What Are Dimethicones?

What Are Dimethicones?

With more people than ever before paying close attention to the products that they put on their skin and in their hair comes a much deeper focus on each and every ingredient included in these products.

This deeper focus has uncovered a dirty little secret that the beauty, skin, and haircare world would have loved to have kept under wraps forever—its that silicon-based polymers are used so frequently in our favorite cosmetics, our favorite shampoos and conditioners, and our favorite skincare products that is almost staggering when you realize the scope.

These silicon-based polymers are frequently referred to as dimethicones, essentially a large plastic molecule made up of several smaller units that have chemically bonded together with one another.

Man-made in laboratories all over the world, dimethicones are essentially a “plastic oil” that works to better lubricate your skin, protect your skin, and strengthen your hair.

But is it safe and should we be using as much of it as we are on a daily basis?

How Safe Are Dimethicones To Use?

Right out of the gate, you should know with 100% certainty that dimethicone compounds have been come lately approved by the Federal Drug Administration (the FDA) with absolutely zero strings attached.

Classified as a “skin protectant” and used in pretty much every single over-the-counter skin and haircare product you can imagine, including a whole bunch of your favorite cosmetics, too, dimethicones are considered safe by the US government for this intended purpose.

The Science Behind Dimethicones

On top of that, the consumer protection organization Cosmetic Ingredient Review independently assessed whether or not dimethicone was as safe as the government was telling us it was. They discovered that it is safe for personal use on humans, though it may not be a good idea to use dimethicone if you aren’t already a teenager – and children certainly should be using this chemical on a daily basis while their skin and body is still developing.

Modern science has transformed the way that we go about taking care of our skin on a daily basis, and dimethicone agents are a big piece of the puzzle. There’s a reason why so many of them exist in so many different hair and skin care products today, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to your short or long-term health moving forward with dimethicone.

What Type Of Benefits Do Dimethicone-Based Products Offer?

Right out of the gate, dimethicone-based products are going to be able to provide your skin with an invisible layer of protection against everything that you are day to day life is going to throw at you.

Instead of allowing bacteria, oil, dirt and debris, and anything else collect directly on the surface of your skin before it is pulled deeper into the previously healthy layers of skin, contaminating along the way, this invisible bubble of protection make sure that never happens.

On top of that, the silicone-based oil products that they can the dimethicone agents on the market today are super hydrating and packed with moisturizing agents better than pretty much anything else available.

Is It Suitable For My Skin Type?

Those with that deal with dry and sensitive skin or hair  able to flood their bodies with moisturizing agents that work to use your own natural oils and the silicone-based oil in dimethicone to make sure that your skin and your hair never dries out again.

Finally, you won’t ever have to worry about these man-made chemicals breaking down and being absorbed into your body and causing any potentially negative side effects. Dimethicones are still going to be able to give you the protection and moisturization benefits or after, but because the molecules are so large your body simply cannot absorb them.

Final Verdict: Is It Safe Or Not?

You don’t have to worry about your skin breaking out or your short/long-term health prospects being compromised with these man-made substances the way you might with others. As we touched on above, the FDA and numerous other organizations have deemed dimethicones to be 100% safe for human use, without any strings attached.

You’ll likely find this product in ALL of your favorite skin and hair care solutions. The reason why so many use this product as a core ingredient in their formula should now be obvious – it flat-out works and has no negative downside!


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