Top Foundations for Oily Skin

Top Foundations for Oily Skin

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Do you often notice that your skin is shiny and that makeup just slides down your face? Well, you might have oily skin.


People with oily skin often struggle with pimples and various breakouts because their oil glands produce more oils than normal ones do. These pimples can be painful and hard to get rid of.


But what causes oily skin? How to make it less oily? And how to keep the makeup stay put?


Read on to find some answers:


Oily Skin Causes


We naturally produce oil which keeps our skin soft and moisturized. However, if the skin produces too much sebum, it causes our skin to break out in acne or other skin conditions as well as oiliness.


There are two main reasons why oily skin happens – genetics and hormones.


This condition is medically called seborrhea which is caused by excess skin oil produced in the pores. Acne happens during puberty because of hormones fluctuate and create androgen. Androgen is one of the top oily skin causes.


The more androgen, the more the skin becomes oily. The sebum creates an oily layer which can become trapped in the pores and create acne, blackheads and other skin issues – in combination with bacteria and dead skin cells.


While hormones are usually to blame during puberty, most people that have oily skin have inherited it.

Different life events create hormone fluctuations but our skin’s reaction to them depends on our genetics.


Age plays a factor here too – the older you are, the less oil your skin produces. Weather and season also play a part – you will usually produce more oil during the summer than in winter.


People in hot and humid climates, thus, are more prone to oily skin than people in colder climates.


Home Remedies for Oily Skin


Oily skin can be a big problem. Most people think that it requires expensive treatments and product. However, this is a mistake – almost any small to medium skin problem can be solved by using natural solutions and remedies.


Here are some of them:


  1. Wash your face


Washing your face seems a bit obvious but it really helps. Twice a day is enough to keep the excess oil away. You can use a gentle soap or a glycerin soap to make this even more effective.


The Best Skin Care Routine


  1. Honey


Honey is a well-known skin remedy for all kinds of problems. It has an antibacterial and antiseptic features which make it perfect if your skin is oily and prone to acne. It will help your skin stay moist but not oily.


To use it, spread a thin layer of raw honey on your face. Wash it off after ten minutes with warm water. You can also combine it with other beneficial ingredients like cinnamon or lemon and create a face mask.



  1. Healing clay


Cosmetic or healing clay is highly absorbent of skin oil. You can purchase it in the powder form and mix it in with water until it starts to resemble pudding in texture. After that, you can apply it to your face, leave it on until it dries and then wash it off with warm water.


Top Foundations for Oily Skin


  1. Blotting papers


Blotting papers are gentle and inexpensive. They allow you to remove excess skin oil throughout the day and prevent your pores from clogging up. Your skin won’t look shiny and greasy.


  1. Oatmeal


Oatmeal can be healthy for more than just eating. It calms inflamed skin and removes excess oils. You should use ground oatmeal for face masks, especially in combination with yogurt, honey and mashed fruit.


After you apply it and allow it to sit on your face for a bit, wash it off gently with warm water.


Top Foundations for Oily Skin


  1. Almonds


Ground almonds help with exfoliation and excess oil removal. They also remove bacteria and dead skin cells which become the main ingredients in making acne or pimples.


Mix it in with various ingredients like honey or fruit.

Top Foundations for Oily Skin


  1. Egg whites and lemons


Egg whites combined with lemon juice tightens the pores. Lemon juice removes excess oils an it also has some antibacterial qualities. However, if you have egg allergies, you should stay away from this face mask.


It’s a natural and helpful home remedy made from ingredients you can always find in your fridge.


  1. Jojoba Oil


It may sound counterproductive to use oil on oily skin but jojoba is excellent with this skin type. It works because it tricks the glands into producing less oil since it mimics sebum.


Jojoba oil can be used to heal acne, blackheads and other skin issues.


  1. Tomatoes


Tomatoes are an excellent home remedy because they contain salicylic acid which is a well-known remedy for acne and oily skin. Acids found in tomatoes are also great in cleaning the face from bacteria and removing oil.


You can create a face mask and massage it gently into your skin.



  1. Aloe Vera


Aloe vera works wonders with wounds and burns. It can also be effective in fighting oily skin and acne because of its anti-inflammatory features. You can create an aloe vera face mask and leave it in overnight.


Oily Skin Treatment


Various natural and medical treatments help people with oily skin. Here are some of them:


  1. Implement a morning and night routine


Having a consistent regimen helps your skin stay moisturized but not oily throughout the day. It also makes your skin healthy and glowing – in a good way.


There are many regimens created by experts which work – some of the most popular ones include Korean Skincare which has 10 steps.


While ten steps may seem a bit excess, they can help your skin become less oily. There are a few condensed regimens that you could try as well.


However, you should keep to at least the simplest regimen possible.


Start by washing your face. In the morning you can use plain water and mild soap but in the evenings – in case you have makeup – cleanse it with coconut oil and a warm cloth first. You can use a cleanser in the mornings too, after washing with water.


After cleansing, you should use a toner which will get rid of any leftover impurities. Then you can apply any treatments that you use if you have a skin issue. After that, lock all of that in with a moisturizer with SPF.


You don’t need SPF in the evenings since you are going to bed but it’s definitely a necessity in the morning since sun damage can cause some serious skin issues.


After you apply a moisturizer in the morning, you can move on to applying makeup.


  1. Exfoliate once a week


Once a week exfoliation can help you get rid of impurities and dead skin cells. Use a mild mix of baking soda and lemon, almonds and mashed fruit and various other recipes that you can make at home.


You can also purchase exfoliating pastes.


Exfoliating also unclogs your pores and helps your skin stay less oily.


Top Foundations for Oily Skin


  1. Use an astringent every other day


Astringents tend to be strong which is why it’s recommended to use it only every other day. It tightens pores and removes oils from your skin. It can be over-drying and harsh so you should test it first before making a decision on using it frequently.


You should also stay away from them if you have just finished exfoliating.


As an alternative to this, you can use egg whites as they also close pores.


  1. Use facial masks


Facial made with various natural ingredients are an excellent way to get rid of excess oil and feed your skin with valuable nutrients. You can make any of the mentioned face masks and many more just by using what you have in the fridge.

The Best Skin Care Routine


Products for Oily Skin


Makeup and oily skin definitely don’t agree but once you start caring for your oily skin, they just might.


With a daily cleansing routine and treatments mentioned, you can remove a large portion of the oiliness that your skin has.


The real trick then becomes finding the right foundation that will help you keep all of the makeup on. Because you need a mattifying effect as well as something that will keep your skin moist, here are some of the best options:


  1. Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation

This foundation has been specifically formulated for normal to oily skin. It contains ingredients that keep it in place for up to 16 hours. It helps control oil production and minimizes shine. This foundation also has no parabens or any of the harmful chemicals.


  1. Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation Stick

This foundation can last for 24 hours and has a beautiful matte finish which prevents your skin from looking oily.


  1. NYX Professional Makeup Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation 

This foundation gives you full coverage and minimum shine. It’s also free from oil and minimizes skin imperfections.


  1. bareMinerals BAREPRO Liquid Foundation
Top Foundations For Oily Skin

Photo Credit: bareMinerals

bareMinerals allows your skin to breathe and it has a matte finish. It will also help your skin stay moist for much longer.


  1. Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup

If you have oily and acne-prone skin, this foundation will help you keep all of that under control. It minimizes shine and has no chemicals that can harm your face.


When looking for a great way to make your makeup stay on, it’s best to start with making your skin healthy from the inside out. Regular masks and a steady routine as well as some changes in lifestyle can help with that. Then, you can find the perfect makeup foundation solution among these great products.






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