Why You Need A Different Skin Routine For AM & PM

You do need a different skincare routine for daytime and nighttime. The reason is similar to why you should have a different diet for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners. You should not eat what you have for breakfast at dinnertime. You need carbohydrates in the morning to provide the energy for daytime tasks. Loading carbohydrates at night is futile, unless you have to run three miles or more the next morning.

You need a different skincare routine for am & pm because the human body is faced with different threats through the day and night, the skin has to be protected and accentuated during the day and it must heal, repair itself and get rejuvenated overnight.

Daytime Skin

The human body is in work mode during the day, when the sun is up and you are supposed to engage in all the activities. This is the time when your skin will get exposed to dust, dirt, allergens, pollutants and the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. It is possible your skin will come in contact with chemicals and other substances due to the nature of your work or just by accident. A daytime skincare routine should hence be geared towards protection. There is an element of accentuation or enhancement for women, which is where makeup comes in, but let us leave that aside for now.

Nighttime Skin

Nighttime is when the skin should be cleansed to get rid of all the buildup through the day. The skin heals itself and in a way gets restored. It should be replenished through the night. Hence, you cannot use makeup that protects your skin from the external threats during the day at night when you do not have the same exposure.

Besides, you need products that actually assist in the healing and rejuvenation of your skin.  Protective products do not always assist in such rejuvenation. Some products can be used during the day and at night but those are only a few.

What Skincare Products Do You Need?

You would need cleansers, toners, moisturizers or face oils, serums and spot creams, eye creams, sunscreens and makeup products during the day. You would need products that help with skin repair & re-growth, healing and rejuvenation at night so you must go for retinols, stem cell stimulators and enzymes that can repair DNA.

Keep your ingredients simple

Contrary to what many may believe, the human skin does not regenerate itself every day. There is a cycle. This cycle depends on genetics, ethnicity or race, lifestyle, health, age, gender and other factors including the type of skin and hormones. But this cycle is slow and gradual with significant progress every night so the process must be aided by the skincare products you use.

All About Skincare Balance

A balanced approach is to choose antioxidants, vitamins rich creams or lotions, effective sunscreens, products that repel dust and dirt, grime and pollutants, cleansers and toners for daytime use. Avoid heavy moisturizers and creams during the day as they would clog the pores. They are also incompatible with makeup.

Nighttime Moisture

These heavier solutions are more suited for night, provided you pick the right ones. You need retinoids at night. These aid skin regeneration. It is possible to speed up dermal cell generation with effective agents so these should be chosen for the night. Aging impairs the process of cellular regeneration along with many other facilitating factors. The nighttime routine cannot be the same as that of day.

Some products such as antioxidants that fight free radicals in the skin day and night, reduce stress and help with natural rejuvenation can be used during the day and night. There are some lotions and creams that can be used all the time but try to draw a distinction based on the ingredients they have. A balanced approach should assist you to take optimum care of your skin all the time.



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