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The Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Acne Prone Skin

Tea tree essential oil has many benefits for skin and hair. It is classified as alternative skincare product; but, it is quickly becoming a more mainstream choice over typical cosmetics and topical treatments for skin and hair. The impacts of tea tree oil on skin, hair and nails have been widely studied and they are scientifically proven.

Tea tree oil is used in various products these days, from mouthwashes to deodorants, creams and face marks to serums and shampoos & conditioners.

The Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil is a natural moisturizer and will provide your skin and hair with several essential nutrients. It can improve the appearance and health of skin and hair. Your skin will be also appear more radiant and more supple. Your hair would also become more lustrous and stronger.

You can use this essential oil for specific skin conditions such as acne. You can cure dry skin, moisturize your skin every day, combat eczema and psoriasis, cure inflammations and manage itchy skin. You should conduct a patch test to determine if you are allergic to tea tree oil.

You should also use tea tree oil with some type of carrier oil. You should consider almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil. Essential oils are usually much stronger than ordinary oils. They are highly concentrated and they may not readily disperse its various active compounds. Mixing them with carrier oils is ideal.

Oil Control For All Skintypes

Tea tree oil is good for dry skin and oily skin. Excess oil generated by the sebum glands is at the crux of an acne breakout. This does not imply anyone with dry skin would not have acne. Those who have dry skin may have excess oil secreted by the sebum glands accumulate at the base of the hair follicles in their skin and that can lead to a clogged pore.

This starts the buildup of dead skin cells and growth of bacteria. The oil, microbes and dead skin cells lead to acne. Tea tree oil can hydrate your skin without adding to the oil. It can also make sure your skin is not too dry, which will force your sebum glands to produce excess oil as a countermeasure.

Neutralize Inflammation & Infection

Tea tree oil can reduce irritation and itchiness, inflammation and infection. Acne is usually itchy and irritating. It is in fact an inflammation and the pimples may turn into an infection if you scratch them or if they become a thriving ground for certain microbes.

Tea tree oil is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. The oil can target the microbes and neutralize them. The oil can also soothe the skin and therefore facilitate the healing process. Since those who have acne prone skin may have a breakout whenever it gets hot and humid or excessively dry, it is best to use tea tree oil proactively and regularly. This will help keep acne at bay.


Tea tree oil is an antiseptic. It is not uncommon for those with acne prone skin managing a breakout to have infections. Cystic pimples can burst open, leading to fluidic discharge and the acne can get worse with scratching or with the use of unpleasant products.

The antiseptic properties of tea tree oil can salvage the scenario. Even if you have an open wound or cut resulting from a scratched or burst pimple, tea tree oil can help it heal and would also make it a relatively painless process.

Prevent Acne Scars

Tea tree oil is effective against acne because of its microbial and anti-inflammatory active compounds. You would notice the pimples becoming more subtle and the swelling reduce in a short span of time, indicating the inflammation is contained.

This essential oil can reduce and even prevent scars that usually follow an acne breakout. You would have much smoother and clearer skin, regardless of whether or not you have a breakout.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil

You should always buy organic tea tree oil. Do not buy any bottle that contains a chemical or any artificial component. If you are buying a product that contains tea tree oil as one of its many ingredients, make sure there is no component that would flare up your acne and worsen the condition.

It is best to buy tea tree oil just as it is, in a completely unrefined form and organically produced. Then you can mix it with some carrier oil and make your own homemade solution for acne. You may also use some other natural ingredients that you know would benefit your skin. Essential oils work well with other natural ingredients but try to resist such experimentation during an acne breakout. Stick to tea tree oil and a carrier oil you prefer or what is ideal for your skin.



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