Should Your Skin Care Products Have Peptides?

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When it comes to skin care, you can use multiple products in a routine; but, if they don't have the right ingredients, it won't generate results. When looking through skin journals, trends and pop culture, there is one buzzword that stands out: Peptides. What exactly are these powerful substances and how can they turn back the hands of time? When it comes to anti-aging, peptides are the one ingredient you want in your arsenal.

What Is A Peptide?

We all know that proteins are the building blocks of cells. Everything from hair, skin and nails are composed of these chains of molecular bonds. A peptide is a specific formation of amino acids (they can contain as many as hundreds of thousands). These bonds build collagen and elastin fibers by acting as the glue that holds everything in place.

The loss of peptides leads to the loss of firmness, texture changes and loss of skin's ability to bounce back into place when pulled. Typically adults under the age of 30 have a healthy amount of collagen, the body's ability to produce collagen dramatically drops after 30. Without collagen in skin, it takes on a thinner appearance, in turn revealing thinner skin and broken blood vessels aka capillaries.

Peptides In Skincare

Science can back up the use of peptides in skin care and has been clinical shown to reduce the signs of aging. One popular peptide that has risen to the forefront is Matrixyl, this potent serum was developed by the Sederma Inc. labs in France and has been show to reduce the look of wrinkles. When applied topically, the serum melts into the dermal layers of skin and helps to rebuild.

When peptides are combined with antioxidants, calming agents and moisturizers their benefits are maximized.  In addition to providing anti-aging benefits, peptides jumpstart the production of collagen to build a protective layer around the surface of skin. Another popular form of peptides is, Argireline. This substance works in the same vain of botox, by relaxing facial muscle and reducing the look of smile lines. This is a great alternative for someone looking for the same benefits of Botox without an invasive, painful experience.

The Bottom Line

In a vast selection of products, peptides are a multi-benefical form of protein that can reverse the signs of aging. These strong bonds work to help rebuild the body's glues: collagen and elastin from the inside out. The increase of these substances leads to taunt looking skin, even skin tone and relief from dry skin conditions. It is best to use peptides in serum form to deliver more potent results.


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