The Lazy Girl’s Skin Care Routine And Hacks

Maintaining and achieving great looking skin doesn't always have to involve dozen of steps. These days it feels like there's not enough time to devote to gussying up. If you're someone who is constantly on the go or you just prefer to keep things simple, then a lazy girl routine is a perfect fit! Now there are days you might want to pamper your skin; however, your daily routine can be quick yet effective. Read on to learn the top tips and hacks to create the perfect lazy girl skin care routine!


It's a no brainer that washing your face is key to keeping skin balanced and blemish free. When it comes to cleaners, the less ingredients it includes, the better. Many mainstream products are packed with silcones, parabens and other harmful additives that can irritate skin. Regardless of skin type or age, a mild cleaner with gentle foaming is your best bet. A gentle cleanser like Cetaphil has mild cleaners to break down oils and dirt without stripping moisture from skin.

When it comes to frequency, washing skin once a day is more than enough for most skin types. If you fall under combination or oily skin, cleansing morning and evening is a better game plan. When you're pinched for time, cover your bases with a three step process: Cleanse, moisturize and shield skin from the sun.

Multitasking Products

Rather than stocking up on multiple products to address every concern and need; look for products that cut down on time. For example, rather than using makeup remover wipes, then following with a cleanser, reach for a product like micellar water. This product is great because it removes makeup, dirt and oil while replenishing skin with moisture. Another great multi-tasking product to add to your arsenal is a moisturizer loaded with SPF. Not only does this product protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays; but, it will create a protective barrier from damaging free radicals.

Skip This, Not That

The key is a lazy girl's skincare routine is simplicity. On the one hand, a traditional Korean skincare routine can have as many twenty steps. For the purposes of an easy to follow routine, a lazy girl skincare routine can be broken down to three essential steps.

The first step should always begin with cleansing. For starters, it helps to identify your skin type and to find a mild cleanser that suits your skin type. Simply use a cleanser of your choice with warm water and pat down skin (avoid rubbing, this causes irritation). This step will leave your skin as a clean slate to later absorb creams or oils.

The second step should be to moisturize. If your skin type falls on the oily/combination side of the spectrum, then reach for a lightweight gel based moisturizer. If you tend to lean to dry skin, then a rich heavier cream would be best to use. For best results, apply moisturizer when skin is slightly damp.

The last step (depending on time of day) should be the use of some sort of sun protection. While a tint or mineral based sunscreen is much safer to use, many mainstream products include SPF. If it is nighttime, then the use of an SPF product is not required.

Things To Skip

Since your skin care routine has been broken down into three easy to follow steps, you can go without the use of a toner or additional facial serums. Products such as a clay mask or a sheet mask can also be skipped for everyday use as well.

Get Sunkissed, Without The Damage

Clear glowing skin is the envy of most; however, the means to achieve it can be extremely damaging over time. When going out, do simple things such as wearing a hat, sunglasses and applying an SPF approximately 10-15 min before venturing outdoors.

Add Retinols

No matter what age you are, its never too early to practice anti-aging habits to protect the surface of skin. If you only use one one anti-aging product, it should be a retinol serum. Now cleansing and sun protection are benefical; however, they can only accomplish so much when it comes to anti-aging.

Retinols are derived from Vitamin A sources and naturally plump skin to give it a plump and glowing appearance. Retinols work deep beneath the surface of skin to restore and regenerate healthy skin growth.






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