The Perfect Red Lip

The Perfect Red Lip

Red lips have been a staple look through the decades. We have wore them glossy, deep, bright and in many various shades ranging from almost orange to near black. Red lip is a power statement, not just makeup. You can see it across the different fashion shows and with many celebrities.


Red lip is great for everyone.


If you want to learn more about it, read on.


The Best Red Lip for 2019

The Perfect Red Lip

There are numerous red lipsticks out there. Some are more expensive, some are budget-friendly.


You can find many different shades and with different features which means that you can find the one that will suit you perfectly.


Some people prefer fiery reds, some like tones that draw less attention. However, there is the perfect shade for everyone. Here are some of the best choices:


Chanel, Pirate Red Lip – This classic, cult red lip from Chanel is still a huge deal in the red lip world and for a good reason. With rich tones that are based on blue, it looks amazing on all skin tones. The packaging is also very impressive and convenient.

Revlon, Fire & Ice Red Lip – This is another classic red lip that has many fans because it fits all skin tones, has SPF and vitamin E and avocado complex which provides nourishment.

Dior Rouge 999 Red Lip – This is a great color in true red which is amazing because it offers good coverage and you can choose to have either matt or satin finish which gives you plenty of options to play with.

Lipstick Queen, Medieval Red Lip – This lipstick is perfect for anyone who is afraid of bold reds and wants to start off with something more comfortable. Lipstick Queen is a semi-sheer formula which also has vitamin E and berry red color which can impress.

Charlotte Tilbury, Red Carpet Red Lip – This is a classy hue which reminds us of the Hollywood Bombshell look. It offers good coverage and looks amazing with any skin tone.

MAC, Ruby Woo Red Lip – This lipstick might be even more famous than the classic Chanel Pirate red lip. It’s extra matt and red and it will last you for a very long time.

Nars Heat Wave – This is a great shade that pops against the dark skin because it has orange-reds as a base. It looks amazing on other skin tones and types as well.

Tom Ford, Cherry Rush Red Lip – This is a long lasting lipstick that has become quite popular with celebrities and fashion shows. It has a slightly pinkish hue as well, so it looks amazing on its own.

Rimmel, Kate Red Lip – This is a Kate Moss lipstick that has a deep scarlet color and it’s amazing for the evening and important events.

Shiseido, Nightlife Red Lip – A bold, brilliant red color will impress at any event and it looks great during the day just as much as it does during the night. It also lasts very long.


Celebs Who Love the 2019 Red Lipstick Trend


Red lips have been one of the most popular looks throughout recent history. This look is often sexy and powerful. The lipstick can be a look on its own and it looks stunning. In addition, it looks great on everyone. No other lipstick color comes close to the power red lip holds.


It has been around forever, but it has gotten more popular recently and this year’s favorite are vibrant colors and smooth finish.


Celebrities love it too – in fact, it’s one of their favorite styles.


Here are some of the celebrities that wear it often and wear it well:


Rooney Mara

The Perfect Red Lip

Photo Credit: If I was a Stylist

This celebrity often wears this lipstick, and she was especially stunning when she appeared at the Art of Elysium Gala with red lipstick as a main pop of color against a sleek look.


Melissa McCarthy

The Perfect Red Lip

Photo Credit: The Fashion Spot

Melissa McCarthy is one of the most popular movie stars of this year and she appeared on the cover of Badass Women Issue of Instyle wearing a stunning true red shade.


Constance Wu

The Perfect Red Lip

Photo Credit: Celeb Mafia

With a red lip shade and a sequined dress, this actress shined on the red carpet of the National Board of Review Gala.


Christina Ricci

The Perfect Red Lip

Photo Credit: WM Magazine

She was wearing bright red lipstick for the Winter Movies Mixer.


Sandra Oh

The Perfect Red Lip

Photo Credit: Variety

She wore a rosy lipstick with a strong red hue to the 2019 Golden Globes and she looked stunning.


Dakota Fanning

The Perfect Red Lip

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

Dakota wore a custom dress and an even more amazing red lipstick and created an elegant, timeless look.


Chrissy Metz

The Perfect Red Lip

Photo Credit: Us Weekly

Chrissy wore an amazing red dress and paired it with a bright red lipstick which is a bold move that looked stunning.


How to Apply the Perfect Red Lip

The Perfect Red Lip

Red lipstick is a staple look for many people, a sexy look that makes you feel alluring and powerful. This simple item has been an irreplaceable one in many makeup kits. Just one swipe can make you glamorous and instantly better-looking.


If you love this shade as well, you should be aware that the way you wear it and put it on will define how good it looks on you. So, here is a simple guide on putting on red lipstick that will make you look good.


The first thing you should do is find your shade. Your perfect shade could be anything so you need to try many different lipsticks out.


There are various tone categories – true red, orange red and blue red. Find the tone you like and that suits you. You should also find a finish and a formula that works best for you. For example, there are matte, glossy, cream, liquid, shimmer, sheer and so on.


When you find that everything is to your liking, you should start wearing your perfect red lip.


Here are some rules:


  • Before you start, you should exfoliate with a lip scrub or with a toothbrush
  • Apply a lip balm to moisturize
  • Use a lip pencil to line your lips if you are using a liquid lipstick


If you are just a red lip beginner, you should go for a medium tone that suits everyone. Otherwise, pick any hue you like.


Here are some things you will need:

  • Lip balm
  • Your red lipstick
  • Lip liner pencil
  • Lip brush
  • Concealer
  • Face powder


Here are some important steps in putting on red lipstick:


  • Prepare your lips by putting on a nourishing lip balm and leave it on for a while so it gets absorbed. If you have chapped lips, exfoliate.
  • Tap a tissue on your lips to absorb some of the lip balm. Apply a layer of powder on your lips to make them dry.
  • Apply your lipstick and apply lip liner. Use a lip brush for this.
  • Apply the lip pencil in a shade that matches your red lipstick and define the edges of your lips.
  • Blot some tissue paper to your lips to absorb excess oils and apply another layer of the lipstick
  • Use some concealer to clean up around your lips and sharpen the edges of your lips. Use the brush to apply some face powder on the skin around the edges of your lips
  • Check your teeth for stains and make sure you check frequently through the night –  or day.


If you are new to red lipstick, you should be bold and go for the color you like. Be confident and match it with many different outfits. Also, wear it both during the day and during the night.


If you are a bit confused on the color and unsure which one to choose, you should go for true red that doesn’t have any orange or blue undertones. The finish will depend on your personal preferences.


When wearing the red lip, you should keep the rest of your makeup simple, especially the base because heavy contouring can make you look loud. You can use a liner for your eyes. However, keep it to the minimum.


If you have red hair, you should enjoy coral red lipsticks like Ruby Woo. If you have thin lips, you can still rock the red lip if you apply it properly. You should use a lip liner and use a cream finish to make your lips look fuller.


Do’s and Don’ts of Red Lips


If red lipstick seems scary to you, you should know some basic do’s and don’ts of wearing a red lip.


Here they are:


  • Don’t forget to exfoliate
  • Do use the lip balm
  • Don’t forget the lip liner
  • Do put an accent on your cupid’s bow
  • Don’t go far outside the lines of your lips
  • Do add some lip gloss
  • Don’t rub your lips together
  • Do check your teeth



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