What’s The Deal With Korean Sheet Masks?

Why You Should Use Sheet Masks

Once again, we have K-Beauty to thank for this skincare revolution! It seems anywhere you look every beauty guru is singing the praises of this amazing product, now you may be wondering if you should be using one in your own skincare regime? What does this product offer that you don’t already get from your current regime? Well aside from the fact that these sheet masks may look a little odd per application (Halloween vibes anyone?), their unique delivery method helps potent skin loving ingredients seep into pores and transform skin from the inside out. Once you get over their cartoonish appearance you will love using these masks to pamper yourself!

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What Are Sheet Masks?

While some products draw out excess oil (i.e. clay masks/pastes) sheet masks work to replenish moisture back into skin. Sheet masks are usually composed of thin lightweight knit fabrics as a base    (i.e. Cotton, Silk, Woven ) soaked in serum like ingredients like: Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinols and essential oils. They are then cut into a face shape with occulted slits to hug your face for a custom like fit.

Sheet masks are full of powerful ingredients 

The most convenient feature of these pampering mask is the fact that the right amount of product is soaked into the mask, eliminating the guesswork that comes from using a traditional serum. You won’t have to worry if you’re applying too much or too little product when using these addicting masks! Now keep in mind that these masks are not designed to completely replace your serum regime but rather supplement it.

Regardless of skin type—anyone can benefit from using a serum on skin–if you’re wary of trying a facial oil or liquid serum for fear of clogging pores, sheet masks are a great way to dip your feet into this!

Initially the mask may feel a tad sticky when you remove it from the package, but don’t fret these ingredients are often non-comedogenic and will not clog your pores. When applying it onto your face, I suggest starting from the forehead and work your way down and gently pat down until it feels securely applied.  It is recommended to use these masks 1-2 times per week for most skin types, if you tend to lean on the dryer side of the spectrum you could use it 3-4 times.



*Note: These masks are designed for a one time use application*

Why Does It Work So Well

Essentially these masks act as a physical barrier to lock in serums that typically dry out upon application. Letting these ingredients set on on your skin for a longer period of time (typically masks are directed for use ranging from 10-30 min) they have time to work and truly be absorbed without factors such as evaporation and you touching your face too much. Another bonus, they are great for traveling! As we all know, traveling can create extremely dry skin from the thinner air and just the jet lag of a trip. Pop one of these babies on and your skin will appear more rejuvenated and glowing. Another great thing about sheet masks is that they address so many skin concerns that there’s bound to be a mask for everyone; there are masks for oily skin, anti-aging, brightening dull skin and pretty much every other skin concern under the sun!

Sheet masks are super easy to use!

How To Use A Sheet Mask

The beauty of these masks is that they are a one time use application, so you can pamper yourself pretty much anywhere or use it as a quick tune up for skin before heading out for dinner or another social occasion! If you’re looking to use it at night as part of your night time routine, start with your cleanser and toner per usual; but, then skip your moisturizer and serum step.

With a clear base, ingredients from the mask can better be absorbed into skin without the protective barrier that moisturizers provide. After leaving onto skin for the duration found on packaging, remove slowly. Now you may be tempted to leave this mask on longer until it’s long past bone dry—don’t do it! Doing this can cause the reverse effect and in turn cause acne breakouts!

Once removing, you’ll find that there may be excess product left behind that hasn’t been fully absorbed—completely normal! What you can do is rub the excess product gently with fingertips and leave skin as it is! Do not follow with any other products like moisturizers or cleansers. That’s all there is to it, now go ahead and put on your mask and treat yourself!


Tip: Try refrigerating masks before use for cooling effect to further tighten pores



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