Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation by FENTY BEAUTY Review

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Rihanna is one of the most recognizable global pop stars to emerge within the last decade. She is known for her edgy sense of fashion and beauty just as much as she is known for her radio hits. So when it was announced that she would be launching a beauty line, many held their breaths in anticipation while others wrote it off as another celebrity line . I was one of the curious one to see what all the hype was about and to see whether the product was worth the hype.

What Does This Line Offer?

One of the hugest selling points of this line was the extensive selection offered. This line offers a whopping 40 unique shades to address factors such as undertone and texture. With a selection such as this, men and women can almost certainly find their near perfect match.

In addition the massive selection, consumers could hop on board with the price point. The line sought out to offer a high end performance with a budget friendly price point.  Making this line accessible to those all across the financial spectrum made it hard for those not to try.

Lastly, its Rihanna we're talking about. This is the woman that is always a topic of conversation after annual MET Gala's for her bold fashion choices. She is without a doubt, a beauty muse through and through. People would find it hard for a woman so integrated within the beauty community to release anything but a quality product.

Mission Almost Impossible?

For starters, anything from this line is incredibly difficult to obtain, I found myself running into a lot of sold out moments. I ventured to 4 different Sephoras to track down the Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation. For reference I am currently using Clinque's Beyond Perfecting Foundation and wear an NC30 in MAC. After receiving a Color IQ test at Sephora, I was then swatched with three different shades before choosing shade 170 as my closetest match. In my case I have light medium skin with warm undertones. The problem I run into with foundations is that the yellow undertones can be too strong, thus giving me an unflattering faux tan look. This shade lands on the light spectrum with neutral undertones. The price point for this foundation was a solid $34; keep in mind that the Clinque I currently use costs, $28 and MAC hovers around the same price.



Now the packaging really stood out to me because of it perfectly combined functionality with appealing ascetics. The bottle has a matte, almost frosted glass body with an easily removable top. The product can be dispersed with an attached small pump. This product is easily portable to carry on the go without causing a mess.


Now this foundation does oxidize slightly; but, it is hardly noticeable. For the purposes of this review, I applied one side of my face with a flat brush; while, the other I applied with a Real Techniques sponge. This product glides onto to skin ever so smoothly and spreads like a dream. I really liked the fact that the pump disperses the perfect amount and does't come sprouting out a glob of product. With approximately 1 pump I was able to coverage my entire face. This product is very much buildable to provide plenty of coverage.


This foundation is not runny or thin by any means. It provides plenty of coverage while providing a lightweight feel and airbrushed finish. The smell of this product is pleasant with a fresh cold cream type of scent. I found myself buffering the product in without it “sitting” on top of skin; but, rather blending with my skintone and avoiding a line of separation.


In order to see how this foundation held up, I did not set my face with any type of translucent or pressed powder. My face was not set with any type of finishing mist, in order to see how it would really hold up. Now for starters, I have very very oily skin so I tend to stray away from heavy foundations and need to constantly blot my face throughout my day. I also experience “caking” or foundation setting in my laugh lines or separation along my nose due to oil.

I applied the foundation at the start of my day and avoided touching my face and blotting to test its formula. Throughout the day I would check in to see if it was still holding up and to my surprise this staying power was showing good signs. Now at the end of my day, my face had little to no separation or creasing of product. Not only did my skin look grease free but it had a luminous glow to it.

Is It Worth It?

I would have to say with a resounding yes that this product delivers in every aspect. This isn't a case of “its good for a celebrity product”, this product could more than hold its own against other makeup titans. I can honestly say that this makeup improved the look of my skin and gave a flawless finish that will have me repurchasing without hesitation. It delivers with

  • Quality formula
  • Ease of packaging
  • Easy application
  • Pleasing smell
  • Accurate color match
  • Price point

My only gripe with this product is that it offers no SPF. In a day and age where SPF is your best defense against pre-mature wrinkles, it is often a given with most foundations. I would love to see Fenty Beauty offer products with the SPF as they expand.

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