What You Need to Know About Organic Brand Austin Austin

As if there weren’t enough hair and skin care brands in the market, a new line has been started in Norwich, England  by the name of Austin Austin. Fun fact: it’s an all-natural and organic beauty store – one of those rare brands that do not believe in the excessive use of chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Austin Austin is backed by an interesting history. Let’s talk a little about that first!

How Austin Austin Came Into Being

Austin Austin is the brainchild of Richard Austin and his daughter Bessie Austin. Richard Austin has been an advocate of environmentally conscious farming and has been part of the country’s first-ever organic movement. Bessie remembers having spent a childhood eating staples such as brown rice, tofu and meat replacements and that too, fresh from her father’s store – Rainbow Wholefoods.

Rainbow Wholefoods has been among the pioneer wholefood shops in the UK during the 1970s. Richard’s experience with the organic industry is, thus, far-reaching. In his effort to make the organic industry a better-known phenomenon, his daughter has teamed up with him to create a Soil Association-certified organic brand for the hair, hands, and body.

Bessie has a background in art and design, but she too shares the organic lifestyle passion with her dad. She was the only child in her class who brought brown sandwiches for lunch and substituted carob for chocolate.

This organic lifestyle of theirs has been a motivating factor in the creation of Austin Austin. They aspire to share the organic lifestyle with the world and with this beauty brand, they might even do it better than other beauty brands on the market.

What Is Austin Austin?

Bessie comes equipped with an arts degree from Central Saint Martins. She has also studied Interior Design at the Chelsea College of Art. As Richard brings his love for organic products to Austin Austin and all its products, Bessie’s love for art is particularly apparent too. The labels on the bottles resemble canvases that feature simple Indian-ink line drawings of Christian Newby. Newby has provided monochromatic faces and torsos to adorn the recycled boxes, bottles and tubs of Austin Austin.

Austin Austin currently features a range of six products that bring together a combination of aesthetic desirability, natural ingredients, and high performance. All of these products have been delicately scented with the help of award-winning perfumes and come packaged in sustainable wrapping.

Unwinding Austin Austin’s Products

Its products and packaging have been driven by aesthetic and ethical principles. No product contains silicone, parabens or SLS for foaming or lather. If you are prone to skin irritation and rashes, you will love all of their products. Richard has also focused on vetiver and petitgrain smells to be used as scents rather than going for the usual organic smells such as citrus.

Austin Austin’s range of 6 beauty products has been listed below for your reference.

For Hair

  1. Bergamot and Juniper Shampoo
  2. Bergamot and Juniper Conditioner

For Hands

  1. Palmarosa and Vetiver Hand Soap
  2. Palmarosa and Vetiver Hand Cream

For Body

  1. Neroli and Petitgrain Body Soap
  2. Neroli and Petitgrain Body Cream

These products have been certified organic by COSMOS and Soil Association. Ingredients have been grown in a pesticide-free soil zone. Moreover, the organic crops used have a higher number of vitamins, minerals, and amino and fatty acids that are good for the skin and body.

Austin Austin should be your go-to for natural and organic products that are absolutely amazing for the body, hair, and hands while being environmentally friendly.




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