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  • How to Get the Perfect Cat Eye

    How to Get the Perfect Cat Eye

    Since Ancient Egypt, women (and men, too) have enhanced their appearance by applying black eyeliner to their eyelids. While the cat eye style was around for years beforehand, it didn’t gain mainstream popularity until the roaring ‘20s. French Singer and dancer Josephine Baker made the look fashionable. It went out of style for a while […] More

  • Everything you Need to Know about the Copper Hair Trend

    Everything you Need to Know about the Copper Hair Trend

    Less than two percent of the population has red hair, making it one of the most sought-after hair colors. The majority of natural redheads come from Scottish descent. The gene mutation that causes red hair is facing extinction due to the climate turning colder. The gene isn’t able to adapt to the colder weather and […] More

  • Protein Treatments for Natural Hair

    Protein Treatments for Natural Hair

    More and more people are opting out of using chemicals to control their curls. Textured hair comes with a multitude of curl patterns and techniques to tame them. One thing that all natural hair has in common is that it needs protein to be healthy.   Our bodies naturally produce a protein called keratin that […] More

  • DIY Haircut – It’s Easier Than You Think


    DIY Haircut – It’s Easier Than You Think

    We’ve all seen the movie where the quirky character cuts her hair off after she’s unceremoniously dumped. Some of us even have the horror story of playing with scissors as little kids and chopping off a lump of our hair or our friend’s hair.   Cutting our own hair at home is usually prevented by […] More

  • Easy DIY Manicure

    Easy DIY Manicure

    For many, manicures and pedicures are a way for people to relax while pampering themselves. However, the price of frequent manicures and touch-ups can prevent people from taking proper care of their nails.   For others, they don’t feel comfortable showing their feet in public or just prefer to take things in their own hands, […] More

  • The Inverted Bob Haircut Is Back

    The Inverted Bob Haircut Is Back

    Bob haircuts have been in and out of style since the flappers of the 1920s. A traditional bob is a cut straight along the jaw-level. The hair is typically cut evenly in the back and sides with bangs or fringe at the forehead. However, some cuts are as short as the ears or as long […] More

  • How To Keep Nails Healthy

    How To Keep Nails Healthy

    Many people use nail polish or nail art to make their nails stand out. However, the importance of our fingernails is often underestimated. Their shape and color can be an early indication of sicknesses and other undetected ailments.   Fingernails are made up of layers of the naturally-produced protein, keratin. It’s the same protein that […] More

  • DIY Nail Polish Remover

    DIY Nail Polish Remover

    We all know that feeling when we really need to remove our nail polish but the bottle of polish remover is nowhere to be found. It’s usually around the same time when our nails are horribly chipped – so much so that we would rather just have bare nails.   But what can you do […] More

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