What Are the Most Common Skin Mistakes According to Experts

Our skin is a highly important organ, even if we don’t think of it as such. However, you may not be giving it the care it deserves. Alternatively, you may be following a thorough skincare regimen but still be lamenting over the acne and rashes that seem to pop up every other day.

Just like you visit dentists for your teeth issues and opticians for your eye problems, skincare experts need to have a say in what you’re doing to your face. Unfortunately, there are several mistakes that many people may be making. These could end up ruining their skin instead of enhancing it.

In order to help you enjoy the most gorgeous, flawless, and perfect skin possible, let us guide you on some of these mistakes. Educating yourself is the way to go, especially when it’s something as essential as the skin!

1. Using the Wrong Products

There are several types of products designed especially for different types of skin. Using the wrong one could cause your skin to get ruined beyond repair. Too many people tend to buy products based on the recommendation of a friend, family member, internet celebrity, or any other kind of influencer. In doing so, they don’t take into account the fact that they may have a very different skin type and environment than the person who recommended the product.

For instance, those with oily skin simply do not need a heavy moisturizer. This could lead to clogged pores and nasty breakouts. The same goes for using products that have fruity or flowery scents. This could be a huge mistake for those with sensitive skin.

The way to go here is to read labels before you buy any skincare product. For oily skin, the products should have some mattifying or non-comedogenic claims on the label. It’s also good if you can read some reviews online in order to get an idea of the true effect of a product. Sensitive skin needs soothing compounds like organic aloe vera and chamomile. Face n Earth’s Cucumber and Chamomile Toner is just one great example.

2. Exfoliating Too Much

Exfoliating is an excellent habit both for the body and face. Those who skip it could be leaving dirt and debris on their skin, leading to awful results. We’re exposed to chemicals and sun rays all day long, so it makes a whole lot of sense to scrub our face clean when we get home.

However, too much of a good thing is never recommended. Exfoliating devices such as those rotating brushes open the pores to clean them thoroughly. Needless to say, this would scrub moisture from the skin as well. Think of cleaning a piece of furniture. You want to get the dust and dirt off it but not rub so hard that the varnish comes off!

Exfoliating is meant to be done a few times a week at the most. If done on a daily basis, it could lead to a higher probability of wrinkles, clogged skin, and more free radicals entering the body. Hence, we recommend exfoliating 2-3 times a week in the summer and 1-2 times a week in the winter.

For the safest results with exfoliating, try the Tula Skincare Exfoliating Treatment Mask. It would cleanse without scrubbing and leave your skin soft as silk.

3. Overwashing

Those of us with oily skin have probably been told that we should wash our faces frequently. Just washing the face, however, without the need to remove makeup could be counter-productive when overdone.

You need to shake off the notion that dirty skin gets breakouts. Acne actually sprouts due to several other factors, including the shedding skin cells, bacteria, inflammation, and sebum in the skin.

When you wash your face too often, you can end up creating a suitable environment for bacteria to grow, aggravate inflammation, and even make room for the skin cells to collect. Plus, stripping your skin of nourishment only makes your oil-producing glands think that they need to excrete even more oil. This just makes things worse than before.

4. Relying on Products Too Much

Yes, makeup has come a long way and can completely change a person’s appearance, but caking on layers won’t help your skin or make you look good for too long. Take a page out of Meghan Markle's book and embrace your natural side! With a healthy built-in glow, the new royal’s skin is the envy of several women all over the world.

The secret to naturally glowing skin lies in what you eat along with what you put on your face. If you love sugary things and eat them all day long, acne is bound to hound you more often. The same goes for fizzy drinks, too many carbs and fried foods, and not enough fruits or veggies. In fact, even chocolate (the dark kind with 80% cocoa or higher) can contribute to a healthy, shining, and almost flawless complexion!

5. Leaving Makeup On

We get it, you spent a lot of time on your face and want to have your spouse see you like this last thing at night. Alternatively, you may simply be too tired to bother with rubbing out all that gunk from the nook and crannies of your face.

However, the golden rule of makeup is not to fall asleep with it on. Otherwise, you basically sacrifice your skin to a war zone of negative side-effects, nasty build-ups in pores, formulation of bacteria, uneven skin tone, and even gray areas here and there.

Have a pack of strong face wipes on you at all times. This way, even if you decide to sleep over at a friend’s, you’ll be sure to wake up with fresh, clean skin!


A little carelessness can be the undoing of your skincare routine. However, a little effort may be all you need to get back on track. Get a few products of the organic variety, check them with the guidelines above, and see the magic happen! We’d love to hear all about your flawless and glowing skin in a few weeks’ time.

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