The Inverted Bob Haircut Is Back

The Inverted Bob Haircut Is Back

Bob haircuts have been in and out of style since the flappers of the 1920s. A traditional bob is a cut straight along the jaw-level. The hair is typically cut evenly in the back and sides with bangs or fringe at the forehead. However, some cuts are as short as the ears or as long as shoulder-length.


The bob is a no-frills haircut that is easily styled or left unstyled. It is a haircut that keeps its wearer cool in hot summer months. One of the most famous and sought-after haircuts inspired by a bob was Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham’s asymmetrical lob, nicknamed the vob for her Spice Girl persona, Posh Spice.


The bob has deep roots in popular culture, but you don’t have to be famous to look good in the trendy summer cut. Read more to find out which bob is best for you and how to style an inverted bob with long or short hair.


What is an inverted bob?

The Inverted Bob Haircut Is Back

Photo Credit: The Right Hair Styles

An inverted bob is just one variation of the traditional bob. The inverted bob has something the hair industry calls “stacked layers,” meaning multiple layers of varying lengths. The stacked layers are in the back, while the front is cut into sharp, angled lines at the jaw.


The stacked layers are often styled curled outwards instead of under, like the classic bob is curled. The inverted bob is as low-maintenance as the other types of bob, but many people choose to tease the hair at the crown for volume.


The inverted bob is a modern take on a classic hairstyle that gained popularity in the roaring 20s. The classic bob is usually paired with bangs, whereas the inverted bob has long layers of hair in the front that sweep along the side of the face.


What are the different types of bobs?


For a simple haircut, the bob sure has a lot of different variations. Long, short or buzzed, the bob fits everyone's style.

Here are the different types of bobs:


Standard bob

The Inverted Bob Haircut Is Back

Photo Credit: Ali Wigs

The standard bob is the most traditional type. The hair is cut at the chin or jaw. The hair is cut to the same length all the way around the head. It is often paired with bangs or a center part.


Classic A-line bob

The Inverted Bob Haircut Is Back

Photo Credit: Pretty Designs

The A-line is a classic variation of the standard bob. The hair in the front is left slightly long so that the edges of the hair frame the face. It is usually worn with the angles curled under the chin, but some trendier versions have the angles curled outward.


Shaggy bob

The Inverted Bob Haircut Is Back

Photo Credit: Pop Haircuts

Unlike the standard bob, where all of the hair is an even length, the shaggy bob is made up of uneven, messy layers. The look is achieved by using a razor to create wispy ends. It is usually styled in to purposely look tousled.


Buzz Cut bob

The Inverted Bob Haircut Is Back

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The hair at the nape of the neck is closely cropped to achieve the buzz cut bob. The hair in the front is left shoulder-length. Hair clippers are needed to create a buzz cut bob.


Long bob or lob

The Inverted Bob Haircut Is Back

Photo Credit: The Right Hairstyles

The lob is a combination of the words long and bob. It refers to any bob with hair longer than the jaw. It is cut in a blunt fashion with few layers.


However, a bob that reaches the shoulders is called a shoulder bob instead of a lob.


Faux bob

The Inverted Bob Haircut Is Back

Photo Credit: Elle

The word faux means fake or artificial in French. The faux bob is when long hair is pinned up into a bob shape without actually cutting the hair. It’s a good way to do a test run on a bob to see how it looks on you.


Styling an inverted bob with short hair

The Inverted Bob Haircut Is Back

Photo Credit: The Right Hairstyles

Styling your hair is a very personal decision, but here is a one way to style the inverted bob for short hair:


Products and tools needed for styling an inverted bob:


Round brush

Butterfly clamps

Big Altitude Bodifying Blow Dry Mousse

Big Sexy Spray and Play Hairspray 

Blow Dryer

Flat Iron

Teasing Comb


Begin the styling routine with wet or damp hair. Spray a dollar-size dollop of mousse in the palm of your hand. Rub the mousse into the roots of your hair. It’s not necessary to use mousse at the ends of the hair, just the roots. Clip the top half of the hair up so you can work on the bottom half first.


Blow dry the bottom layers of your hair while running a round brush underneath the hair. Hold the blow dryer close to the brush to give the hair more heat. Once the shorter layers have dried, unclip your hair.


Dry the rest of your hair with your head upside down and the blow dryer directed at your roots. This will give you a volume boost. Once your hair is completely dry, clip the top half again. Use the flat iron to flatten the bottom half of your hair. You can also use the flat iron to slightly curl the hair.


Unclip the top half and use the flat iron to flatten the hair in two-inch sections. You want the hair as straight as possible with a little flip towards your face. Now it’s time to add even more volume by teasing the roots with a teasing comb.


Backcomb your roots around where you part your hair and in the crown area of your head. Use hairspray on the roots while teasing it with the comb. The last step is to lightly smooth the teased area with the round brush so it looks less disheveled.


Styling an inverted bob with long hair

The Inverted Bob Haircut Is Back

Photo Credit: The right hairstyles

For those with longer hair, here is a way to style your inverted bob:


Styling tools you will need for this look:


Round Brush

Blow Dryer

Butterfly Clamps

Root Boost Spray

Pantene BB Cream

1 ¼” Curling Iron

Aussie Headstrong Hairspray


Starting again with damp hair, spray the root boost spray onto the roots at the crown of your head. Rub a dollop of the Pantene BB cream into the palms of your hands. Use it to scrunch the ends of your hair toward your head. Don’t put it on the roots to prevent oily hair.


Flip your head over to blow-dry your hair using the round brush for volume. Once your hair is dry, clip the top portion up so you can curl the bottom half. Using the 1 ¼” barrel curling iron, curl the bottom section up toward your face.


Release the hair clip and curl that section away from your face. The curls will meet in the middle and give you a messy, carefree look. Lightly tease the roots at the crown. Use the round brush to tame any strands that are too wild.


Finish the look by spraying your hair with the Aussie Headstrong Hair Spray. It’s an inexpensive brand that smells amazing. Now you’re ready to face the day and the wind.


The new variations on a classic are a great way to put a modern take on a traditional hairstyle. Now is the perfect time to cut your hair into a chic inverted bob for summer.



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