The Benefits of Jade Eye Rollers

With all the modern innovations in skincare, this beauty tool that has captivated beauty enthusiasts of late and has its origins in history. Yes, the jade eye roller that has seen a meteoric rise in popularity lately is a centuries-old skincare tool that is said to be used by Chinese royalty in ancient China.

Claiming to reduce facial puffiness, jade eye rollers are effective and inexpensive. They help keep the skin looking healthy and young naturally with only 5-10 minutes of use every day. Users should notice visible changes in a few weeks of consistent use on a daily or near daily basis.

What Is a Jade Eye Roller?

The design of jade rollers are egomaniac and easy to use. Essentially it is a facial tool with polished jade stones attached to a handle. When used in gentle strokes, the stones roll across the cheek, jaw and forehead area to de-puff skin. There are also smaller stones available that are designed to be used below the eyes and area around the mouth.

How to Use a Jade Eye Roller

Using a roller is pretty easy and straightforward. Recommended for use on clean skin before the application of any face products, all you have to do is gently roll from the center of the face, up and outwards in circles. This gentle circling will help lift the facial muscles and promote flow of the lymphatic fluid.

What Are Its Benefits?

In essence, a jade eye roller is a facial massaging tool that helps gently massage the lymphatic system to drain away stagnant lymphatic fluids (that contain waste and toxins) from under the skin. The lymph system lacks a central pump, so massaging is necessary to move all the built-up fluid. This essentially detoxifies the skin by getting rid of accumulated toxins more quickly.

In addition to moving the lymphatic fluid along, the rolling action increases blood circulation, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Stress Reliever

A jade eye roller also has additional benefits for those who believe in the power of crystals. In traditional Chinese medicine, the jade stone is believed to have healing properties and is associated with warding off negative energies as well as elevating the flow of “chi” or “life force” within the body. Increased levels of chi relieve tension and stress and help reduce anxiety and fatigue.

Using a jade eye roller will instantly make you feel refreshed and relieve facial tension. With the lymphatic fluid flowing and carrying away toxins, you will see a reduction in puffiness, leading to a tighter and firmer looking skin. The massaging action will also help stimulate and boost the production of collagen and elastin, which can aid in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. The improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin as a result of the improved blood supply will also give you a brighter and slightly flushed complexion, making you look more alive.

Cool Down And Detox

Furthermore, the cool surface of the jade stone can reduce redness, inflammation and swelling as well as the appearance of dark circles by constricting the capillaries under the eyes. Therefore, popping the roller into the fridge before using would enhance its skincare power.

The combination of improved detoxification, higher levels of chi, better blood circulation and natural anti-inflammatory properties of the jade stone make the jade eye roller an essential anti-aging tool. By keeping the skin healthy and tight with fewer lines and improved muscle tone, you should definitely consider making it a go-to component in your anti-aging routine.

Product Recommendations

Want to start reaping the benefits of this amazing beauty tool? Here are some of the best jade eye rollers available on Amazon for you to check out:


Made from 100% premium natural jade stone and priced at just $10.99, this is a great budget buy. You also get a matching heart-shaped gua sha tool with your roller.

TOULLGo Roller

Currently on sale at $16.99, this is another low-budget purchase made from 100% natural jade stone.

Bemter Roller

Crafted with certified Xiuyan Jade, this roller comes with 2 small silicone cups for hard-to-reach areas around the eyes and lips, an anti-aging advice ebook and a travel pouch – all for just $10.97.


So, should you get a jade eye roller of your own? We think you should! With all its spa-like benefits in the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost, you have nothing to lose.

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