Simple And Glowing Valentine’s Day Skin Care Routine

It's that time of year again, love is in the air! Whether you're going for a sweet or sultry look, be sure to have that envious glowing complexion for your Valentine! Nothing goes better with the perfect dress than confident, glowing skin! During this time of year, skin can be experiencing dryness or a sallow appearance from the colder temperatures. These easy tips will give you a glowing, that just returned from vacay vibes. Follow this easy to use skin regime to prep your skin for a memorable night!


A clean base is vital for revealing healthy, glowing and blemish free skin! Start with a cleanser formulated for your skin type for best results. Start with an oil based cleanser to remove any traces of makeup and excess oil. Follow with a water based cleanser to remove traces of dirt and free radicals. It is key to keep this step sulfate-free to avoid excess dryness or irritation.

Note: Use lukewarm water to cleanse, pat skin dry (avoid rubbing)


This step is needed to remove dead skin build up that hinders complexion. Skin cells are constantly regenerating and growing; however, the cells being replaced can linger on skin and create a dull like appearance. When enough layers build up on skin, it can make you appear more tired, less healthful and older.

Exfoliation works by gently removing dead skin cells as it buffers away to reveal glowing skin beneath. It does so through microscopic granuals like sugar crystals or walnut shells. Generally, exfoliation should be done about 1-2 times per week.

Step 3: CLAY

For your special night, you want your canvas to be as spotless as possible, in case you plan on applying makeup. A clay mask works to draw out impurities deep beneath pores much like a magnet without drying out skin. It is even suitable for the most sensitive skin types because it is naturally based with an abundance of minerals and vitamins.

For this step, use a powder based clay and mix with water or apple cider vinegar to create a paste-like texture. Apply clay onto face with a large cosmetic brush (be sure to avoid eye area!). Rinse off clay when it reaches a demi-matte consistency (avoid allowing it to dry completely).


Now that your skin has been prepped and left squeaky clean, you need to put a little moisture back in! Facial oils are designed to seep into pores of skin to get that glow from within,  without clogging them! The great thing about facial oils is that there is one for every skin type! If you tend to have dry skin, reach for rich oils like shea or coconut. If you have oily/combination skin, then a lightweight oil such as argan, almond or apricot won't clog pores.

Another benefit of facial oils is that over time they add back much needed vitamins and nutrients that build skin matrices from deep dermal layers. They also add a protective barrier that protects skin from harmful free radials that can age skin and cause wrinkles.

For best results, it is best to dab oils on fingertips and rub together, then apply oils in a circular motion before applying heavier creams.


This step will seal in all the nutrients of the facial oils and create a perfect base for cosmetic application. When choosing a moisturizer, it is best to use one formatted for your skin type. Those with dry skin should use heavier thick creams to coat skin with; whereas, those with oily/combination skin should use a lightweight gel based moisturizer to avoid clogged pores.


This step is a real game changer and is optional for those that wear cosmetics. If you're going for the no make up look or want a glowing base, then a highlighter is key! Enhance your skin tone with a glow enhancing lotion before makeup application. Follow with a liquid highlighter or a powder highlighter, then dab on the high points of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose and the brow bone area.

For an extra pop of glow, dab on liquid bronzer to create a contoured, chiseled look. Another glow hack is good old fashioned vaseline, this product can be dabbed onto the high points of the face to get that natural looking glow!


Follow these easy steps to get your skin in pristine before your date night this Valentine's Day!



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