Why You Should Avoid Castor Oil In Your Skincare Products

Castor oil has existed for a long time now. It gives you numerous benefits that make it a natural laxative trusted by many. The skin care sector also trusts in the functioning of castor oil which is believed to be a good moisturizer. It contains ricinoleic acid which is a type of fatty acid.

We are not refuting these benefits but there are two sides in every coin. We will tell you why castor oil is not healthy when used in skin care products. It does not work positively for everyone. Some people report side effects from it. Find out more!

Allergic Reactions

If you have sensitive skin, you should rethink about using a skincare product with castor oil. Most first time users report getting a reaction from it. It can cause redness or rashes on sensitive skin. Pure castor oil causes irritation such as itchy skin.

Some people use castor oil to treat eye disorders. This also causes irritation and disorders around your eyes and may affect your cornea. The FDA has also gathered evidence to show that castor oil irritates the eyes. Avoid using castor oil if your skin reacts fast. Carrying out a patch test before applying any skin care product can help you evaluate its effect.

Chemical Absorption

Your skin can quickly absorb chemicals when you are using a skincare product with castor oil. The rapid absorption is what causes an adverse reaction on your skin. Read the labels of your skin care product to prevent absorbing dangerous chemicals into your skin.

Lack Of Scientific Backing

The many benefits of castor oil do not have clinical trials conducted to ascertain their safety.  No research exists regarding the castor oil use directly on human faces. This is why some people get allergies from skin care products that contain castor oil. We recommend compounds that have been tested and proven to be safe rather than putting our skin at risk.

Not Suitable For Long-Term Usage

Though castor oil in beauty products may give you the benefits you desire, aggressive treatment can cause skin woes. You should introduce the oil gradually and use it for a short time instead of adding it into your daily beauty routine. The active compounds in castor oil can be dangerous for long term use.

Castor Oil Can Be Toxic

Unlike what you may have heard, castor seeds have a toxin known as ricin. There have been debates on whether castor oil contains this toxic substance. Some people claim that during the separation of the oil and bean, the poisonous part stays in the pulp. Others argue that it goes with the oil.

Not Suitable For Skin Conditions

According to a review, castor oil is not ideal for people with skin conditions such as dermatitis. It can cause irritation or adverse effects. Always ensure that you talk to a dermatologist before using a skincare product with different ingredients from what you are used to.

What Do We Recommend?

Researchers recommend that you investigate where your castor oil comes from to determine its safety. We, however, think that this is impossible for a customer who buys a beauty product containing castor oil. It is hard to find the origin of the elements in your skin care product.

Check The Company

We can only advise you to purchase such products from a reputable company. Castor oil should not come with additives and additional aromas which can cause irritation. Consider Aura Cacia for your castor oil.

Consider Cold Pressed 

Check if your skin care product containing castor oil has a label indicating cold press. This is the process of manufacturing the oil extracting heat. Most people believe that any toxicity in castor oil is lost from heat extraction. Your label should also be free from GMO and organic to prevent irritations.

Final Thoughts

Castor oil is famous for its advantages, but reports of its adverse effects are becoming news today. It started as medicine for constipation before cosmetic manufacturers began experimenting its benefits on the skin.

The lack of research to support its benefits on the skin is wanting. Do not buy a beauty product before at least looking at its elements on the internet. We recommend you use coconut or avocado oil for your skin.





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