The Hidden Causes Of Acne You Never Knew About

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Whether you're a pre-teen going thorough puberty or experiencing a breakout due to stress; acne is no fun at any age. Now there are typical ways to go about preventing and treating acne; but, what about hidden causes? These are the habits and sources you wound't typically think of when it comes to acne. These harmless causes can be changed to reduce the frequency and severity of acne. In addition to a skin care regime, these hidden causes can be altered today! Here is a breakdown of the hidden causes of acne that you never knew about!

Keep Your Sheets Clean

This simple practice often gets forgotten about due to life's other priorities; however, keeping sheets clean on a regular basis is crucial. Even if you wash your face before melting into bed, over time bacteria accumulates along with other particles your skin sheds. If you use cotton fabric sheets, you are even more prone to see bacteria build due to this fabric's nature to easily absorb. Consider making the switch to a silk or satin based fabric to keep bacteria at bay.

Now sheets don't have to be changed out daily (that would be a little obsessive). Aim to change sheets a minimum of once a week. Use a natural agent like baking soda to remove stains (from makeup) and neutralize bacteria.

Hands Off

Whether it be a nervous habit or boredom, most of us have a bad tendency to touch our faces without thinking. The problem with this is that our hands make contact with multiple surfaces that are festering grounds for bacteria. When we touch our faces, we then transfer this bacteria to our faces where they seep into our pores. Just being mindful of when you touch your face and looking for opportunities to reduce the frequency can make all the difference.

Wipe It Down

Most of us are attached to our smartphone in one way or another. The problem is that our fingertips carry millions of bacteria that then get transferred onto the surface of our screen which then make contact with our faces. One effective method is to use an anti-bacterial wipe designed for smartphone screens and wiping it down when noticeable grime builds up.

Change It Up

We all know the old adage, “if it ain't broke, don't fix it”; but, when it comes to skincare, change is a necessity. Think about it, the skin concerns you had as a pre-teen have probably changed in adulthood. Using the same products for years can cause your skin to “get used” to a product and no longer respond to it. Skin is a live organ and needs different products at each life stage and season as well.

When it comes to seasons, the products you used to combat dry winter skin are a stark contrast from your lightweight products in summer. It is key to switch them out to prevent a break out from causing havoc!

Your Medicine Cabinet

This cause often goes under the radar because many don't consider acne a side effect of prescription medication when considering the heavier side effects. The top ingredient that causes breakouts are steroids. This group of medications are also known as corticosteriods.  This ingredient can be found in tablet form in medications like prednisone (used to treat inflammation caused by an allergic reactions) or cortisone (used for conditions such as eczema or psoriasis). The overuse of this grouping of medication can backfire and cause swelling that leads to acne. As always, follow prescriptions as directed by a medical professional.


Now this surprising cause does not call for you to stop using toothpaste (your dating life would suffer tremendously) but to look closer at the ingredient list. Although toothpaste has been used as a spot treatment for ages; some of the harsher ingredients can actually cause irritation. For example, fluoride and anti-cavity ingredients like sodium pyrophoshate can cause a burning like sensation that prompt breakouts. If you tend to breakout around the chin area, opt for a naturally based toothpaste that is fluoride free.



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