy for these styles, there needs to be enough movement for the hair and, of course, it needs to look good. It should also be healthy for your natural hair.


Braiding your hair is one of the most popular ways to protect your hair while it grows. The skill of braiding your hair isn’t a tough one but the traditional braid isn’t what you are trying to create. You are trying to create a different style, that will last longer and truly protect your hair.


There is a long tradition behind hair braiding – it’s passed down from a generation to generation which makes it even more special. But the traditional art of hair braiding has evolved just like braids have and now we have different styles and types of braids everywhere.


One of those styles is definitely the knotless box braids style. It has risen to popularity in big cities in the US five years ago and it has only grown in popularity since. Now you can see them all over the Instagram and other social media platforms.


This technique is growing in demand and its all because women want to embrace their natural hair and teach themselves how to care for their hair in an appropriate way so that it can grow and prosper.

Knotless Box Braids – What This Trend Is All About

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This makes your hair healthier and you’ll find a new level of respect for your natural hair and for the beauty for it. Knotless braids won’t cause you any pain, they are very light on the scalp and they lay flat which helps you improve the density of your natural hair and they help it grow.


Braids have long been connected with the pain that ensues with braiding your hair and with living with the braids but now there is a demand for the process and the lifestyle to be painless.


Depending on what you want to do with your hair, what kind of look and style you want to get, you can arrange this with your hairstylist or braider. The cost of the process and the duration of it should, however, stay the same as with any other braids. Compared to regular box braids, these really do make a huge difference with your edges and your scalp, in the sense that they will remain intact ange get less tension.


These braids are also done in smaller sections which makes them sturdy. You will also get less oil, buildup, product, and other things that can fall on your braids. This is common in various braids and this can cause irritation to your hair, not to mention cause you frustration.


This look needs clean hair at the outset, conditioned and blow dried before your stylist starts working on your braids. Then the stylist will comb your hair with rat tail comb, go through it with gel and edge controller and then they will give you a choice between human and synthetic extensions.


Knotless Box Braids vs Box Braids

Knotless Box Braids – What This Trend Is All About

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So, if there are knotless box braids, there are box braids with knots too, right?


And what is the difference between these two? Well, there’s plenty.


For one, box braids are made in a similar way like the knotless box braids, but there is a knot at the start of the braid. The hairs are not fed in but rather start from the top. This makes the process somewhat painful and wearing them can be uncomfortable too. Especially so if you opt for longer hair and more of it.


This can also be bad for your natural hair because the strain can damage your strands and the hair that grows can come out a bit dry. They also tend to get really dirty and oily. However, they are still a very popular trend that looks great on most people.


Knotless braids, on the other hand, don’t hurt as much, are less heavy and healthier for your hair. The braiding process is what is also very different since the hair is fed into the braid to make for longer braids. In the end, this look is very natural and very light on your hair as well as your head.


Benefits of Knotless Box Braids

Knotless Box Braids – What This Trend Is All About

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Of course, before you get a hairstyle, you want to know all of the possible benefits and pitfalls of getting a certain hairstyle. There are many benefits to knotless box braids. After all, this is a protective hairstyle that will allow your hair to grow and prosper while allowing you to have long and fabulous hair at the same time.


So, without further ado, here are some of the best benefits of getting knotless box braids:


Your hair will always look done – One of the things women always want is perfect hair at all times. But this is not easy to achieve. Your hair can get greasy, frizzy, all over the place and so on. There are numerous things that could go wrong with just about any hairstyle you make. But not the knotless box braids. They always make your hair look done. You will fall asleep and wake up with the perfect hairstyle. And if you want to switch it up a bit for a day, you can always put your braids in a bun, make a braid out of your braids or make any other hairstyle, just like you would with any other hairstyle.


Your hair growth process will seem much faster – As long as you are taking good care of your scalp once the braids are done, your hair will grow fast once you opt for this hairstyle. It might be due to the fact that it’s so well-protected or it may be that you take way more care of your scalp but it works. The growth process seems  a lot faster so this is another major perk. You can count on your braids looking amazing while your hair grows.


They look good for vacations – Nothing says vacation more than a full head of braids. But they are not only good looking, they are also practical and very useful. Natural hair can frizz in humid conditions and weaves or wigs get expensive. However, braids are super comfortable and functional because they can get wet and you can dry them easily as well. No hassle at all.


Knotless box braids are lighter than box braids – This is a commonly mentioned perk of having knotless box braids. The trick is in the fact that your braids aren’t starting at the top of your head but rather the hairs are fed in as necessary so there’s a lot less hair in the end. This makes them very comfortable.


They are better for your edges than box braids – Depending on how thick you want your braids to be, the knotless box braids are better for your edges than box braids. Make sure that your baby hairs are not inserted in the braids.


How long do knotless box braids last?

Knotless Box Braids – What This Trend Is All About

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Knotless box braids can last for about four to six weeks. Of course, some people leave them in longer but if you put your natural hair health first, you have to remember to visit your hairstylist after that 6 week mark.


Anything more puts your hair at risk of being really damaged, especially if you aren’t managing your hair properly.


How to care for knotless box braids

Concerning the maintenance of your knotless box braids, things are pretty straightforward.


Here are some tips:

  • Wipe your braids with apple cider vinegar once a week to remove buildup
  • Keep a water-based moisturizer to spray your strands
  • Oil your scalp every seven days with an oil you like and then wrap them for the night.
  • Use a foaming mousse for your hair shine



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