Vaseline Uses To Help Beautify Yourself

Vaseline Uses To Help Beautify Yourself

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Vaseline can be found in medicine cabinets around the world. The versatile product can be used to soothe diaper rash in babies, protect the skin and lips from cold weather and encourage eyelashes to grow, among other things. It’s such a common product to use that most people don’t know the Vaseline’s origin.


Petroleum jelly was first discovered in oil wells in Pennsylvania in the mid-1800s. It was originally used to ease the pain from cuts or burns, which it still does today. At first discovery, it was known to be an oil-based staple in healing wound care.


Now we know more about Vaseline’s lubricating and moisturizing properties, making it good for more than just easing dry skin or chapped lips. It can be used as a makeup highlighter or serum to promote eyelash growth.


When purchasing Vaseline, the petroleum should be refined. Unrefined petroleum jelly contains harsh chemicals and other ingredients. The petroleum jelly was discovered as a byproduct of oil-drilling over 100 years ago. Before it was patented as Vaseline, the oilmen used it to help heal minor cuts and burns.


Read on for more Vaseline uses and benefits.


Vaseline benefits


Vaseline is most frequently used for its moisturizing properties. Other uses can include:


Prevents Chafing and Diaper Rash

Vaseline Uses To Help Beautify Yourself

Chafing occurs when the skin continually rubs against clothing or other body parts. It is a common problem in warmer months when sweat causes clothing to stick to your body. It can be painful and result in redness of the skin, along with raised blister-like bumps.


Applying Vaseline to irritated areas can help reduce rashes or broken skin.


Diaper rash occurs when a baby sits in a soiled diaper for too long. The skin becomes red, blotchy and painfully itchy. Vaseline helps create a moisture barrier between the diaper and the skin. If the diaper rash is already present, Vaseline can help soothe the irritated skin.


If you have dull, dry skin or normal skin, Vaseline can help you achieve healthy, glowing skin by nourishing and moisturizing all skin types.


Your skin’s health is important to your overall physical health, as well as your mental health. Our self-esteem is tightly connected to our physical appearance and using Vaseline can help you present your best physical self.


Seasonal weather changes can cause allergies and colder climates are ripe for causing dry, flaking skin on the lips, hands and other areas most often exposed to the weather conditions.


Chronic itchy skin can be treated with Vaseline to help reduce painful skin irritations.


Soothes Eczema

Vaseline Uses To Help Beautify Yourself

Eczema can cause itchy, patchy irritated skin. It can cause a person immense pain and embarrassment. It’s more severe than just dry skin, but Vaseline can help soothe these painful symptoms. New studies show that Vaseline could even prevent outbreaks from occurring at all.


Acts as Skin Barrier

The petroleum jelly found in Vaseline is difficult for the skin to absorb. So, while the Vaseline does nourish the skin, its job is more as a skin barrier than a moisturizer. Protecting the skin from dirt and debris, in turn, prevents the skin from losing moisture.


If applied to the skin before going outdoors in cold weather, Vaseline can prevent dry, irritated skin. When applied under the nostrils, Vaseline reduces red noses caused by constantly wiping a runny nose.


Cold weather is also responsible for dry, chapped lips. This painful skin issue can be eased by applying Vaseline directly to your lips or using a Vaseline-infused lip balm.


Dry skin is another issue made worse by the cold winter air. But sometimes it dry, itchy skin is caused by eczema or other complex skin issues. Dry skin can be seen in problem areas such as hands and face, or all over the body. Vaseline can help cure dry skin.


Promotes Healing

One of the first uses of Vaseline was for healing minor skin injuries and abrasions. As we mentioned, Vaseline creates a barrier between the skin and environmental pollutants. This helps prevent infections and reduces visible scarring.


There is some debate over whether Vaseline is actually harmful to the skin by removing the skin’s natural protective layer. However, Vaseline has been used as a healing agent for over 140 years, so that tips the scale in the favor of Vaseline being more helpful than harmful.


Vaseline for lips

Vaseline Uses To Help Beautify Yourself

Chapped lips are most often caused by exposure to cold weather or frequent lip-licking, which strips the lips of natural moisturizer. Prolonged sun exposure during warmer months can also cause cheilitis, the medical term for chapped lips. During winter, the air has limited humidity, making lips prone to drying out.


When the lips dry out, painful and uncomfortable symptoms emerge. These symptoms include the cracking, flaking and peeling of the thin skin on the lips. The skin that covers the lips is actually the thinnest skin on the body, which makes it more susceptible to the elements.


The best way to use Vaseline as a remedy for chapped lips is by using it as an exfoliator. Yes, your lips need to be exfoliated, just like your face! It’s a great way to remove flaky, dead skin so new skin can grow. After you’ve exfoliated, gently put a small amount of Vaseline on your lips to make your lips smooth and soft.


You can use sugar or sea salt to mix with Vaseline for an exfoliating lip scrub.


Simply rub the mixture onto your lips to remove dead skin and rinse with off with warm water. Use plain Vaseline or another product to moisturize your lips after the scrub has been washed off.


Vaseline for hair

Vaseline Uses To Help Beautify Yourself

Vaseline can be used on the hair to control frizz or moisturize split ends.


Vaseline has been shown to promote hair growth by massaging it into the scalp.


The petroleum jelly found in Vaseline is a combination of mineral oils and waxes that create a moisture seal that helps the hair (and skin) recover from damage more quickly. Using Vaseline as a remedy for split ends is somewhat of a surprise, as the product is typically using to heal skin wounds and irritations.


Vaseline can give any hair type – dry, curly, course or normal hair – strength and shine.


Your hair has follicles that naturally produce its own oil to keep the scalp nourished. However, sometimes the hair and scalp need a little help in producing the oil. Since Vaseline is made from oil by-product, it’s a perfect solution to nourishing your hair.


To treat split ends, massage the Vaseline into the tips of your hair once a week before you go to bed. For scalp issues, apply a small amount of Vaseline to the roots and scalp and let it set overnight. You don’t want to use too much Vaseline or your hair will look oily. Vaseline can also be used to treat dandruff and other scalp irritations.


Vaseline for the body

Vaseline Uses To Help Beautify Yourself

One of the most common uses for Vaseline is treating dry skin. Dry skin can be caused by dry weather, dehydration and frequent hand washing. Vaseline works by locking in the body’s natural oils and moisture to help keep the skin hydrated. This gives your skin a healthy, glowing appearance.


If you live in a colder climate, applying a layer of Vaseline to your skin before going outdoors creates a protective barrier between your skin and the dry air or harsh winds. Using sunscreen is also paramount to preventing dry skin and other sun damage.


Heels and elbows are particularly problem areas for dry skin. To help ease the skin irritation, apply Vaseline to the areas before bed and wake up with skin that is healthy and hydrated. Vaseline can rejuvenate dry skin by giving it a radiant look. Vaseline seals in moisture and allows your skin to complete its natural regeneration process to replace dead skin with fresh, luminous skin.


Vaseline can be applied to the face or body as a moisturizer to prevent dry skin.


Other Vaseline uses

Vaseline Uses To Help Beautify Yourself

Aside from shining your boots or lubricating razors, Vaseline is useful for many other beauty hacks.


Vaseline can be used to remove eye makeup such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and even eyelash glue. Smear Vaseline over the makeup you want to remove and wipe off with a warm, damp cloth. Continue with your skin care routine, especially moisturizing your face.


As a lubricant, Vaseline can be used to prevent nail polish and hair color to leak onto the skin around the nails and forehead.


Simply apply a bit of Vaseline around the edges of your nails or forehead before beginning manicures or hair coloring.


Vaseline can also be used in the same way to prevent self-tanners from streaking or staining the skin. Apply Vaseline onto the skin before applying the self-tanner. The Vaseline acts as a barrier for leaks.


Instead of mascara, you can use Vaseline to make your eyelashes look shinier and darker. Vaseline also has properties that help promote hair growth, meaning it can help your eyelashes grow, too.


As you can see, Vaseline has a lot more uses than just healing wounds. It can be used as an all-natural ingredient for many beauty tricks.



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