What Does Meghan Markle Eat To Achieve A Flawless Complexion?

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Meghan Markle has a flawless complexion.  It's clear from her minimal makeup usage that she truly has a healthy complexion. Even when millions watched her attentively on her wedding day, Meghan chose to let her naturally radiant complexion take the spotlight.

Whether or not you like the fact that Meghan Markle has dulled down her sparkling fashion preferences after becoming the Duchess of Sussex, you cannot dispute the fact that her complexion is indeed flawless. There are millions of women who look radiant with just a bit of makeup or touchup but not many that have a naturally glowing skin that is as radiant as possible without dollops of foundation, primer, concealer, bronzer and blush.

The Role Of Diet In Skincare

The correlation of diet and skin is well known. What you eat will get reflected in your skin. This is also true for health in general. Your diet choices gets reflected in your waistline, bodyweight, face, skin and hair, level of fitness and hormones among others.

Post marriage, the Duchess of Sussex has not spoken to anyone in the media, she has not given any interview and it is unlikely we would get to hear from her anytime soon about how her life has changed or what she is eating now. However, there are ample interviews from Meghan Markle pre-marriage wherein she had spoken at length about her complexion, diet and other aspects of her life. We can rely on those to know what Meghan Markle used to eat and probably still does to achieve a flawless complexion.

Meghan's Typical Meal Choices

Meghan Markle had two approaches to her diet. One was during her shooting days and the other was when she did not have to face the camera. When she would shoot for Suits, her day would start with some hot water and lemon, steel cut oats and bananas with agave syrup.

Meghan’s lunch on shooting days would be confined to a salad. She would also opt for some protein. She would pick an apple for a snack later in the day and drink a glass of green juice. She would at times go for almond butter with the apple. The green juice was and perhaps still is her food as medicine.

Markle preferred a slightly heavier dinner with pasta, parmesan cheese, zucchini and a glass of red wine. She did avoid gluten during shooting but not always. She is not allergic to gluten so if you are then you ought to avoid it.

Swap Out For Healthy Alternatives

Whenever she was not shooting, she would not have a stringent diet but she would always eat healthy. To get that radiant skin she is so fondly known Markle would count on green juice and almonds. This is actually unsurprising since many in Hollywood swear by the same diet. You will find these to be rather staple but then everyone does not respond identically to the same diet.

As is the case with all diets, eating at the right time and choosing the right portions are the key to great health and radiant skin. You should also make sure you tweak the diet discussed here to your needs depending on your lifestyle and the daily calorie intake you must suffice. Not everyone can make do with very little carbohydrates like Meghan, especially if you are a serious jogger or you indulge in extensive physical activity.


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