Victoria Beckham’s Skincare Line: What You Need To Know

Victoria Beckham, one of the world’s most recognized celebrities, hasn’t been shy at all about her post-Spice Girls career moves and entrepreneurial drive. Beckham has already launched a whole host of different businesses, some in partnership with her equally as world-famous husband and former soccer player David Beckham; but, recently she has been stepping out all on her own and making major splashes in the beauty world.

In 2016, Victoria Beckham launched a 14 piece collaborative effort with legendary skin care company Estée Lauder. These products were so well received that they sold out almost immediately and Estée Lauder rereleased and relaunched these products three different times – with each subsequent release selling out almost as quickly (and definitely as completely).

Apparently, this kind of response from the public was more than enough motivation for Beckham to venture on her own.

Beckham's Big Announcement

Beckham announced in mid-March 2018 that she was going to release her very own beauty and skincare company, Beckham made the announcement during a Facebook Live session – and the response from the public has already been overwhelmingly positive!

Details are still a little bit light regarding exactly what this new skincare line up is going to look like; but, below we share as much inside information as we have been able to garner to provide you with at least a little bit of insight into where many people think the new Victoria Beckham skincare company is going to be headed.

The Key Players

One of the things that Beckham strongly emphasized during that announcement video was how much science was going to play a role in the creation of ALL of the skin and beauty care products this new company was going to release.

Victoria has already gone on to share information about the top people she is working with about the beauty and skincare industry, highlighting just how much value she puts on working with only the very best of the best that this industry has to offer. No new details have emerged regarding whether or not the team from Estée Lauder is going to be involved in the creation of this new enterprise; but, Beckham has mentioned just how much fun she had working with those professionals. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine that they are going to factor in some way, shape, or form in the new products that she plans to bring to market.

Beckham certainly has the resources and the connections to bring the world’s best onboard her new venture. If her previous businesses are anything to go off of she isn’t at all shy about investing heavily in people she knows will help make her companies successful.

This is a very, very exciting time to pay attention to the early moves that Beckham makes as far as fleshing out her research and development team are concerned!

Get A Complexion Like Victoria Beckham

This company will focus on the kinds of products Victoria uses daily. Victoria also was very emphatic about the importance of creating the kinds of products that she feels are missing in the beauty and skincare world today. She went on to highlight the fact that the whole genesis of creating this new company was to help fill the void she felt in her skin care routine, looking to produce new solutions that were going to fill in the gaps left by the industry titans.

Beckham has never been shy about sharing the details of her skin care regimen with others (many were surprised to learn that her favorite beauty dream was only $12), and now it looks like everyone around the world will get an opportunity to use the EXACT same products that Victoria uses on a day to day basis to get the same kind of beautiful, clear, and glowing skin that she has featured so prominently (even from the earliest days of her career).

Lifestyle Brand In The Works?

Just a few years ago (before the collaboration with Estée Lauder), Victoria Beckham told the press that she was collaborating directly with a professional dermatologist – Dr. Harold Lanser (the same dermatologist that worked so closely with Beyoncé) – to come up with the best possible skincare routine that not only focused on top-quality products, but lifestyle decisions in general as well.

Beckham has already announced that there is going to be a perfume and cologne option available through this new company. She’s designing the perfume herself, while her husband David works on a new cologne (the first fragrance that they collaborated on released in 2006), and this might just be a sign of other things to come as the new Victoria Beckham company branches out into other lifestyle products beyond just beauty and skincare solutions.

It wouldn’t be hard to imagine Beckham branching out into apparel, luxury amenities and decor options and the like. She’s already had a number of collaborations across all of these spaces with top companies in their industries before, and bringing everything “in-house” wouldn’t be all that much of a leap.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the world is absolutely buzzing about this new announcement from Victoria Beckham. The incredible success of her collaborative beauty care products with Estée Lauder is sure to give these new products a big bump and a head start; but,  if the past business success that Victoria Beckham has enjoyed in other areas are any indication, the odds are good that this new company will succeed on its own merits completely as well.

We still aren’t quite sure of when this new company is going to launch its first round of products; but, things are certainly ramping up. It’s only been about a month since Victoria Beckham announced this new company; but, the general consensus is that the wheels have been in motion for more than a year now – and we might be a lot closer to the initial launch of these products than most people are expecting or anticipating.


Keep your eyes peeled for new announcements!


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