Pretty and Simple Hair updos

Pretty and Simple Hair updos

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Do updo’s seem scary to you? They do to most people. If you are not planning on getting an expensive salon appointment, then you have to make them yourself. But how?


Doing your own hair can be quite a challenge. However, learning a few simple styles can be a really great thing for you because you can always look good.


So, if you want to start off easy, here are a few simple options:


Textured and tousled ponytail


This elegant but simple updo will give any look that extra edge. You will need to have your hair just a little bit naturally oily which will help you achieve that messy vibe. You will also need to be careful with the teasing comb and avoid awkward bumps.


Ponytail Faux Hawk


This is an edgy look that is perfect to pair with any outfit. It’s easy to make, although you will need some rubber bands.


Simple bun


This is an elegant bun that will be perfect for just about any occasion. You will need plenty of bobby pins for this one, but it will pay off.


Milkmaid braids


This look is slightly daring because you might end up looking like, well, too much of a milkmaid. It’s easier to pull off when you have longer hair and you will need elastics that will match your hair color. You can also make it a little messy and avoid the milkmaid look completely.


Hair roll


This is essentially a chignon which looks great for any occasion. It’s easy to make but you should make sure that you are making it in accordance to your own hair personality.


Relaxed Braid


This braid is super simple and super easy to make. Sweep your hair backwards, tease a little bit near the crown of your head and then make a french braid.


Hair updos for short hair

Pretty and Simple Hair updos

Making awesome hairstyles is easy when you have long hair, especially updos. But what if you have short hair? Are updo’s even necessary? Is it even possible?


The answer to both questions is yes.


Updo’s are perfect for any event or just to wear on a regular basis. They add some style and help you switch up your normal look. They are also very possible. So, no matter what you need, you will enjoy these fun, stylish updos.


Double dutch braid – This is a simple, yet effective hairstyle for the short haired girls out there. It’s easy to make, you braid it like the french braid, but instead of leaving the twist underneath the braid, you leave it on the top. It looks effortless and you can also make it looser if you like that.

Fishtail Bun – This cute updo is great for short hair. Use some dry shampoo to create volume and then create a side part. Braid a fishtail braid and then wrap over the side of your hair into a bun. Pull some loose strands and then curl them for some extra style.

Easy plait – Braids are your friends when you have short hair and this hairstyle is perfect for that. Just make a simple plait and then tuck the end under the braid. Secure with some bobby pins and that’s it.

Pixie cut Updo – Updos are not just for people with longer hair, pixie cut girls can wear them too. Twist small locks of your hair to the back and then pin them with bobby pins. Let some strands loose and add dry shampoo to make sure you have plenty of texture.

Medium hair updo – Going through that weird growing out phase? No worries, you can make a great hairstyle. Braid a loose plait on the side of your head to the back of your head and then make the remaining hair into a low bun.

Two buns twist – Separate your hair into two strands, twist both of them and pin the back. This is perfect for when you are in a rush.


Hair updos for medium hair

Pretty and Simple Hair updos

People often feel like they shouldn’t get updo’s if their hair is any shorter than the mid-back length. Some hairstylists don’t even make them. However, you can learn to make simple and beautiful hairstyles at home. Here are some wonderful updo’s for all of the girls that have medium hair and are not sure what to do with it.


Braids for a one-length hair – The perfect way to add some layering to your one-length hair is to make some braids. There are many different options here and you can enjoy them all.

Easy messy hair – Put your hair into a messy bun and pull some strands out to make a perfect hairstyle for any occasion.

Pinned up twists – Twist your strands in the back and pin them for a unique and stylish hairstyle.

Side braids bun – Braid your hair in two plaits from your forehead and braid all the way to the back. Then make a bun with all of the hair that’s left.

One braid bun – Braid your hair on just one side of your head all the way to the back and then make a ponytail or a bun at the end of your braid.


Hair updos for long hair

Pretty and Simple Hair updos

Finally, long hair is perfect for great updo’s. Whether it’s too hot outside for your hair to be down or you have an important event to go to, updo’s are a great option. Here are some fun and good-looking updos for long hair.


Lace braid updo – This is a perfect look for anyone. You will need to divide your hair in two parts and then allow a few strands to flow loose. Braid one section from the ear to the back of your neck. Tie it down. You can feed more hair into this braid for an even better look. Braid the other part in the same way. Pin the braid from one side behind your ear on the other side and then do the same with the other braid.

Dutch braid bun – Make a simple Dutch braid from the place where you want it to be and feed hair into it. Keep doing it until the end of your hair and then tie it before tying into a bun.

Beehive bun – Brush all of your hair to the one side and then hold it in place with some hair pins. Then create a bouffant at the top and tie it like a ponytail. Then, make a french twist and pin it in place. Take the side sections and twist them. This is a style that’s perfect for events and formal gatherings.

French Twist – Comb your hair and gather it at the center of your head. Then twist it inward and pin your bun. You can leave some loose strands out too to add more chic to your look.

Puffy ponytail – Comb your hair, then put on some hairspray to add some structure and part your hair on one side. Back-comb your hair and then pin it in the center. This will create a half ponytail. Curl the ends of your hair and then tie the ponytail in place. Tug hair just a bit to make it even puffier

Messy bun – Start tying your hair into the ponytail and then pull the hair only halfway through on the last twist. Wrap the ends under the base of bun and pin with bobby pins.

Braided bun – Comb your hair and then split in two parts. Braid each part and wrap the braids around each other. Make the braids slightly loose and secure them with hair pins.


Formal hair updos

Pretty and Simple Hair updos

Updos are a great idea for any formal event. But before you can start making it or take a picture to your hairstylist, you need to know your options. Here are some ideas:


  • Chignon with floral accessories
  • Sky high pony
  • Ponytail with a bow
  • Bun with blings
  • Bun with french braid and accessories
  • Pearly bun updo
  • Elsa braid updo



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