Skin Care Routine for the Expectant Mother

Pregnancy comes with changes in your skin due to stretching as your baby grows. During this period, you should be very cautious about your skin care routine to avoid passing complications to the baby. One is never confident about the safety of all the recommended beauty products that exist in the market.

People recommend various routines as the skin keeps on changing but some of the advice you may get from friends may be misleading. Work closely with a doctor who has experience with pregnant mothers and knows the right ingredients to reduce uncertainty. We have come up with a skincare routine outlining the safest products to help you during this phase achieve glowing skin.

Skincare Products To Use During Pregnancy

Day And Night Cleanser

Pregnancy affects your hormones making your skin suffer from dryness and hyperpigmentation. That is why you need a cleanser that helps you regain a healthy skin. Start your morning with Mama Mio gorgeous glow facial wash to deep cleanse your skin. This will help you balance out your skin tone and leave you feeling nourished. It increases the elasticity of your skin and relaxes it. The smell will not make you feel nauseated in the morning.

The cleanser contains organic elements such as omega 3 to moisturize your skin. Tea extracts in this cleanser brighten dark circles on different surfaces as it strengthens your skin. The cream is gentle on your skin and cleans out impurities on the surface. Using it alongside SPF while pregnant, helps you balance your hormones so that you don't experience melisma.


Are you worried about saggy breasts from pregnancy? Avoid this from happening by using Cocoro Hanako serum which keeps your breasts firm during the nine long months. It also works on your neck to strengthen the skin area and eliminate wrinkles. Applying this serum at least twice a day, helps you fight cellulite and chances of getting edema.

With this serum, your stomach will not be left with stretch marks after giving birth. It keeps your skin moisturized and prevents itchiness. Your collagen levels are bound to increase making your skin elastic. By absorbing moisture from the atmosphere, your skin becomes flexible and smooth.


Control pimples on your face by toning it with the Spoiled Mama BalanC pH Toner. Enhance the natural glow that comes while pregnant with a safe toner to form a foundation for your make-up. This enhances the appearance of skin by helping your serum gets absorbed quickly. It also helps you prevent acne due to Vitamin C included in it to fight free radicals.

A change of hormones can make acne keep on recurring. BalanC toner contains Aloe vera to soothe the skin and prevent stubborn skin conditions. Applying this toner ensures that your pores do not clog easily. Use cotton to run the toner against your neck and face gently. A combination of pregnancy acne cream with this toner will give you better results.

Body Lotion

Palmer Cocoa butter lotion combines natural organic components to help you fight stretch marks during pregnancy. You do not need lots of products that contain chemicals which could harm your delicate skin. This is made from cocoa butter, vitamin E, and shea butter to enhance your waist area. It also restores lost moisture as well as tones your skin.

Facial Scrub

Arabica coffee scrub helps you look young while expectant by lightening any skin scars and fighting wrinkles. The caffeine in the scrub makes your skin firm and helps get rid of dirt on the surface. Your skin may be drying out too fast. This scrub helps it retain moisture and gives it elasticity. Gently massaging Arabica coffee scrub at least once every week enables you to fight inflammation to even out your skin tone.

Eye Cream

Let your eyes appear vibrant while expecting by using Garden of Eve Eye cream. This shows that you are keen on your body as it makes you look stunning. The cream smooths out fine lines below your eyes to make you appear young. It also gives you an even tone around your eyelids to improve the appearance of your eyes. The natural ingredients moisturize your skin beneath the eyes without irritating your eyelids.

What Should You Observe While Pregnant?

Your Beauty Checklist

Come up with a beauty list of the different products you need for your skin condition. A checklist helps you not neglect any part of your body as you go through different changes. You may be suffering from swollen legs or dry skin. Take care of each skin condition to make the phase easy for you. Write down what you think is the best product and consult your doctor for advice. Do not buy a product that you are not confident of the safety of ingredients.

Pamper Yourself

Distract yourself from back pain or nausea by pampering yourself. Visit a spa to get a facial so that you can raise your self-esteem. This is not the time to let your pain weigh you down. You can also bring along your own products for the facial. Go for microdermabrasion that includes safe ingredients to make you look and feel good.

Stay Simple

Pregnancy can come with frustrations due to breaking skin, acne problems as well as stretch marks. Do not feel pressured to use all kinds of skin care products to get rid of all the blemishes at once. Choose one useful product that contains healthy ingredients and give it time to work. Do not buy products that include the following ingredients like: Retinol, Hydroquinone, Salicylic acid or Ammonia.

Final Thoughts

Most women worry about how their skin will look after pregnancy. Pay attention to the ingredients as you keep off products that go deeper than your skin layers. If you follow this skin care routine, you will not stress on the hormonal fluctuations affecting your skin.











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