What Is The Correct Way To Layer Skincare Products?

It is imperative that you choose the right skincare products. You should always prioritize skincare products that are completely natural or organic. Focus on herbal extracts and avoid chemicals or artificial ingredients. Equally imperative is the correct way to layer skincare products. You may choose the best brands or completely safe natural remedies and yet fail to realize the benefits.

Worse, you may actually cause some damage to your skin if you do not use the products in the right sequence. One would presume that the chronology varies from person to person, specifically in regards to type of skin, age and perhaps ethnicity too. However, it has been observed by experts and consumers alike that the norm remains unaltered regardless of many pertinent factors.

Why Application Order Matters

Wrong application of skincare products can irritate your skin, lead to dehydration or dry skin and excessive oiliness is also a concern. Improper use could also lead to a breakout. Most types of skincare products are only compatible in a certain order. We are not recommending mixing and matching the same product but from different brands. We are recommending using different types of skincare products in the right sequence to look truly ravishing while taking essential care of the health of your skin.


Always begin with a cleanser. It does not matter if you have not ventured out for the day. You may feel and even look fresh but if you have not cleansed your skin for several hours then you should not apply any makeup.

The purpose of a cleanser is to get rid of excess oil, dead skin cells, dust, grime and any makeup that may be left over from the previous grooming session. If you have used sunscreen during the day and you are prepping your skin for a night out then you need to get rid of that too. You cannot and should not apply makeup on your skin unless it is truly cleansed.

Even if you have showered a few hours before applying makeup, there may be some level of clogging in the pores of your skin. This needs to be addressed. Also, equally important is the need to choose a safe but effective cleanser. Your cleanser should not cause any harm, enhance the secretion of oil or cause dryness.


You must use a toner. Most women know that a toner is an essential part of the grooming ritual but many skip it altogether. A toner will help balance the neutrality on your skin. Effective and safe cleansers available today make toners redundant to an extent because the skin is neither drier nor oilier as a result.

However, not everyone uses a perfect cleanser or a premium one. Not everyone has perfect skin that would be naturally prepared for makeup after cleansing.

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Toners should be followed up with serums and if you intend to use spot creams. Targeted spot creams are often necessary. They serve one or more corrective purpose. It is not necessary to use a spot cream and a serum.

You may use a serum that also works as the spot cream. You should know which type of serum you need based on your skin type and if you have any problems, such as signs of aging. Some serums can be applied regardless of the specific spot that you wish to take care of.

Eye Treatment

Next is eye cream. Some women avoid an eye cream and it is fine but you should consider it if you want your face to be truly welcoming of the subsequent products and you want a perfectly enhanced appearance.

Some serums take care of the area around and under the eyes. These make eye creams unnecessary.


Follow up with a moisturizer. You may choose some face oil. Choose the right moisturizer given the type of skin you have. Use upward and outward circular movements while applying face oil or moisturizer. Apply sunscreen if it is daytime. Skip it otherwise. Always apply sunscreen evenly. Every part of your body that would get exposed to the sun should have sunscreen on.

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There are many types of skincare products and some may interact with one another. If you are unsure whether or not the products you use will interfere with the efficacy of one another or even safety of a particular product, then find out more about those ingredients and be sure before you combine them.

Some makeup products are multipurpose. They do not require any additional prepping. Be sure of the accentuation effect and if the makeup products would need specific cleansing afterward. Prepping is almost always necessary and there should be a synchronized order. You cannot have a random approach to layer skincare products or even taking care of your skin if you are not going out anywhere.


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