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  • How To Keep Nails Healthy

    How To Keep Nails Healthy

    Many people use nail polish or nail art to make their nails stand out. However, the importance of our fingernails is often underestimated. Their shape and color can be an early indication of sicknesses and other undetected ailments.   Fingernails are made up of layers of the naturally-produced protein, keratin. It’s the same protein that […] More

  • Fenty Beauty Body Lava Review

    Fenty Beauty Body Lava Review

    What is Fenty Beauty?   Fenty Beauty, a cosmetics brand by RnB/pop singer Rihanna, caused a pretty big stir when it was first established in September 2017. We’ve seen our fair few celebrity beauty collaborations by now, but this was different- Fenty Beauty is a brand in itself, with Rihanna having a key role in […] More

  • Causes for Puffy Eyes

    Causes for Puffy Eyes

    No one likes waking up and looking in the mirror only to see their eyes puffy. This is one of the last things you want to see. And yet, it happens so often. But what can you do to stop it?   How can you ensure that you never get puffy eyes again?   Well, […] More

  • Pretty and Simple Hair updos

    Pretty and Simple Hair updos

    Do updo’s seem scary to you? They do to most people. If you are not planning on getting an expensive salon appointment, then you have to make them yourself. But how?   Doing your own hair can be quite a challenge. However, learning a few simple styles can be a really great thing for you […] More

  • How to Style Baby Hair

    How to Style Baby Hair

    Baby hairs are both a problem and a delight. On one hand, they are a sign that your hair is healthy and growing, and on the other, they can be annoying when you want a perfect hairdo.   However, they don’t always necessarily mean that your hair is growing. So, why are they there? And […] More

  • All you need to know about Lash Lifts and Tints


    All You Need to Know about Lash Lifts and Tints

    You have probably heard about the new, amazing trends in the lash world – lash lifts and tints.   Since everyone wants longer eyelashes, this procedure was set up for success from the outset. It’s a way to have long, beautiful lashes that look great without using false lashes or extensions.   So, are you […] More

  • Hot Nail Trend: Almond Nails

    Nails are one of the biggest staples of beauty and often subject to various trends. We often fret over the color and nail design we are going to choose. So, you search your Pinterest, looking for the best look possible before you go to your manicurist. The look defines your month, essentially.   However, have […] More

  • Insta-trend: Grey Hair

    Insta-trend: Grey Hair

    Weird things start trending really quickly – especially in the beauty industry. But here’s something no one ever thought would go trending – grey hair. In fact, if you told anyone, just five years ago that they will sprint to their hairstylist to go grey, they would have laughed at you.   But things have […] More

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