What Are Acne Patches And Can They Clear Up A Breakout?

Acne is a common skin condition. More than three out of every four people aged eleven to thirty have acne. Some are lucky to have only a few breakouts. Some people are unlucky and have breakouts every summer.

Few people have to deal with acne throughout the year. No matter when and why you have a breakout and how severe it is, you need a quick remedy at your disposal.

What Are Acne Patches?

There are numerous remedies available for acne. Most of them do not work. Among the few that have some positive effect on acne breakout, patches have had the most profound impacts across the world.

Even today, acne patches are not always the default choice for many people, mostly because they are unsure of whether or not there would be any desired effect. The truth is that acne patches work and they can clear up a breakout. However, not all acne patches are made equally or use the same compounds so the result would vary. Some acne patches are outright ineffective.

How To Use An Acne Patch

Acne patches are tiny strips, mostly roundish, that can be applied directly on the pimples. Do note that all pimples are not acne but the latter is one type of the former. If you have only one or two red pimples and they are quite apart on your face, then you may have to use two patches.

If there is a cluster of acne somewhere on your face, then you should consider using one patch if it can cover the whole area. There are varying sizes of acne patches. Some are very small and hence discreet. Some are larger and quite obviously visible after you put them on. Choose acne patches based on your need.

How Do Acne Patches Work?

Acne breakout happens when excessive oil is secreted and it clogs the pores on the skin. Usually, when there is excessive sebum, it tends to block the pores and in case of acne the excess oil gets accumulated at the base of the hair follicles on your skin. This is basically how acne develops but there can be many other causes or facilitating factors.

Some people are genetically more vulnerable to acne. Many people do not have scars but many others do. This is also influenced by multiple factors, from genetics to menstrual cycle, type of skin to local climate, use of makeup and how pimples are treated, personal grooming or hygiene and levels of stress and anxiety.

The Benefits Of Acne Patches

Acne patches aim to target the basic cause of the cystic pimples that can be quite painful at times. The excess oil needs to be removed and the clogged pore must be unblocked. The base of the hair follicle must be cleansed and the affected part of the skin should get rid of all the dead cells, microbes and sweat buildup.

Acne patches try to cleanse the skin and all the deposits. These patches can use one or several natural or manufactured ingredients to accomplish the same. It is best to avoid manufactured or synthetic products.

Go Natural

You should go for natural acne patches, those that use herbal extracts. Use of any chemical, howsoever effective, will have a negative impact on your skin. There may be short term or long term side effects, usually both with harsh chemicals that cause abrasion on the skin.

There are natural acne patches such as Acropass that use niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and tea tree oil to clean acne breakouts. These acne patches use micro-needling technology to penetrate the skin where the anti-inflammatory active compounds get to work on the excess sebum, microbial growth and other elements, from pus or fluid discharge to the dead cells that need to be removed.

Acropass is a natural remedy. It is also a more effective remedy among acne patches because it can penetrate the skin. Many acne patches only work at the surface. That does not help as acne is not just on the skin but in it. While you can lighten some redness or even try to suppress a breakout from outside, the necessity is to uproot the acne from its base.

The Cons Of Acne Patches

Some acne patches have an excessively drying effect on the skin. This can make your skin more vulnerable to an inflammation. Some acne patches do not manage to extract the oil from the skin and hence fail to work on an acne breakout. The skin needs to remain hydrated and optimally moisturized but not with any oil or element that will further worsen the scenario. Acropass balances hydration for the skin with keeping the acne dry while extracting the excess oil, dead cells, bacteria and other microbes. These acne patches also get rid of cystic acne.


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