The Benefits Of Using Vegan Skincare Products

Vegan skincare products are a much better, safer and wiser option. They are actually more effective than cosmetics or skincare products made of animal products or derived extracts. Many cultures around the world celebrate homemade vegan skincare products. You may not be familiar with all such remedies. The next best option is to buy vegan skincare products from a reputed brand.

Here are a few of the many benefits that vegan skincare products have to offer

Less Is More

Vegan skincare products have fewer ingredients compared to cosmetics made of animal products or non-vegan extracts. This is healthy as the skin does not require dozens of different components. It only needs what is necessary.

A majority of ingredients in non-vegan cosmetics are only used for supportive purposes, from ensuring stability of the solution to preventing side effects or neutralizing ill-effects of a particular component derived from animal products.

Get Those Vital Vitamins

The primary purpose of skincare is to ensure you have healthy skin and the second objective is to prevent premature ageing. Skin does not require fancy chemicals or outlandish formulas to remain healthy or to delay the onset of the various common signs of ageing. All it needs are vitamins and moisture. Vegan products can provide both so you need not rely on animal products.

Vegan skincare products also contain more water than non-vegan cosmetics. This is not because more water is added to the products but owing to the natural water content in vegan extracts. Vegetables, fruits and flowers, seeds and leaves, stems or barks, in other words organic matter contains more water than animal products.

Save The Environment

Vegan skincare products have a far-reaching effect on the environment and ecology. Vegan skincare products do not rely on animal products. Hence, animals do not have to be slaughtered for commercial purposes so the derivatives can be used by the cosmetic industry. The global cosmetic industry is massive. You can imagine the extent of cruelty to animals if you consider the fact that billions of units of various kinds of cosmetics are produced every year.

Many brands making vegan skincare products do not conduct animal testing. This is again desirable as animals are not subjected to cruelty. Vegan skincare products encourage a switch to agrarian produce. Raising animals for commercial purposes has a serious impact on the environment. Growing organic plants, herbs and shrubs, even crops, has no major environmental impact. Animal farming is actually one of the most widespread causes of climate change.

Avoid Harsh Side Effects

Non-vegan skincare products or cosmetics can damage your skin. Not everyone has the same reactions to the same cosmetics or skincare products. Animal products, byproducts or derivatives can cause different kinds of side effects.

You skin may become drier, it may produce more oil, you may have inflammations or rashes, there can be allergies and you may even have serious skin ailments if some of the ingredients are toxic. Vegan products are natural and hence their bioavailability is much more assured. It is futile to use any product unless the skin benefits in some way. Your skin will not benefit from a product it cannot absorb the ingredients of.

Keep Skin Hydrated

Vegan skincare products are better moisturizers and hydrators. You may be using vegan cosmetics and they would still have a moisturizing or hydrating effect. Those who have oily skin may choose vegan products that do not contain any oil.

There is no dearth of water based vegan skincare products. Vegan extracts do not compel the skin to produce more oil because of its facilitated dryness. Hence, your sebum glands would not be hyperactive. You will have a much better natural complexion with reduced pigmentation. You would also be less vulnerable to acne.

Long Term Solution

Vegan cosmetics make your skin less reliable on the ingredients. There are many non-vegan products that make your skin look good but only temporarily. You would have to keep using the product to retain that appearance. Your skin will crave for the ingredients. Natural or organic extracts do not lead to such dependence.

If you think of this from the perspective of evolution, human skin has been exposed to animal products in cosmetics or skincare products for only a tiny fraction of the time we have been around. For most part of our existence over the last two hundred thousand years, we did not have the contemporary cosmetic industry.




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