Why You Should Be Using Glycerin In Your Skincare Regime

Women take various measures to ensure that they look like the best version of themselves. From a long skincare routine to incorporating products that yield the best results, many have an urge to do it all. For this reason, glycerin is quite popular among women. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, here Is why you should be using glycerin.

It Is Great for Your Skin

This comes as no surprise. One of the most common uses of glycerin is for the skin. However; what, you might not know is that the product does wonders for dry and oily skin alike. Moreover, it acts as a great moisturizer. It is also known to protect your skin from damage and balance your moisture level.

Let’s break down each of these benefits.

Oily and Dry Skin

If you have oily skin and tend to sweat a lot, using glycerin might help you out. The product works by removing any excess sebum that may be present on your skin. The important word here is excess. Some products work by stripping oil from your skin completely. This is not the way to go as your skin needs some oil to ensure it doesn’t get dry. Glycerin removes just enough oil to avoid a sticky face.

On the other hand, dry skin can get very uncomfortable. This is because this type of skin is damaged and vulnerable to redness and irritation. It is also unable to absorb the required moisture. The moisturizing effect of glycerin makes sure that your skin absorbs the required water. Moreover, the product fills up any cracks that might spring up in your dry skin, which is bound to soothe your irritation.


Glycerin is known to aid your skin in absorbing water, both from products and from the air. Anyone who is aware of the functionality of skin would know how important hydration is. The more water your skin absorbs, the healthier it is. By increasing the absorption capability of your skin, glycerin ensures that other moisturizers can be reaped to their maximum advantage.

In winters, it is common for your skin to be less hydrated. This is because many don’t drink enough water, which then makes your skin dull. At such a time, dabbing some glycerin on your skin will allow it to act as a good moisturizer.


The same functionality of glycerin that allows your skin to stay hydrated and healthy also plays a part in protecting it. There are various layers of skin. The outer layer of your skin acts as a protector itself and ensures that harmful bacteria don’t affect you. However, this outer layer needs protection as well, and this is where glycerin comes in. It fills up the cracks and hydrates this layer, thereby ensuring its health.

It Is Excellent for Your Face

While its use for your skin is quite generic, glycerin can perform very specific functions for your face. Here are some of them

Face Whitening

Glycerin can be used as a face whitening product. To ensure that it doesn’t cause a reaction, try to opt for natural glycerin. One which is derived from plant-based oils is a much better option. By adding moisture to your skin, it restores the health of your skin, which prevents it from becoming dull. As a result, your skin brightens up and glows.

This natural remedy for face whitening is much better than using artificial products. The latter products work by reducing your melanin level, which can cause cancer or make your skin vulnerable to bacteria.

However, you must exercise caution when using glycerin on your face. Don’t apply it on any sensitive parts, especially the eyes.


A toner is considered to be an essential part of a skincare routine. There are a lot of toners in the market already, so choosing one that best suits your skin is always a hard task. If you end up selecting a product that doesn’t work for you, you are left with itchy skin or acne breakouts.

This is why using glycerin as a toner is a better option. Glycerin is known to be ideal for all skin types. Hence, you don’t need to worry about allergic reactions from the product. While other toners in the market cost a lot, glycerin doesn’t. This further makes it an ideal substitute for toners.

For Healthy, Luscious Hair

Did you know you could use glycerin for your hair as well? Here are some ways glycerin helps your hair

  • By maintaining the health of your hair, glycerin can aid in maintaining your hair length. It also enhances hair growth without it looking too dull on the ends.
  • Your scalp needs moisture just like other skin parts. Using glycerin lets you retain moisture in your scalp. Once your scalp is healthy, the chances of thicker and stronger hair growth are higher.
  • It can be used to stop dandruff from coming back. Dandruff tends to occur because of dryness. By combatting dryness and soothing the scalp, it makes sure that dandruff doesn’t come back.
  • You can use it as a hairspray and a hair conditioner. You can make both at home as well. For the hair spray, all you need to do is add water, glycerin, and oil and shake it well.


All in all, glycerin is a very beneficial product. You should incorporate it into your haircare and skincare routine. Compared to other pricey alternatives, glycerin is quite cheap and the fact that it yields benefits at such a low price makes it accessible to all.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune on products. You are better off selecting products and ingredients wisely. Glycerin is one such item. Purchase NOW Solutions Glycerine Vegetable and use it for your hair and skin to reap the benefits.

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