The Very Best Natural Toners to Use for Sensitive Skin

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Using a toner for the skin may be overlooked by many of us. However, it’s definitely not something to be ignored in a beauty regimen. This is because applying a toner every time you clean your skin can lead to several benefits.

Applying an organic toner helps clean off makeup on a very deep level. If any pores are left clogged with makeup, it could cause serious breakouts and rashes overnight. With toner, the pores get squeaky clean, seem smaller and are free from excess oil.

The following products have organic ingredients that could give you a safe experience while using a toner. They contain exfoliants, antioxidants, and anti-inflammation properties that calm down the skin. The natural ingredients would further make sure that there are no side effects:

Herbivore – Rose Hibiscus Face Mist

This is a face mist, which means you can simply spray it on your face for a refreshing and hydrated glow! It combines coconut water, aloe, and rose extracts for the most soothing, moisturizing, and deep-cleaning experience. There’s also one with witch hazel, which is a natural astringent and would leave your skin silky soft.

This is the go-to toner if you have skin that’s dry and sensitive to anything in the least bit unnatural. The customer reviews tell us that this is the real organic deal. While the effect of the mist is light enough, the moisturizing effect is deep and effective.

With the addition of hibiscus, this hand-crafted toner gets a lovely pink color that’s both aesthetically pleasing and cooling too. The ingredients inside do get some exfoliation done but a very mild one. This is again perfect for dry skin. The mild fragrance assures us that no synthetic chemicals are used.

If this sounds like the right one for you, grab it quickly! It’s only made in small batches and would run out quickly each time.

Annmarie – Neroli Toning Mist

This is another genuinely organic toner that gets you a huge bang for your buck. It consists of simple organic aloe vera juice for soothing your inflamed skin, aspen bark for softening your complexion, and neroli essential oil for fighting inflammation.

Neroli oil is also antibacterial, making sure no breakouts happen. Hence, this toner has ingredients that can prevent acne from flaming up even on an acne-prone skin. The sweet yet light smell would wake you right up without overpowering your nose.

The moisturizing factor of this Annmarie toner is also nothing to sneeze at. It would absorb right into your skin, not requiring any wiping or washing, and make sure everything’s perfect for a fresh-faced look.

Amala – Purifying Organic Toner

The trouble with toners for oily skin is that they tend to leave the skin overly dry and even more prone to breakouts. Since this is not what any beauty’s looking for, go organic and natural with this Amala toner.

This toner would make sure to fight the oil gathering in each of your facial pores. At the same time, it would refine your skin and soothe it for a soft, oil-free glow. What makes this magic happen is the inclusion of rice germ, blue lotus flower, aloe, rose flower water, and white tea.

Blue lotus flower is an essential ingredient for controlling the excess oil that’s overwhelming your face. The rose flower water would cleanse your face but mildly. This would ensure that your skin doesn’t detect over-dryness and start producing even more oil. The aloe would moisturize your skin in order to maintain the level of silkiness and softness you crave. With the rice germ, your pores may even appear smaller than they are. Finally, the white tea is an antioxidant that would further protect your skin against breakouts.

Acure Organics – Organic Facial Toner

This is the affordable yet effective option for those who want to have an organic toner without all the bells and whistles. It’s USDA-certified, so don’t worry about the low price tag hiding a low-quality product. This is definitely the real deal. It just won’t reach too deep into your pocket.

Acure Organics has come up with a refreshing toner that’s made with all-natural, organic ingredients. The ingredients are quite a lot, and they’re all suited to soothe the skin and freshen it up.

The ingredients include rose water for cleansing, chamomile for relaxing, and witch hazel for a softening experience. Other ingredients include calendula, rooibos leaf, and glycerin (the vegetable kind).

With all these ingredients, this toner is suited to all kinds of skin. It’s proven to be especially beneficial for oily and sensitive skin. It’s an excellent way to remove all the hidden dirt from your face and balance the pH level of your skin.

Dr. Alkaitis – Organic Herbal Toner

This toner is of the herbal kind, which means it’s naturally grown as well as harvested without harming the environment. It’s crafted using strictly ethical and humane standard, making it a perfect choice for conscious vegans and earth-lovers.

The formula of this toner is made with organic witch hazel, aloe, rosemary, lavender, grape alcohol, yerba mate, mint, and several other potent herbs. Lavender provides the soothing and calming effect, while grape alcohol would clean oily and acne-prone skin without a drying effect.

The hydration effect of this toner is almost a surprise. It reaches deep into the skin and leaves it soft, smooth, toned, and just tight enough. Since this brand is known for its quality products, you could do worse than place an order for it right away!


Whichever toner you decide to choose for your daily routine, make sure to order or purchase a small bottle first. While organic and natural toners don’t usually have any harmful side effects, the sensitivity of your skin may cause it to react sometimes.

Once you’ve found a toner that makes your skin feel fresh and clean for a long time, go all out! Splurge on a large bottle or buy more of the same. Any investment on your skin is absolutely worth it.

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