Simple Solutions to Help Eliminate Bacne

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What Is Bacne?

You can't see it, but you know its there. Bacne is the ingenious term used to describe acne on the back…literally. Now most of us deal with facial acne in some form; whether, it be whiteheads, blackheads or cysts. Bacne can be a real confidence killer, whether you want to bare a little skin for summer or feel attractive for your partner in the bedroom . Having a back full of bumps is not a turn on for anyone. Bacne tends to hit its peak during the summer months, when you are sweating at all hours of the day (or so it seems). Unlike facial acne, bacne is more easily treatable with simple changes.

The Causes Of Bacne

Unlike facial acne which is tied to hormones, genetics and diet; bacne is largely tied to hygiene. In addition to having a different cause, the pores are much larger on the back versus the face.  That is not to say that everyone that experiences bacne has poor hygienic habits; but, implementing simple tweaks can make all the difference. This type of acne is largely seen during the summer time months, due to excessive sweating that we all experience. The cause stems from trapped oil caused by paired with body heat caused by our clothing. Now you can't spend each day topless, but, trying to minimize the time the sweat has a chance to irritate skin is key.

It Starts In The Shower

During the unforgiving temperatures of summer, a cold shower can feel like an ideal haven. The products you use also play a role in the development of acne. Here are a couple of preventive measures you can take to spare your back!

  • Water Temperature: Sebum thrives in warmer temperatures. Keep water lukewarm or cold to close pores. he by keeping your water lukewarm to cold
  • Exfoliate: Acne is caused by clogged pores, exfoliating helps to keep pores clear and free from oil and dirt. You probably spend more time on your face, buy a loofah to gently scrub away at dead skin cells.
  • Sulfates: If you're not using naturally based products, your products are most likely full of comedone causing sulfates. As you rinse your hair care products in the shower, these suds then travel down your back and irritate pores.
  • Dimethones: This common compound is found in hair care and body wash products to help ingredients bind together and it creates a hydrating barrier. The problem is, this hydrating barrier acts as a film further trapping comedogenic causing oils.
  • Avoid harsh fragrances that can agitate pores and reactions on your back
  • Wash your back, it may sound like a simple concept; but, many people forget to scrub their back due to how difficult it is to reach

Don't Let Your Fitness Keep Bacne Lingering

We would never ever advise spending less time in the gym, its what you do after the gym that can cause acne. For many of of us, after a long workout, the first thing you want to do is melt in your bed. However, skipping that post workout shower keeps sweat trapped coupled with tight clothing. This festering of bacteria paired with your body heat and friction creates the perfect PH levels for whiteheads to thrive. Always shower post workout, if you don't have time for a rinse, change your clothes at the very least.

Keep Things Fresh

Considering that aside from clothing, your bed sheets are in constant contact with skin and absorb oils. It's important to wash your sheets regularly or change them out to prevent bacteria from breeding. Especially when at this time of year when you are wearing less clothing to bed to cool yourself. Keep your sheets fresh to keep your back nice and clear!







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