Top 5 Must Try Kiehl’s Skin Care Products

A wide variety of skin care products need some digging before you settle for a product that affects your skin. The market is full of serums, cleansers, and toners that do not work. If you have been frustrated before, it is time you discovered skin care products from a reputable company.

Keihl's skin care products have been around for quite some time, commanding respect among new brands. Though a bit pricey, many people find the products worth the cost due to their effectiveness. Do not overlook these products due to the price because you only need to use a minimal amount for most of them.

We have selected the top 5 must-try skin care products from Keihl's to help you get started

Ultra Facial Cream

Does your skin crack due to dryness? Replenish it by using this facial cream that moisturizes and protects your skin layers. Its ability to draw moisture from the atmosphere enables it to hydrate your skin the whole day.

Applying the ultra-facial cream  in the morning before work ensures that harsh environmental conditions such as strong winds or sun rays do not lead to sunburns. Though it is formulated for dry skin, people who have oily or sensitive skin can also use Ultra facial cream.

Cleanse your face thoroughly and use small amounts of this cream on the face. Circular motions help you reach out all the surfaces so that it can quickly penetrate from the epidermis to the dermis. Accompanying the facial cream with a cleanser and a toner gives you better results.

Elements such as Antarcticine in this cream helps your skin retain moisture while Squalane gives you a smooth, supple skin. This cream helps you forget about acne breakouts as it defends your skin form spots. You will not find it greasy or sticky on your skin. The fragrance is also appealing, and the texture allows you to use less cream to avoid wastage.

Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

If your wet wipes appear too dirty after wiping your face, you need an effective cleansing masque. Get rid of impurities through rare earth cleansing masque that is perfect for detoxification. It is gentle on your skin eradicating toxins while soothing the surface. You will experience a difference after use as it cleanses and brightens up your face. You will only use a small quantity for a large surface area.

Bentonite is responsible for absorbing oil as it prevents your skin from appearing shiny. It also formulated with aloe that is useful in increasing water in your skin to reduce dehydration. The cleaning masque uses Amazonian white clay to reduce the size of your skin pores and get rid of bacteria and dead cells.

Even if you clean your skin daily, it is still prone to contamination. Once every week, use a thin layer of this mask on your face as you carefully avoid your eyes. Leave it to dry and remove the coating with lukewarm water to allow your pores to breath. You can then use a wet towel to dry your skin gently.

Crème de Corps Body Moisturizer

Do you have stretch marks that limit you to certain types of clothes? Get rid of unappealing marks by using this moisturizer to give you results after a short time. This works towards healing all kinds of skin blemishes. If you have itchy skin, this cream will give you a soothing effect. You will love the consistency of crème de corps as it is not greasy or too oily.

Cocoa butter is included in making this moisturizer to lubricate and soften your skin. The company also incorporates sesame oil to help this cream get absorbed quickly into deep skin layers. Antioxidants such as beta-carotene are used to produce vitamin A that prevents your skin from damage.

Applying this moisturizer for two weeks helps you gain a fine skin texture. Ensure that you apply it to dry skin as you give it time to get absorbed before proceeding with your grooming.

Calendula Non-Alcoholic Toner

Not many toners can calm your skin. Calendula herbal toner is among the few that relaxes your skin as it gets rid of red patches on the surface. This toner works great under layers of make- up to enhance your appearance by leaving your skin less oily and clean.

Use this toner on dry skin to improve your complexion. It is also active on sensitive skin moisturizing it without feeling sticky. It works gently to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

Your toner comes with calendula petals to leave you with a soothing effect. Allantoin is also included in the toner preventing your skin from inflammation by fighting harmful bacteria. Burdock roots work on avoiding dryness. Cleanse your face with foaming face wash before using the toner.

When dry, apply it using a cotton swab taking caution around your eyes. You can later use a soothing hydration mask after toning your skin.

Super Multi-Corrective Cream

Wake up rejuvenated and refreshed ready for a busy day by applying this night time cream. The moisturizer does not make you feel shiny in the morning as it absorbs well through the night.  Hydrate your skin with a cream that makes you fight aging signs.

Whether you are the oily or sensitive type, your skin will not react to this organic lotion. A regular application gives you a firm looking skin to boost your confidence.


Thanks to the Jasmonic acid used to make this cream; your skin can achieve elasticity. This will also help you remove wrinkles around your forehead and fine lines on your neck. Beech tree extracts are also used to improve the density and firmness to give you a plump skin. The surface can attract moisture due to the hyaluronic acid used in super multi-corrective cream. Massage it on your face on a weekly basis while using it along eye-opening serum.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have found a skincare product that you can work with from our list. It may not be comprehensive, but everything you need to know regarding the products has been covered in detail.  You can now combine a toner, serum, facial cream and a moisturizer for your body. Try out any of the products and see what you've been missing.





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