25 Makeup Tips, Tricks and Reviews For The Amateur Beauty Guru

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1. Easy Contouring for Beginners 

Get that chiseled look in these easy to follow steps that will highlight your best features with simple tricks!

2. How To Create The Perfect Cupids Bow

Make your lips standout with this simple technique that creates a fun, flirty and chic look!

3. Simple How To: Basic Smokey Eye

Get that sexy smokey look to go with the perfect LBD without looking like a raccoon!

4. Types of Eyeliner

Learn about the different types of liner and what each has to offer to create the perfect eye makeup!

5. What Are Skin Primers and Why Should You Be Using Them?

Learn the secret to helping your makeup truly have a long wear look and what ingredients to look for when shopping for primers!


6. The Proper Way to Apply Foundation for Longwear 

Learn the simple tricks that will help your foundation stay on all day long!

7. Choosing the Right Eyebrow Shape For Face

Not all shapes are created equal, learn what shapes flatter your face the best with this simple guide!

8. Things You Should Know About Eyebrow Threading

Learn about this hair removal technique and the benefits it has to offer

9. What is Microblading?

What you need you to know all about this latest trend that promises to give you fuller, healthier and thicker looking brows…permanently?

10. Understanding Cool And Warm Undertones

Learn what undertone you have to discover what shades flatter your skin tone and which shades to avoid

11. Your Guide To Beauty Sponges And How To Care For Them

Learn which beauty sponges work best with different formulas and how to care for them to make them last for the long haul

12. What Colors To Use Based Off Your Eye Color

Learn which shades work best to enhance your eye color naturally

13. Life Changing Vaseline Beauty Hacks

Learn about the simple yet powerful beauty hacks that this beauty staple has to offer

14. Choosing between synthetic and boar brushes

Which brushes work better with specific formulas and for your skin type?


15. How to Find Your Foundation Skintone

Stop the guessing and learn the easy to use tips to find your perfect match!

16. Intro to Color Correction

Learn what colors to use to cancel out redness, dark circles and overall dullness in complexion


17. How to Brighten Under Eye Using Makeup

You don't have time for a mask, learn how to get that wide awake look in minutes!

18. How to Make Make Up Last Longer

Have your make up look as good as it did when your first applied for an oil free fresh look all day!

19. Foundation vs Powder

Learn the pros and cons of each to see which fits your skin type better


20. Baking

Discover this popular technique to keep your make up in place and crease free

21. Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Have fun with make up without a reaction with these sensitive skin approved products


22. How to Fake Bigger Lips

Get that envious pouty look without invasive surgeries with a little make up magic

23. Makeup Expiration Dates

Learn when to toss or keep make up products using this handy guide!

24. Best Foundations Under $15

Good quality foundations don't have to break the bank, check out these budget friendly options for a flawless base!

25.  Best Setting Sprays

Lock down your look with a dewy or matte finish with this list of setting sprays to fit any complexion







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